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  • The Red Scarf Project, a project of the Orphan Foundation of America, or, collects scarves to send in Valentine's Day care packages to college students who have aged out of foster care. These brave young people are going it on their own and trying to improve their lives and the community by attending college. The care packages are welcome tokens of encouragement to young people who otherwise receive little to no mail. Your scarf should be soft (any material), unisex design, and approximately 60 inches long by 5 to 8 inches wide. Machine washable is a plus, but it is not absolutely necessary. Mail it to: Orphan Foundation of America The Red Scarf Project 21351 Gentry Drive Sterling, VA 20166 ..but not until September 1, 2009-December, 2009. Please read all the info in this blog. Most of your questions will be answered here. Also, please check out the Red Scarf Ravelry group. If you still have questions that remain unanswered, please email me at

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When and Where Should I Mail My Scarves

  • Please mail packages in January 2007 (NOT before, due to space considerations). Mail to: Orphan Foundation of America Red Scarf Project 21351 Gentry Drive, Unit 130 Sterling, VA 20166
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February 01, 2007



I think I got something in my eye. Dammit!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

I am speechless! I figured we well nailed 2500 this year but...over 6000!


That's amazing! And wonderful! Thanks for sharing the news, Norma.


This is my first year participating. Missed the boat, so to speak, last year. This year I never signed up, as I didn't know if I would finish. Knitting scarves is my least favorite thing to do. My scarf was sent with a little gift & note, though forgot washing instructions. Oops.
The totals humble me. It is an honor to be part of this project, even though I only made one scarf. The power of the blog indeed.

Mary Lou

OK, if I could find my thesaurus, I'd find other words besides amazing, stupendous and un-freakin-believable! Yowzah. Thanks Norma.


Yay us!!
some of us (25 scarves -- one person???) perhaps more than others... but yay us!!!
That's so very cool.

Maureen in Rockport

Gee, it's dusty in here. What a power we are.


Wow! That is unbeleivable. I only made one scarf, but I'm happy to be part of that big number.

Thanks for the stats.

Mary de B

Great news! What a number!


Do they need more volunteers to help put together the packages?

Mary Lou

This is minor, but strange. Elizabeth and i must have been posting at the same time, and my comment is listed as hers and vice versa. Who knew I was still capable of mis-filing things even in cyberspace?


The Power Of The Blog! Indeed. Thanks, Norma, for the blog - I know a bunch of people (myself included) discovered the Project because of you.

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