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    Thursday, March 27, 2008


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    Kathy in San Jose

    Okay, I'm just staring at those beautiful spindles with my mouth hanging open... Lucky Angie, indeed!


    now that almost makes me want to learn to spin - almost


    I got one of Dave's first spindles. He gave me a prototype at Rhinebeck. Of course, I never actually USE my spindles but it sure is pretty.


    ooooh That spindle is stunning - I have one of the snowflake ones on the way from Amy Boogie. Your photos make me even more impatient for mine to arrive :-)


    i'm with your scientist friend but i also believe if it works for you then it's worth a try as long as it doesn't do any harm. i worked on a study that showed that if people prayed for you, you were more likely to get better after bypass surgery than those who were not prayed for. (next time i see you i'll tell you about it).


    Those are heirloom works of art; to be used (carefully), treated well, and passed on to a lucky spinner in due time. Wow.


    Gorgeous spindles... it took all I had to avert my eyes... didn't want to, and didn't. Gave myself several minutes of dazzled staring.


    DAMN That's one fine spindle and one lucky grrl!!


    Holy Gorgeous! Yep, I NEED one of those.

    Mmmm, Mr. Scientist, enjoy your cheezeburger in a can, but what I want to know does he live in his mother's basement and grow seamonkeys? *snerk* ;)

    Marcia Cooke

    Oh,'s G already?! I never got my F up. Good G, by the way...really gorgeous! Oh, you said that.


    Kvell. Shicksa. What wonderful words I'm learning from you. I'm a goyim shicksa, right? And if I exercise really hard I'm schpritzing?

    Awesome spindles! Works of art.

    There you are, gracious in victory. Norma's army has trampled the scientist (virtually) and you are kind enough to improve his avatar. What a woman!


    Pfft. Selfish... yeah... that's you. That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of you (in case anyone doesn't know, that's dripping in sarcasm). You so deserve that spindle, Chick. Gorgeous!


    Tracey! Quit picking on Dr. Scientist! You're giving me flashbacks to high school.

    Besides, as a chemist, Dr. Scientist is far more likely to be distilling his own liquor than growing sea monkeys (and what's so wrong with growing sea monkeys anyway? Not that, you know, I would do such a thing. *hides her sea monkeys in a cupboard*).

    Stacey O.k., so I may have to finally break down and get one. EVIL! YOU'RE EVIL!


    WOWZA! Almost makes me wanna...


    Stacey would know from evil.



    I think you should keep them both and wear them as dangly earrings... ok, maybe not. Is the shaft (I so love writing that...) also butternut? It looks darker, like maybe walnut. I'm late on the scientist discussion here... I am also a scientist (one could have a long argument about what a scientist actually is), however I also believe that homeopathy has its place in the scheme of care and healing. Not my first choice if, say, my arm was chopped off and blood was spurting from an artery... then I'm all about allopathy. But sprains? Bruises? Wicked finger pain because I just slammed my fingers in the door? (ok I might do advil on that one too). I've also used various homeopathic remedies w/ good results on several dogs. Arnica would be my #1 favorite of all... maybe that's because I am always bruising myself.


    When Amy recovers from the mighty rumble of roaring stampeding thunder, we can just tell her that was the jingle you told us to give her ;-)


    Wow, the shine is almost enough to need sunglasses, even through this virtual medium... I haven't felt this kind of blog-reading envy in a long while! It looks Celtic and middle-eastern at the same time. Maybe you could talk him into making miniatures for earrings?


    Gorgeous is the word. I'm *almost* inclined to say "I'm not worthy!" but I am a lucky girl and I'm going to very much enjoy the beauty of The Merlin Tree spindle from you, Norma. I'm going to have to make a special pillow to spin over! Thank you so much! I am bowled over by your generosity and the beauty of the spindle. Can I wear it?


    Wow, that spindle really is gorgeous! Damn, you're on G and I haven't even done F yet.


    does this mean you're going to take up spinning again? or just keep it around for its looks, like a gigolo, lol?


    That is QUITE something.


    A Gorgeous spindle like this could even get ME to spin....maybe :)

    Dude, my "F" post had your name written all over it and you haven't even visited :(

    Beth S.

    Oh my word! I have only seen the snowflake ones before... but the tree is much more my speed. Now I know what to look for during festival season...

    It's not notched, though, is it? I like notches even though people keep telling me they aren't strictly necessary.

    Seanna Lea


    My spindles are plain, utilitarian even (though admittedly one lights up, but it is still a glorified CD spindle). That spindle is making me drool!

    I covet!


    Oh. Wow. Lucky, lucky Angie!!!!



    I don't even like spindle spinning much (because I suck like a Hoover at it) but ... nom. I would buy one of those.


    I'm probably way behind the curve but I love the new header!

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