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    Friday, January 30, 2009


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    I'll be there packing red scarf boxes in spirit -- does that count? Love the yarn/color/sweater.


    I just picked up the version of that yarn that's still being distributed (Queensland Collection's Kathmandu Aran). I'm loving it. Of course, I should be typing a disseration, but I'm working a Cobblestone for a friend. Just like you, one row at a time. Slow going, but his birthday's not until May, so I've got awhile. ;)


    I wish I could be there to help. I hope the event goes well. I am so glad you are able to knit.


    I'm not even a fan of blue and I like that color! So happy you're knitting again.


    Love the sweater and the colorway. As I was looking for it I thought..."I wonder where she purchased the yarn." Saw the link to OUR LYS so that now classifies you as an


    Ooooh, it's pretty! I'm glad you're still taking it easy. Have a great weekend!


    Beautiful yarn :-) I'm a slow knitter, so I just focus on one row at a time. It feels good... any progress is progress in my book, whether it be one row or 100.


    Sweater looks great! Blues, I've found recently, are almost as tough on digital cameras as reds are.


    So pretty, the yarn makes a beautiful fabric at that gauge. Just think - the slower you knit, the longer you get to work with that lovely yarn.

    elizabeth a airhart

    thank you norma and gayle for being our guideing lights
    and cheer leaders-- wish i could be there to help pack
    the boxes tuck in my scarves
    thank you lynn davis and all your helpers

    and so many knitters from around the world
    i am delighted to be part of the knitting world


    mmmm looks yummy. Perfect color of blue!! Keep it easy going so you can continue to win the body battle--ra ra ra (cheering you on)
    And have a fun day packing it all up for those lucky kids!


    I was getting ready to email Lynn to find out when the package day was, and there you had it! I am going to be out of town until the 10th...I would have loved to be there. I went in October and had the best time!


    Ooh, I love that colorway and yarn!


    I really do live on the wrong coast. feh

    Love the knitting in progress!

    Happy Friday!


    Your Red Scarf day sounds super.
    Love, love, love the blue yarn!!
    Happy knitting, Norma! :)

    Seanna Lea

    I love the color of the sweater! I keep telling myself the same thing about knitting one step at a time. It's a handy thing to remember when a project gets onerous!


    My son is a student at GMU! I'll pass this along and see if he and some friends can help for a few hours. 11:00a.m. isn't too early for college boys.


    Oh, NOR! That sweater is gorgeous! LOVELY! And working on it prudently! That's a good thing.

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