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    Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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    I spent spring break chasing dust dinosaurs out of my upstairs rooms. I was too exhausted to chase them out of the downstairs...

    Cindy (maxfun)

    I agree that rearranging is a great way to go. I did that with my living room the other day and it feels like a brand new room. No deep cleaning, though. It needs it, but I'm not up to it and I can't afford to hire anyone right now. Oh well! Just having clutter gone and furniture in a new configuration is enough for now. :)


    Clean is good. Not a dust hippo to be seen, eh? Life is good. xo


    I hope you didn't over-do, and are able to knit today, not sitting in the chiropractor's waiting room.
    And for *that* lunch, I would certainly scrub the floor on my hands and knees. With my ear lobes.


    Fabulous! My mother scrubbed floors on hands and knees, as do I - but she also scrubbed the toilet by hand. Ick! I skip that and use the johnny mop. (She also felt that nothing was clean enough unless it was rinsed in 200 degree water.)


    I like how the sweater name also reflects the yankee ethic of ingenuity and hardwork too.


    I suspect since it's supposed to be in the mid 40's for a few days I might catch that cleaning bug from you. After I card a 20 or so batts. Oh and I ned to spin a commission. Hmmm.... maybe you could infect Wes, I'll make him read the post!


    Yankee Godiva...if that doesn't sound like Norma, nothing does.


    Nice! Good help is hard to find - sounds like you've got a peach!


    Could you come and do my house next? It's sorely in need of a deep scrub...


    Ahhh yes, The Spring Clean, except I'm waiting a bit on those windows... after the Spring storms.


    I've got the same issue with our cleaning person--I need to ditch the toddler sitting on my lap :-) for a day and clean along with her. Good idea and frankly, my pea brain never would've thought of it. Thanks!


    As soon as I knock off a few blog-checks, there's a big pantry cupboard (or two) with my name on them!! And the guy with the magic steam machine is coming on Monday... at least I hope it's magical. ; )

    Cheryl S.

    When I retired, I thought I'd spend more time cleaning the house. But after a big flurry of deep-cleaning, I'm sad to say that I spend no more time cleaning than I did before. I'm a bad girl.

    Katie B.

    Hmm, I'm in denial about house cleaning, and I like it that way.

    I just want the pattern for the coat when it's done!


    Cleaning is not my forte, but I'm not sure I'd say it was so much your French-Canadian heritage as it is that "Vermont-Yankee-Thing" (my "Not French-Canadian" aunts and mother all have it, I don't).

    I hope your back isn't biting back at you today!

    And will be very interested in seeing your Yankee Godiva...


    Great! As soon as I read Yankee Godiva a Beatles song (Lady Madonna, sort of) started running thru my head. So I feel it is only fair to inflict it upon you as well. Enjoy! (Or not- your choice.)
    Yankee Godiva, yarn balls at her feet
    Wonder how she manages to keep them all neat
    (I could probably go on, but I have to go bake a birthday cake.)

    elizabeth a airhart

    have you thought about hgtv and cindi olsen
    you could make a film and perhaps some one
    from over there would come help you land scape
    over your head is kinda of cute well he is or color splash

    good night


    Honey, that's the Irish side that has you cleaning like that, and I agree. Floors must be done at their level to be really clean.

    That reminds me. I need vinegar so I can wash walls this weekend. Do I know how to live or what?


    Oh it feels so good to get a cleaning like that done. I hate the anticipation of it, don't mind doing it too much, and LOVE the results. I need to gird my loins and just get to doing it on my house too.


    I sooooo need some cleaning help! *L* (organizing help...)

    Glad you got to show the younger one how you like things.

    Susan B.

    Yankee Godiva
    Needles at her breast
    Wonders how she'll manage to knit the rest

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