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    Saturday, April 26, 2008


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    Ribbit ribbit. Gimme a kees, bay-bee.


    Teehee! Lucky toad! He's always in the last place you look...


    Cute. He'll eat mosquitoes too. Can't have a better turnout, now can we?


    Awww - well that's the cutest damn frog, if it is a prince, it's gotta be a might nice eye candy feast one.


    No, dear. One must kiss frogs, not toads, to get princes. However, a toad will eat a hell of alot more bugs than a prince. And he won't be pasturing his horse in you garden spot or leaving his tin pants on the floor. Stick with the toad.


    I made raised beds and my own little lasagna garden today. With 'paca poo, of course.


    Norma, dear, YOU are a character. Mwah!


    Norma, you're my hero.

    Whenever we clean up the yard I'm constantly relocating snails to save them from finding their way into the paper yard waste pickup bags. Yes, I put snails back on my plants rather than let them get into bags that are going to be treated as you did these leaves, not thrown in a landfill. I know. Stupid. But I just don't like the thought of those poor little snails getting crushed while the bag's on the back of a truck heading to the compost place. If I ever thought a toad might have gotten in there I'd have a fit. :P


    You saved a toad! I am so happy. Of course, I'm an oddball. BTW, that's a pretty little toad, too.

    Mary Beth

    I love your story! Last night, Bill Moyers was interviewing Obama's minister, can't remember his name, and he referred to a bible quote that was something like....what man does for evil, god turns into good. Lady putting plastic into landfill gets turned into a rescued frog and mulch (with your intervention). Nice.


    Great story, Very Happy for Toad, Incredible View!!! You have mosquitoes already?!?!? dang.


    oh i'm such a city girl because that toad is totally (toadally heh heh) freaking me out.


    Such a cute toad! (And a lovely view...thanks for sharing.)


    Thanks, I needed a great story like that today. All with a sky photo and a happy ending. Geez, life is the NUTS sometimes, isn't it?


    We live on a big hill! And garden on it... We rake all the leaves in the fall into the garden... then dh 'mulches' them with the lawnmower. They make for good weed control come spring.


    Handsome princes get turned into frogs. If you kiss a toad, you get heart-shaped warts.

    Awesome photos, as ever. Hooray for your green, green thumb!


    Can't wait to see what you have to say about Ben Stein. I had some dealings with him in a past life and I have DEFINITE opinions.

    Marcia Cooke

    I thought you already HAD your many princes do you need, anyway?! Lovely view...mine is of my imbecile neighbor's blue plastic pop-up swimming pool. That may end up with a bb hole in it this summer if he doesn't keep his evil spawn female offspring quiet....

    marie in florida

    an honestly real win win situation


    Five dollars a bag?! Those people should be ashamed. I'm so glad you were able to save the leaves and the toad.


    AWH man.. I just filled a bag with leaves to put out! You have to go and make me feel all guilty! WAHH!! I have piles and piles of leaves up in the back composting! I was only going to put out like three bags worth! is that ok? huh huh? Or is there someone in the Akron area who wants em!


    I don't worry about leaves, they all blow away into the neighbor's lawn and she composts. >3 Sometimes it's not so bad living on the plains.


    How wonderful for that wee toad! I'll be she had no idea he'd been scooped into that bag....
    I keep thinking that I should compost... but I'd need a nice composting guru to come tell me what to do, and where to put it.


    Yes, saving the toad! Yay! (And how big is this person's property that she has 35 bags of leaves!!!)

    Ben Stein scares me.


    Good for you, Norma!


    Nice score including the toad! No mosquitos yet, but plenty of black fly down here! Nice vantage point for viewing sunsets btw.


    I adore toads-he was very lucky wasn't he! in what seems like another lifetime my family lived in the suburbs of southern California-My mother being raised a tom-boy in the hills of West Virginia always felt out of step -anyways she had discovered that in our drainpipe under the concrete driveway several toads lived so everyday she would take her hose and give them a little water to keep them moist-so once a neighbor who I had already overheard calling my mother a "hillbilly" for letting us go barefoot-asked me why my mom wasted water hosing out her drain every day? I said she is NOT wasting water she is watering her pet toads! Never was invited over there again!


    Maybe your toad will hang around and eat some bug for you. I had a little one that hung out in my perennial bed most of last Summer. He's got some nice markings.

    Beth @ Givin' Knit Away

    I think his cousin was in my yard today :-)


    Thank you for composting the leaves and saving that adorable Mr. Toad. I have your blog (and a few other knitting bloggers) on "MyYahoo" page. A couple of days ago, a blogger posted a "proud" pic of a beautiful (but dead) deer with her teenage daughter, and boasted how excited she was that her daughter was such a great shot. I nearly barfed and promptly deleted her blog from my page. It has been bothering me since then. Thank you and your fellow readers so much for reminding me that there are still people out there that care about the other animals we share this planet with ( and about recycling, etc. etc.) I hope your lucky toad fills his belly with the skeeters and sticks around for more.


    Half my leaves are oak and the other half have black tar spot, so I can't compost any of them. Very tiresome. But if we have the right kind of year to avoid tar spot perhaps I will be able to compost some next fall. I thought of you when I was cleaning up the garden this afternoon. We are so early this season, I can hardly believe it.


    awww....awesome story!!

    Beth S.

    How fantastic that circumstances lined up so nicely for you to get a shot like that! Your eyes must be good--Mr. Toad is really well camouflaged. I hope he sticks around your yard. :-)


    Hurrah for the toad! Saved from certain death, I'm sure he'll repay you by eating nasty bugs. p.s. you can't compost oak leaves???

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