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    Sunday, August 03, 2008


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    If I didn't like you so much, I might be jealous of your wonderful travels. Keep on enjoying and sharing!


    Yay! Thank you! Now I just need to get her to come visit us.


    I kept reading that as "Spliff knows", and then I wondered just how different fiber festivals were on the East Coast, and just how far is Rhinebeck from Woodstock anyway? ;D It sounds like you had a fabulous time!


    I'm ready! Bring rain!
    It's so nice to see Leeann and believe you two would be dangerous together. ;-)


    I'm so glad you all had a fun time!

    Cheryl S.

    Now Margene - we might need rain, but I'm sure Norma would rather have blue skies!
    I'm still trying to figure out how anyone's supposed to actually EAT that beef/mozzarella/tomato thing. Without it turning into hash.


    LeeAnn always tells us she has a fabulous rack.
    That last photo of the two of you makes you look like sisters. Sigh. I wish I lived in Blogger Heartland!


    Sweeeet times!


    Great pix of two beauties.


    Look at you two! :D


    Sigh. Two of my favorite blondes, together. Jealous. I miss you both.

    (So when are you arriving in Utopia, my dear?)


    I'm sending rain to Margene. A rainy day is just what the soul needs sometimes!
    Your lunch look marvy! I don't remember so much kissing when you were here and I'm feeling a bit....well, I'm not sure if it's lucky or left out.
    It's definitely something. That's for sure.
    Lee Ann is gorgeous as usual!


    Aww.....these are priceless pictures!!!! Nice to see both of your shining faces :)

    Lee Ann

    Oh, for cripes sake, Carrie, I never said it was fabulous, I just said it needed to be accounted for when considering one's sweater's's other words, the fucking sweater didn't fit.



    mmmmmm, beans. What great photos! :)

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