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    Sunday, January 06, 2008


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    Yeah, I'm a confirmed people hater (ask Rabbitch), and look what I've gone and done.


    Was it you I was channeling today?
    I just had the "people vs. persons" discussion over lunch. When I taught Middle School in Hawai'i and was accused of having ewww, "pets", I told my 7th graders that I couldn't possibly have any favorites as I thought of them as little people...and I hate people. Somehow that didn't seem to shake them off as cleanly as I thought it would...


    I've dealt with "the company." They do tend to be slow, but terribly nice and accommodating. Zephyr is amazingly beautiful stuff--your sister will be thrilled! On another note, I've been a misanthrope since childhood. No wonder I'm so fond of you. (And I'll confess to initially thinking your Cookie was the other Cookie. Took me a bit to figure it out.)


    Cookie is a good person. And I know her real name. Neener, neener, neener.


    Oh yes! I hate you too!

    I don't think I know who Cookie is, but I'd likely hate her as well. Perhaps I shall go read her blog and start with the hating ...


    I'm a people hater too! If I may para-phrase from MIB," A person is smart, people are stupid."
    And I don't know Cookie either, nor do I know her real name.


    Well, I happen to know secrets about this here Cookie but I am not tellin. I'm not. Don't bother begging and bribing, I'll just hate cha.
    My heart is all warmed. So are my feet.


    i'm not a big fan of the people myself.

    oh and, i must confess. i'm afraid of looking at cookie's work because of all the pink. it hurts my eyes. ;)


    People haters, a household of two right here, right now.
    I have to admit to loving our community though, well, going by individuals...


    I have to check your Cookie out, I like people who don't like people.


    That *is* a great story about the knitting community.

    Your misanthropic attitude appeals to me. I'd take your brand of misanthropy any day. Some things in what you said reminded me of one of my favorite literary figures--Ambrose Bierce.

    He wrote, among other things, the Devil's Dictionary, in which he defined a cynic as someone who sees the world "not as it is, but as it ought to be." Or something like that. Also, if you follow the link, you'll read his last known correspondence, which contains perhaps the best last lines ever. Ah, they just don't make writers like that anymore. Now, the torch seems to be carried by knitters instead. ;-)


    All that 'hating' is a good thing, eh? Or maybe it's just that we're all nice (=its old meanings, wonton, slatternly...)


    Except that Cookie A is a sock Cookie and also in California...
    I think she should change her name to Cheesecake.
    (And I know her real name too! I second Carole's neener neener.)
    And and I started hating people in earnest last night too. Can I join your club and get my hate on? Or do I have to hate you for excluding me? Or should I hate you for INcluding me? So much hate to go around. My formerly big heart is black and shriveled and I have loads of hate for all.


    Cookie rocks, Norma rocks, and our community rocks! (I hate people, too but don't tell anyone.)


    Oh, Margene SO does not hate people - I mean, come on now, really.

    As I was saying, before Ms. Margene so rudely interrupted: Odd, I was thinking of yet a third knitblogger Cookie. There are a lot of us out there. Somedays, I wish I could curl up with a whole bunch of knitbloggers for a week or two , and just hang out. Talk, drink, talk, fondle, buy yarn, talk, admire, maybe even knit. Heaven...


    This is one of the things I like best about the online knitting world. I feel like I've got real friends all over, even though I've only met a small portion of them. Glad you're one of them, Norma!


    Oh, I LIKE people. It's the assholes, pissants and spoiled brats that I hate.


    Thank god there's more than one Cookie -- I was getting seriously worried that as much as I lurk and rarely comment I had missed a cookie. And cookies are good - especially oatmeal raisin...

    4:00 huh?

    elizabeth a airhart

    if a knitter has had to tear
    her stitches out and the sleeves
    are to long and the pattern is wrong
    when she gets to the neckline
    and no dye lots do not match
    she might not like any human being
    any where any time any place
    just as well we do not meet
    i might just have to lie
    and say-i just love your stole
    i just love that shade of noro
    understand they closed it out
    you must be the only one who bought it


    I'm a hater, too, in general. I'd rather stay home and crab (and knit) than be around folken. It's good to know that I can count on you to verbalize (blogalize?) that.


    There are two Cookies? That explains my confusion. I think we need a scorecard. Or a census.


    FFS! You know my name, too. Perhaps all the hating has made you forget or something.

    For the record, the fabulous sock designing Cookie A. is friendly and nice from what I've heard and we all know that's not me. :p


    People are such an EFFORT. There are a few who are worth it, though.

    I wish I were a powerful fast knitter. Alas. I'm a pretty quick spinner, though. But then I have all that yarn waiting to be sloooooooooowly knit up. *sigh*


    I wouldn't say that I hate people. I often say that I don't _trust_ people, though. And I do think they are stupid. Huh, maybe I DO hate them and just don't know it.

    I love our community, too. Even though there are people in it.


    I think I can also say with confidence that I am glad Norma is my friend and not my enemy. She has many connections in unlikely places


    I had to read this post to my hubs, as I am often on and on about how much I QUITE have the hate, mostly for people. I do massage, so it's not rare that a patient will come into the doc's office I'm at, I can't stand them, then I work on em for 15 minutes and I love em. Totally typical example of the "people suck, individual's have a chance to prove themselves" edict I live by.

    Happiness for me this year has been stumbling, perhaps drunkenly, into this little circle of knitters-who-hate. sigh. Contentment to feel like I could belong...



    I know Cookie's real first name, but I'll never tell. And I also know that Cookie doesn't hate everybody, just almost everybody.


    Wow! I was actually starting to think I was a freak because I don't like people. Whenever I mention my dislike of the common masses, I always get weird looks from the people I'm talking to. Thank goodness, I'm not alone. BTW, I don't know Cookie either but I AM going to start reading her blog.

    Julia in KW

    Norma - I love that you are posting 365 this is nice to know that everyday I can check you and have a new update...and I don't mind the longer posts...if I don't have enough time to read during my first quick through, I always come back for a more thorough read...thanks...j


    Happens in fandom all the time too. I've corresponded with, and sent presents too, and laughed and cried with two people on the east coast that I may never actually meet in person. For over ten years now. Just because it's a virtual network doesn't mean it's not a valid, strong and amazing one. :)


    I love that there is more love than hate happening here.


    My Dad used to say "The world would be okay if weren't for people."


    Now I'm hungry for cookies! Argh!

    I hate lace too! Maybe Cookie will knit me something with some gorgeous sundara silk that I like to torture. Ask her nice for me? I can even drive it up to her and drop it on her doorstep...

    Alarming Female

    One of my favorite statements when I am just pissed as hell? "I hate people."

    Being the good mother that I am, I now have my children saying it, too.

    And about Margene--she really does hate people. That whole blog thing is just a front.

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