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    Thursday, April 17, 2008


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    toni in florida

    Love the crocuses! Thanks for such happy colors on a dark (duh) Wednesday night.


    Yay bees! Keep working! We're still worried about you guys.




    Wow! Spring has exploded!


    Your crocus are beautiful and it's great to see the bees working hard!


    What is the plural of crocus? Whatever it is, yours are gorgeous, and your ability to photograph the bee without getting stung on the arse is commendable!


    BIG, FABULOUS, crocus! Very nice pictures! ;-)

    Teresa C

    Bees! We have bees now too. Only ours are in our three season porch. Those photos are warming me.


    Wow - your new camera is awesome!! I really like when people take the close-ups, cause it reminds me that I need to stop and pay attention to the details of life. Thanks. Kristen mentioned in the comments about being worried about the bees. Have bees in your area been affected by that disappearing thing going on? I hope not, the little guys are pretty important to our agriculture. Thanks again for the close-up! T


    Apian species. I LOVE your vocabulary!


    Fabulous photos, those are some glorious crocus! Lovin' the bee action!


    Thank goodness spring has finally landed in your part of the world. I love seeing the bees. Not nearly enough of them around nowadays.


    Beautiful photos!

    The Queen of the Snow Cows

    H is also for Hymenoptera, the order that bees and wasps come from. Those are some gorgeous pics!


    Pretty purple flowers!


    You know, Norma? My camera does not DO purple very well or easily. It is a challenge. Your camera, which as we have established is NOT the same as MY camera, does purple extremely well. And bees. It does bees very well.
    LOVING your crocus. They have such fuzzy middles. (who doesn't really. I don't judge) I did not realize that crocus' had such a thing.
    Loving on your bee. GO little bee!


    Awwh... such a happy H!! I want a better camera...



    Your crocuses are bringing tears to my eyes... All I've got so far is some funky little yellow swampflowers. Your side of Vermont is definitely ahead of my side.
    Crocus envy....


    I love the sun through the petals. I think this is an excellent H.

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