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    Saturday, July 05, 2008


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    Things I have also done recently:
    12.1. I did this 2 weeks ago while my MIL was visiting.
    13. Doesn't everyone need this while their MIL is visiting?


    Hmmm, I'm brewing mint iced-tea right now. Maybe I'll add some rum and lime to it!

    Dave Daniels

    I didn't do any of those, but it looks like you had fun. We walked in the rain. I dyed some roving. Dyed some PRETTY yarn. Drank some beers. Played with cats and kittens. Seems like we both had fun!


    I sat around the house feeling sorry for myself - not much of a celebration here. But your day sounds much better. I should have made myself a mojito, I'd have had a better time of it.


    12.1 Perfect.


    Sounds like a perfect day!


    What a Glorious Day! I had a bit of Mojito yesterday... it wasn't nearly as pretty as yours :^)


    Exactly what time should we show up for mojitos, blueberries and knitting?


    I had a mojito on Wednesday. Not nearly as good as the one in the video. Enjoy the weekend.


    Sounds like a great Fourth! Our weather was (and is) rather less than perfection, which is making Chappy a little less than perfectly happy--thunder! Noise! No walks! But, hey, at least he's having a party... (and, um, you DID see his virtual party announcement the other day, right?)


    Perhaps the Amish peas would do better if you let them age on the vines and picked dry for pea soup in the fall. Are these true peas or snap peas? I googled and found mostly the snap variety. No mention of bitterness. Did you leave them on the vine too long? Just trying to figure out the bitter factor.

    Love your pumpkin vine cascading out of the compost bin! And the mojito certainly looks nice- it's pretty sticky here today and that would be a nice cool thing to drink.


    ooh! I MADE a strawberry rhubarb pie. Too bad I can't ship you a piece...don't think it'd survive.


    I'm scared to death of growing mint because I worry it will take over the entire yard. The look of that mojito just might change my mind though. Any mint tips?

    Cheryl S.

    I planted my mint in a container so it wouldn't take over, but it's not doing extremely well. But since the ONLY reason I planted it was for Mojitos, I guess that's OK. I get enough.

    I'm curious as to what you will do with the area where your peas were/are after they're all done. I've never quite figured out what to plant there this late in the year that I don't already have somewhere else. And no, I won't plant radishes. I won't, I won't, I won't.


    Oh, a VT parade. I had relatives in Cabot and went to the parade a few years. I am usually not a parade person, but that one was fun.

    I sat around and knit and then at night listened to the neighbors go fireworks crazy while hoping nothing would hit my house and start it on fire.

    Your day sounds much better.


    Well, the weather here was crap and I had to spend the day making salsa and bread to take to a cookout. ( Did get to play with the grandkids and watch them eat MY peas, which were delish. Snap peas, steamed just enough to blanch.) No mint took us ten years to get rid of the stuff the previous owner planted all over the yard! A thought for your aerial photos: try the lawn chair with the helium balloons!


    I live on the wrong coast. I want to have mojitos with my Norma. Instead I've got more smoke and a cat in the bathroom. :?


    That sounds like a lovely day.

    P.S. I went out and got bone meal and epsom salts (a BAT trip) and just fed everything.


    Yay for mojitos! I better stop and pick up ingredients on my way home from working at the LYS today... and thanks for the reminder to feed the maters... they have already gotten their first dose of organic Grow Big, and certainly would appreciate a second, since they have had to contend with such smoky air the past two weeks. Happy holiday weekend:)

    elizabeth a airhart

    tis 93 degrees here the drink looks so good

    Susan Schroeder

    Mojito! That's what I need to do with all that mint!

    Jena (the yarn harpy)

    Dave has been amusing me lately by doing the mojito dance whenever the commercial comes on because it slays me absolutely every time. :)


    I use an aerial photo I got from google maps, I then put it in powerpoint _since I am lazy that way - and mark it up with codes about different garden beds - location etc. I keep this "photo" with my garden notes so I know where and when I planted different things.
    You could do the same to show us on the blog. Cut/crop out any id marks though. Powerpoint allows you to save as a jpg to upload.


    the spinach i have in the ground now is "summer perfection", too, and nice frilly leaves are starting to come out of those sprouts i had last week


    Mmm, I've got mint in my Perrenial garden thanks to Dad sharing some of his. How about some Vanilla Rum??

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