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    Thursday, September 17, 2009


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    Regarding the lettuces? Don't be so quick to blame the bunnies. The finches also like greens in the seedling stage. Nice haul on the garlic and carrots. Your dino kale looks like a palm tree. :-)


    I was re-reading How to be a Hermit by Will Cuppy and suddenly realized he has at least two essays praising spinach and one on salad. "I merely ask you to consider this, whether or not spinach conduces to the higher life and the general happiness. ... Spinach eaters are invariably people you would like to be seen walking down Park Avenue with."

    (no longer at) a simple yarn

    'Okay Norma, haven't you gloated long enough?' said I, with great longing and regret for my own 'it-never-got-off-the-ground' garden...(which some might otherwise call envy).


    Just what kind of event was that -- the one where you got the button?

    I find your gardening posts very informative and helpful. It's like you are providing a public service (at least for me). Now if only I could figure out a way for you to give me your leftovers. . . .


    Add me to the garden-envy list. You are a lucky duck to be enjoying the bounty of the summer. I've always thought that fresh carrots are especially great.


    Happy worms make for gorgeous soil! Mmmmmmm! Those are gonna be orgasmic worms, for sure!


    In my -- hardly vast -- experience, rabbits are funny little creatures. In my garden, they will devour peas and brocolli, but not touch green beans.

    Your garden is inspiring. How on earth do you find the time?


    Love your kale plants. (And that button!)
    Have you tried Fortex pole beans from Johnny's? Very prolific (though this year was so bad they didn't as well for us) and tasty tender even when they get away from us and grow too big.
    Personally, I put garlic in everything but breakfast cereal. And that's only because I don't eat breakfast cereal.

    Mary Fran

    Oh, how I love garlic. And I have a funny story about that... back when my husband and I were very first dating (long distance Chicago/Boston, which then turned into Chicago/LA) he stopped over for the weekend in Chicago after a business trip to LA. The night before, friends and I had gone out to dinner at a wonderful little Italian place in our neighborhood in Chicago. We had a creamy garlic soup that was to die for. And then I did die. Because the smell coming out of my pores all weekend put quite the damper on the romance.


    I can only grow lettuce in raised planters - not raised beds, I've seen the bunnies feasting on it at the crack of dawn. Now my lettuce is up way high. They don't really eat anything else in the garden, but the lettuce is more then they can resist.

    Cheryl S.

    I had no luck with a fall planting. I had a couple of seedlings pop up, but they also disappeared.


    I'm about to decimate the basil bed and make some more pesto. Kale is doing well, and the brussel sprouts are struggling. Cabbage yet to harvest. I miss tomatoes.

    Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

    Regarding the "Certified Orgasmic" button: my husband assures me he is a certified inspector!

    (And how is it that I'm the only one to comment on that?)


    Hunh. Maybe it's the type of pole bean one plants, or the difference in our climates? I'm getting about a pound a day from our four pole bean plants, and they're delicious. They're Kentucky Blue from Territorial Seed. Yeah, they took FOREVER to start to crop, but that's what the bush beans were for--to tide us over. Now that both are available, we all prefer the taste of the pole beans, and they produce WAY more than the bush beans. In fact, I just yanked the bush beans, which were slowing down, to make room for the winter spinach. The pole beans are still producing more than we can eat.


    No rings on your jars? Really?

    And the carrots? Yeah, I'll be in the naughty corner if you need me.



    Seanna Lea

    Your plants are so huge and lush!

    I tried the swiss chard twice this summer and have had denada. It's probably getting too late to try again.

    My tomato plant finally has a fruit on it after a summer of just sitting there with some blossoms. I hope your wonderful tomato harvest can shame my plant in ripening sooner rather than later!

    Jean E.

    My garlic bulbs arrived today! I hope to get them planted soon!

    elizabeth a airhart

    if your garden catalog says this plant attacts birds

    means do not plant near the car sidewalks or clothes lines


    I just realized that your raised beds are made by interlocking boards! Can you tell me, are they plastic and if so where did you find them? We need to redo our raised bed and this looks like just the ticket.

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