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    Saturday, April 18, 2009


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    So, Our Cookie is a perv?? :D
    I can only imagine that the shawl is exquisite! Can't wait to see it. And by "IT" I of course mean the shawl.
    Not anything that needs to be waxed, for cripes sake!
    Drooling over your asparagus. I am itching to plant some but do they need a lot of sun?
    Tried to call you today but realized I only have your OLD number in my phone. WTH???


    Seriously, all you need is the sexy shoes and maybe some nice earrings. The shawl will do the rest. You know I'm right.

    Is it wrong that I'm more excited that you got the asparagus than the shawl today? *L*


    ps.. is Sandy new? *L*


    Remember the guy on the old Lucy show - Gale Gordon - he would say "ooooohhhhhh"! That's what went through my head when I saw that wrap and read about the necessary waxing.


    I was going to get my book and try to figure out the lace, but I think I would rather wait for the reveal.


    Can't wait to see it :-)


    I'm so glad you got to work in the garden. Can't wait to see the glamour shots of the wrap!


    I was going to suggest an artsy shot of you wearing the asparagus roots and the shawl, then realized that the roots would make it so you REALLY looked like you needed a wax...


    I hear that shawl is coming to Utah soon. Can't wait to see it...oh and see you, too!

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Klamath Falls - my daughter's college roommate, as well as your asparagus shoots, came from Klamath Falls. Just the name sounded exotic to me. She told us once that her parents had to brave "snowy mountain passes" to get her from the airport for Christmas break.


    That color is glorious! Can't wait to see it modeled. I'm a bit envious of the asparagus crowns, as ours don't seem to be returning this year.

    Cheryl S.


    Joan W

    I lived in Klamath Falls for 19 years. I had no idea that asparagas was grown there for comercial purposes. And, there is an airport in Klamath Falls, in fact a Nat'l Guard airbase in conjunction with it. Asparagas if Good! Scarves are better.

    Joan W

    That should be commercial.


    And OF COURSE Cookie is a perv.


    Considering all of the holes in the lace, Cookie's suggestion for modeling it should be rather..ahem.... interesting. Cookie is mahvelous!

    One of my older composters got creamed by a pine tree during the Ice Storm of '08. Will need to replace it with another one *sigh* I really loved it- it was the stackable kind that is no longer made now.



    Seanna Lea

    That shawl is stunning!

    I'm looking forward to getting a little garden of my own this (late) spring. I have the list of things that can be started in June and I'm not afraid to use it. I just need to finish my research about raised garden beds.

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