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    Thursday, August 21, 2008


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    Welcome back, Norma!


    Glad you're home! I leave beans and let them get to the shelly bean stage if they get too big and they are yummy sauteed with garlic and onions and chard and... well you get the picture. I had to rip all my bush beans up- a total loss while i was away :-(


    Pears!! Chris just asked me if we should give up on our pear trees and mow 'em down. I DO have beans.


    The garden missed you! My wild woman never looked better!!


    Welcome home, Norma. Look at that basket full of goodies! Those pears are beautiful!! Gorgeous scarf!


    Honey crisp pears sound and look delicious. I want a pear now.


    Oops. Didn't mean to ignore the knitting. The scarf is beautiful.


    Maybe I need to go away for 5 days. My garden is SLOWLY producing.

    Congrats on the bountiful harvest and welcome back home. Now off to school! ~ksp


    Glad you are home safely, even if the garden decided to kick your ass at an inopportune time.

    Dermatology: Good - no call. Bad - well... people's skin ickiness. Couldn't do that speciality in a million-billion years.


    Those pears are beautiful. And old garden-fresh beans are still better than anything in the store.


    Wow - gorgeous harvest! Glad you got some pears, I think the squirrels must have stolen the few that our tree had set :(


    Norma Pomona, Goddess of the harvest, bounty surrounds you and welcomes you home.


    So glad you're back! Those pears are the most beautiful things I've ever seen!


    I love the Red Scarf pattern. I got the YO with purl and nothing is slowing me down. Thanks. I wish I could reach through the computer to eat one of those beautiful pears.


    You know, it's always a treat to read your blog, Norma. Not only is there beautiful produce (such that I never see at home), lovely knitting (the scarf is stunning), but you use and spell words like "wont" correctly. That is just such a pleasure to see!


    Well, I am a WEE bit jealous of your hefty produce yields. Especially considering the shriveled status of my tomatoes. But I'm happy for you, just like the runner-up is happy for the beauty queen.


    Do I have a raised bed? Hubby was wondering.


    That is one of my favorite FO shots EVER!

    Cheryl S.

    I love the scarf, and the photo with the Wild Woman is absolutely perfect! And those pears look awesome.


    The pears are just gorgeous! My total harvest of tomatoes this year: 2. Huge plants, no bugs, no scum, no nothing. Especially no tomatoes. I garden vicariously through you.


    Great welcome home, that.

    Raquel Moreno

    You are just a wiz at gardening, that harvest looks yummy!

    Red scarf is pretty.


    I'm letting my pole beans go to dry beans - just leave them on the vine until the hulls are dry and crackly - shell them out and let them dry in the air for a bit, then treat like dry beans.

    What lovely pears!


    Five days in August is like two months to a garden. Plus beans and squash are sneaky.

    Love the knitting and the produce.

    Welcome home!

    elizabeth a airhart

    some gardens just have a mind of thier own

    have my red scarf on the needles

    mine is non wool for the for please do not show me any thing
    in wool people
    even number as36 38
    row one knit two- purl two -across= same for next row
    and repeat till one has the called for 55"60"
    makes it's own border = thank you


    Those pears look absolutely, positively scrumptious. Yum.


    and don't catch any of that stuff. Ew, physiology and pathology always makes me itchy.


    Ooooh - Pear P-rn!! Those would make some fine pear crisp/cobblah/whatevah! (It looks like someone juiced the garden with manure tea while you were away!) Loved the Red Scarf too.


    Wow - I didn't know that superwash grows so much, but that explains the size multiplication I recently had on a cap for my husband. At first I was afraid it was too small, then I blocked and it was too big.

    The scarf is great, and likewise the veggies.


    Wow, great jewelery. They might have been pushers, but I know those necklaces looked gorgeous on you!


    Whoops, replied to the wrong post, but the scarf looks great too.

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