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    Thursday, June 04, 2009


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    Waaaaaahhhhhh! I want salad! My greens are only about an inch high. {sniffle, sniffle, pout}


    That looks so very tasty. For the most part, our radishes did not radish. They looked very promising, but below ground most refused to become radishes.


    Grrl, you have the greenest thumb in VT!!


    Okay, you did warn me... But, you're making me cry, woman!
    If I had a laptop, I'd take it out to the garden and show my plants that picture. "There, ya little basstids! THAT's what you're supposed to look like! Get on with it! No more of your whining 'I'm so coooold...'"


    my greens are only about 3/4 of an inch tall at this point (we got a really late start). i can see salads starting in the next week though.

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Wishing I'd (and when I say I, I mean Dave) planted radishes, they look SO good. I wonder if I still have time t get some this year or if it's too late? Did any of your giant ones come out yet?


    My radishes are there babe, no averting the eyes in this house! I'm picking them tomorrow for the Farmer's Market. My greens, well, there are alot of them but they are only 3" high and I want them to grow up a bit before harvest. I think Gayle is even in a colder zone than I am, poor dear.

    You *are* one zone warmer than I am so I have to admit you'll always be first. At least until I get that greenhouse I want *lol* Then all bets are OFF!


    Looks great... I'm over here sighing with envy.




    I envy you your radishes! I never got any in this spring and now it's too late way down south here (Connecticut!). Maybe a fall crop in the greenhouse.


    Radishes! Yummmm!


    Glorious little harvest there!!


    What time is dinner?

    Seanna Lea

    Wow! That's quite a haul. My order shipped late yesterday/early today, so I get to start planting this weekend. It's been years since I've even attempted anything resembling a garden, so hopefully I'll not kill all the plants in the first week!



    The fast turn around is one of the things I always loved about growing radishes. I wish they did better in warmer/hot weather. /sigh


    Here's a request from the lazy rarely-comments reader: Can you compare the flavor of the various radishes you have planted? My family dislikes radishes, but I like them, and they're so easy that I cannot resist planting them. Maybe a little variation of flavor could bring them around, who knows?


    OK - I'm such a cheater, but your garden posts last year made me long for produce fresh from the garden, so this year I joined a Community Supported Agriculture - the Stonegarden Farm. All I do is pay and show up once a week for my share of the farm's bounty. I know it's cheating, but I'm also enjoying yummy radishes and cucumbers (???) plus bok choi and many salads. Ooops - I threw away my radish tops. I should have read your post sooner. Will you be posting recipes for some of the more unusual vegetables? I am still trying to figure out what to do with the bok choi.


    P.S. I just posted about your amazing gardening skills (and my uncanny ability to copy and cheat). Thanks so much for the inspiration.


    Wicked wicked woman making the rest of us in the northcountry slaver and drool and wonder why YOU have such bounty when we're all just getting stuff in the ground (and expecting a potential frost tonight!)


    My salad mix finally came up enough that I could thin the patch on Monday, and tonight (finally!) I ham eating my own salad greens plus grocery baby spinach, which makes the salad greens go further. The tomatoes are in and I will cover them AGAIN tonight.

    It's such a long wait. I try not to be envious of your micro-climate and your gardening capabilities. I try to look at is as "yes, there's hope". But I'm just the teeniest bit envious.

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