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    Monday, March 09, 2009


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    Yee gods. I'd have likely killed someone by now...


    and the winner is....

    not me, evidently!

    Oh, I hope the story looks up. A gadget that won't gadge is the epitome of uselessness.


    One day on Kristin Nicholas' blog she griped about her "wonderful" Verizon service - no dsl, no high speed internet stuff. Some turkey from Verizon actually responded in her comments. Since Kristin & I are about 25 miles apart I wrote him too and got "let me look into that for you" as a response. He obviously is still looking. Verizon service here in north-central Massachusetts??? They must all be in northern Vermont helping you!


    I hate verizon with every fiber of my being... and guess who just bought my wonderful carrier? I swear, the week they made the announcement, I started getting dropped calls, etc. They said it was something technical with the towers and would clear itself up. Whatever. :D Hope they fix it!


    You are the master of suspense! :) LX


    What, did you run out of words or something?


    Clearly you need to conduct all your BlackBerry transactions ON THE HILL.
    So convenient and good exercise too!


    Verizon store in Burlington. LMAO I hate that place with a passion. But if you ever do go there, ask for Drew. He will do cartwheels for you, really, ask him. If he is still there. I am considering a new phone but dreading going down. Snow,AGAIN.




    One time we went to the Verizon store in Concord, NH and got on THE LIST only to have the "hostess" first serve a man that had been in with trouble the day before!! We'd been waiting 45 minutes when he walked in! Verizon; gotta hate 'em.


    You're being very patient with this. I would have killed by now. I too have Verizon but since I have a 4-year old cell that doesn't get used much, they do a fine job. Better than Sprint ever did.


    What Margene said.


    Wait, the new handset was more problematic than the old one? Yeesh.


    But on the other hand: I have blackberry with uscellular - the same enjoyment; my daughter has blackberry with t-mobile - the same; my DH just got his with verizon - we'll see. I'm not glad that people have the same problems as I do.


    I'm surprised you didn't get someone on another continent telling you that they ran a diagnostic, and can detect "no problems." That happened several times to me when my Verizon DSL suddenly (after several years of working perfectly) just bit the dust. Very frustrating! I've had Sprint for my cell service, and only drop calls in one "dead zone" inside my own house. O/W, no probs.

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Yeh, about Verizon - I hate Comcast (local cable provider)much, much more. Verizon is great by comparison. Apropos of phones, my husband went through three cells in rapid succession before he finally got one that works. I think we're going to have to assume that a lot of these gadgets are not well made.


    OMG, I had to read this thing from beginning to the end. I have Verizon. I hate Verizon. So, I went into the same store you did when I couldn't make any calls once I was passed Montpelier. I was pissed because I was lost in Massachusetts and couldn't call my daughter for signal. Yet my friends with the same damn phone and with Verizon could make calls.

    The service clerk at the Verizon store put me through the drill I had done several times before. When she realized I was not going to give up until they stopped telling me it was the damn battery, she says to get this......"I'm sorry, I DON'T WORK FOR VERIZON". (she was a contract person) and I said, "Excuse me, but the sign over the door when I just walked in here said "Verizon".

    So, on my next trip to Maine, not feeling very safe because the damn phone would not work pass Montpelier, I happened to drive by a Verizonn store in my home town so I walked in. I was greeted with a smile, didn't even get a chance to sit down and was helped. The gal had my phone fixed in two minutes. It was a setting on my phone...and no, I had not changed was those damn fools at the Burlington Verizon store.

    So, see what your post did got me fired up about Verizon. That is why they have contracts. They suck you in and then you are on your own with a bunch of dingbats.


    A pox on all their houses. Maybe we should all rebel and go off the grid.

    Tracy J.

    Yikes. Thanks for the entertaining story, though. I think I'll go buy a present for my neighbor who lets me leech free wireless internet.


    Great post. I hate Verizon too, and the only reason I have it is that it works in Paul Smiths, NY, where my son goes to college, and AT&T does not. It is very frustrating trying to deal with any problem with Verizon. It's a giant crap shoot as to who you will get to help you. A friend's husband worked for Verizon as a sales person for about two months, but quit because of what he considered to be the immoral way they treated their customers. Our contract is up in December, Travis will have graduated, and we will stick with AT&T.

    And the winner is?


    I feel your pain. Every time we call Verizon we get different information and then they let us try the same things over and over and over! The only service we have that is worse is our cable and internet from Comcast. Our signal keeps cutting off for the internet and our television is often fuzzy. When we call they restart our signal and then things are ok for a bit. Til the next time a bird lands on the wires!


    Well my advice is to get an iPhone. Srsly. What a load of crap. Barring that, when you have folks over make them use their cellphones so you can figure out what provider to go with. Clearly Verizon will never figure out why your phone won't work in your boudoir.


    Ya know, you don't need a phone when you live under a rock in a cave. I'm just sayin'...


    While the phone story is interesting (and familiar in parts) the REAL gem of truth in what you wrote was that the person was understandable! Why do companies hire people to do customer service who don't speak understandable English???????????????? I know we are not the only people in the world, but when I call from New York to a company in Illinois or some other state in this country, why do I get someone who I absolutely cannot understand?


    I still haven't forgiven Verizon for selling us off to Dipshit Inc. If you think Verizon is bad, try dealing with Fairpoint. We finally got so mad (after being without phone service for a month, with them telling us the problem was in our wiring, and us telling them that a handset plugged into the pole didn't work so it was THEIR problem, and them saying they'd send a repairman on "Friday", and said repairman must have gotten eaten by a bear since we never did see him.) that we canned the landline and went with cellphones.
    Which turned out to be Verizon...

    We're all hoping the call doesn't drop again next time you try to announce the winner!

    Seanna Lea

    Verizon may not be great, but I hated with the white hot passion of a thousand burning suns my experiences with both Comcast and TMobile. Of course, I want a new phone, but I also want one of those service plans where you just pay for the minutes you use. Even if it was a huge 20 minutes a month (which it never is) for both my hubby and myself, we'd save some beaucoup bucks.


    Yeah, DH says he wants to see the nerdy looking guy with the network out where we live. I can sit by a window and hold my Verizon phone over my head and maybe get 2 bars instead of 1. It works fine elsewhere. I think there are hills between us and the tower.

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