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    Tuesday, July 01, 2008


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    "If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping..."
    Isn't she cute? Info please.

    elizabeth a airhart

    does this nice person know what she in for from this group

    count me in i love red scarf now its red scarf plus

    we can knit all year long now love garter stich

    do not forget clabber on your cobbler bon bon

    marcia  Cooke

    Woman, you are making me dizzy. Back to you'll be back to spinning again!


    Bring it on.


    Yay for you, Norma!


    Oh dear.
    The poor things.
    They have no idea that in two weeks they'll have enough squares (and blankets) for 100 girls, and that it will be only the tip of the ice berg, do they.

    I wonder... does Halcyon carry indestructible acrylic? It's the closest LYS to me right now.....


    I'm not 'eligible' for organizing,(that addle brained condition of mine heh), but I'm all for knitting some squares! and Very Happy to do so.


    I'd be up for helping organize this... let me know when you find out what she wants.


    Hi Norma,

    The Ravelry group is "Donate-a-Square.

    BTW, my tomatoes and squash and cukes are going like gangbusters! They love the raised beds! I have to say, I'm jealous of your harvests though. I have only blossoms right now.


    You knit?


    Heh, heh, heh. Yes, the poor dear probably has little idea of the power of knitters. I've got a long languishing log cabin blankie that would proba--oh crap. It's not superwash. Anyway, I'll work on stitching up some squares. I'm not on Ravelry, so if there are any dimensions, etc. please post!


    So glad to see the Log Cabin in process! I'll go check out the Ravelry group!

    Diane T

    Wow, I got whiplash on this one. I came expecting CART or gardening and got knitting instead!

    Like the idea of a log cabin blanket, but I may just have to break down and learn to crochet. Good traveling projects I should think.

    elizabeth a airhart

    seven by seven squres
    warm up america calls for seven by nine
    i have the yarn non wool not be up to a blanket
    squres are easier to mail for me

    i am not a group just me
    project ghanna calls for seven by seven
    as my favorite cat would say
    tours jours gai


    I'm in for a blanket, I've been looking for a reason to buy more yarn, It's garter stitch for me all the way.


    I don't crochet. Is knitting the squares an option and if so what size?


    Love your square pattern. Can you share? Daughter #2 and I will gladly send donations. People love you, NOrma!

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