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    Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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    Holy freakin hell! My god, Cookie, you are incredible! Thank you so much for turning Norma's yarn into something gorgeous. {dabbing at eyes}


    Cookie is made of magic!


    it is beautiful! Cookie is the goddess of lace!


    Orange or not, that is one gorgeous piece of lace! Wear well. Speaking of which, when do we get to see modeled photos??


    The stole is really incredible. Joan and Cookie are lace knitting machines. How do they do it time after time. Lucky you! Enjoy it, wear it well!!!


    It's fantastic. And, yes, I'm completely freaked out that she held the yarn tripled, but don't tell her I said so or she'll badger me until I try it.

    Orange is suprisingly flattering, I find. One of those trick colors.



    I think Cookie warps the space-time continuum somehow. I want to go be her apprentice to learn her secret...

    I'm currently spinning orange lace-weight. I don't know why - the orange roving ambushed me at the LYS, and had to go home with me. Suddenly I must have an orange shawl.

    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    If I could be just half as fabulous (and quick) with lace as Cookie and Joan are, I'd be one happy girl. It is gorgeous!


    That's amazing!

    (no longer blogging at) a simple yarn



    Oh my - that is gorgeous. What good friends you have. Do you have some cool orange jewelry for that? You know, a girl should really have lots of orange. It's so bright and cheery.

    ; )




    You could SO knit lace, you slacker. Of course, if I had "someone" to knit lace for me, I'd probably develop a "well-established" inability to knit the stuff, too! (I took several classes on Orenburg lace knitting with Galina Khmeleva and still haven't made a shawl.)


    Gorgeous! All the generosity as well as the shawl. I love, love orange.

    Cheryl S.

    Lovely! Looking forward to some modeled shots. And why should you ever learn to knit lace, when you have Cookie?

    marie in florida




    It's fucking gossamer?!

    I thought it was cobweb weight and knew I could do that. Thank goodness I didn't know the truth until now.

    Btw, as usual, no one is allowed to look really closely at that stole. Don't make me come over there, Norma.

    It was a pleasure to knit that for you and to help with the story of that stole.



    Yep, Cookie and Joan, two amazing women... who happen to knit a LOT of stunningly beautiful lace :^)


    it's beautiful!! i also can't wait to see it modeled on a live human. i love it!!

    Seanna Lea

    That is gorgeous! I love how sculptural the garter stitch is. I don't think I would have thought of using 3 strands held together.


    holy shit. Does Cookie need more friends?


    Wow, that's an amazing orange shawl! You have an awesome friend/robot.

    Melissa G

    You must have told her it's the new pink!


    Okay Norma, now you've done it !!! I am officially envious. Or should I say I'm orange with jelousy.


    Even though I dislike orange intensely (sorry m'dear, but I wouldn't have been able to knit that color... lol) the stole is beautiful :-) Great work Cookie!

    Mary Beth

    Any toads yet? :)


    Cookie rocks the lace pretty hard, no?


    Oh, that is fantastic! I love that pattern, too. I have knitted it twice and I can see knitting it again in the future (I've knitted it with laceweight twice, but I think it would be great in heavier yarn.) Very nice.


    what a gorgeous stole! well done, cookie!

    Carrie K

    Wow, gorgeous. The color. Oh sure, the lacy pattern is too but c'mon. Cookie. She probably knit it with her eyes closed while yelling at the kids to get off her lawn. ;)


    Gorgeous! That Cookie...she's pretty awesome.


    Sentient being, my Aunt Fanny! There is no way a human can knit that much lace that fast and that beeeeeeeeyouuuuuuuutifully. I tried to tell her that orange is the new pink, but I think it went over a bit like a lead balloon. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.


    will you choke and gag when you find out the way i foundyou was the flower basket shawl?


    That Cookie really is amazing. Apparently her days have eleventy-seven hours in them or something.

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