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    Wednesday, January 07, 2009


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    So Jealous! It sounds sooo scrumptious and they didn't have it at the first liquor store I checked, a place that usually has good stuff. So, now that you've reminded me, I've got to keep looking. Congrats to you!


    Looks like Mr. J loves his shoes. :)


    Well, hey, let the raging alcoholism begin. :D LOL! ENJOY! LX

    Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

    Is Mr. Jeffries trying to chew off his shoes, or what?


    Mr. Jefferies may just be plotting her demise. I've seen that look on a dog before. :D Yes, it also involved a little dog and some type of torture device clothing.


    Isn't the bottle gorgeous? Hope you can find some berries. ;-)


    Looks like Mr. Jeffries is loving his new bootie chew toy!


    Mr. Jefferies is clearly not the sort to put up with foolishness. Abby Girl better watch out.


    I found the sour apple version. And with Pucker.. oh my! Maybe as a morning snack substitute with cinnamon graham crackers?


    Mr. Jeffries appears to be having a slight difference of opinion with one of his booties. May the best dog win!


    Mr. Jeffries isn't as fru-fru as we thought.


    I'm pulling for the dog.


    Umm, maybe the cute little shoes aren't his favorite accessory after all!

    Diana Moro

    I don't blame Mr. Jeffries -- I hate shoes, too!


    Mr. Jeffries is looking mighty ferocious in that picture.


    He's definitely done with those booties...
    I don't blame him. I don't want to wear shoes when I don't have to, either.
    Happy Ginger!


    Mr J and my kid have a lot in common, apparently. Yes, she is known to chew her socks, although the ability to bring her heels over her head simultaneously may disappear with age. OR she and Mr J can do vaudeville together!
    Happy Ginger-ing :)


    I saw a mention of ginger-flavored Vodka in our morning paper today. I looked on its website but couldn't find it, but apparently, it's a syndicated column ... (Since I know you know that I don't live in Dallas!)

    I was wondering how long it would be before some generous reader sent you some of that stuff!

    Cheryl S.

    Poor Mr. Jeffries. I think he needs some vodka.

    Seanna Lea

    I have been thinking about making ginger flavored vodka, but if I can find that locally I might have to change my mind. Of course, I don't drink very often so I'm not sure if that's the most useful thing for me to make... But it sounds so good!


    looks like mr jeffries doesn't like those shoes either. even though they are red.


    That Ally is a such a good girl! Although, she's got you getting up before the crack of dawn, so maybe she's just being smart. ;^)

    Love that feisty baby!

    elizabeth a airhart

    what ever you all are haveing make mine a double


    i'll have to check my "has everything" liquor store and see if they carry it. sounds yummy!


    Vodka is the new Yoga, not knitting! Besides ice cream and blackberries, what else does one do with this unobtainable ginger vodka??


    OMG! I picked up a bottle of Yazi at my Virginia ABC Store yesterday. It is absolutely the best stuff I have ever had! I love ginger! I have a new favorite thing now! Thanks for the info Norma!

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