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    Sunday, December 16, 2007


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    We use the following recipe in our house, always making sure we made enough extra pie dough to make a big batch of "tarts." Roll out your pie dough fairly thin, then, pour melted butter all over it and spread so the surface is covered completly, making sure to have the butter pool well (more tasty this way). Then, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar (1/3 c. sugar mixed with 1 T. cinnamon), using at least twice as much as you think you'll need. Once you have the melted butter VERY well sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, cut into equal size pieces, place on cookie sheet and bake at 425° till browned on the bottom. I would think that rolling these up and then slicing into thin rounds would be super good... maybe that is what your Nana did?

    Ah, you found Pioneer Woman... a MOST excellent blog. You should return often to visit her, you'll be glad you did!


    Ermmm... make that completely, rather than completly... sorry about that, Chief, it's late.


    Oh cinnamon is divine! I'm afraid I can't help you with your Nana's pinwheels--we just used regular pie crust scraps. No fancy shapes here.


    I can report that a neighbor once gave us a cinnamon ornament like that and it still smells lovely!

    There are two other mythical cinnamon tales. One is that it can help with memory (when studying, surround yourself with cinnamon scent; in the exam, chew cinnamon gum to help bring back what you've studies... No idea if it works.). The other is that stores use cinnamon scent to encourage shoppers to stay longer and buy more. (Ever notice that Ikea has cinnamon rolls baking near the checkout line?)


    Sorry to tell you this, but right now, you lost that spot to some Swedish (I think) ammunition no less, I wonder why it is called Norma? But number 3 is really impressive too and it is dynamic, changing all the time.

    Kathy in San Jose

    Cinnamon ornaments can even be easier than the recipe you linked to. Try roughly equal parts of cinnamon & applesauce to make a thick dough, roll it out, cut into shapes, use a straw to make a hanging hole, bake in a slow oven. Buy the cinnamon in bulk if you can - a Costco- or restaurant-sized container is great.

    Now I need to go make some cinnamon toast...


    Cinnamon is so good for you too. It is suppose to help blood flow and things like that. Bring it on!! And I love philosophy products. And I'm a soap snob. I make my own...but still love their stuff. Sometimes shower gels are just the way to go and I don't make those. I'll have to smell their cinnamon buns one. A friend gave me their gingerbread man one and it smells SOOOOOOO good. I'll have to try those ornaments with the kids. It looks so easy and I'm sure they would have a lot of fun. Thanks for the link!


    The difference between Nana's buns and yours (despite the obvious, hee!) is when you were a kid Nana's cinnamon was probably real cinnamon, today's "cinnamon" is actually cassia, cinnamon's cheaper and less delicate cousin. Here's the Wiki link for you:

    BTW, when I posted my list, it was original. I haven't seen it on any other blog so it wasn't a "meme" just my "lack of knitting" filler :)


    This is weird Memere used to make me some cinnamon pinwheels after making oodles of pies. Weird. They were delicious.
    Glad you are liking, nay, loving the cinnamon shower experience! :D
    It is wonderful wonderful stuff. If I had a million dollahs, I'd mail it to everyone! (And mittens to the cold kids)
    (I feel like I've been living a meme lately, "IF I WERE A RICH (WO)MAN)
    Anyway. The scent is so special and I do love that it does not stick around all day.
    And. A little known fact about this here Hurley family, Cinnamon buns are the breakfast of tradition on Christmas morn.
    True story.

    Mary de B

    This is what I got first when I googled Norma:
    very scary!
    You were third, after the opera. Sorry.


    You can get the good cinnamon from Penzeys. Love that place. I usually get an order within a couple of days and whenever we're in NYC I stop by their kiosk in Grand Central to smell all the different spices and blends they have. Here's the website:

    After I commented yesterday, Norma, I waved my knitting needles and got one pair of red wool mittens done and will keep knitting today while watching football. I did have some family gifts to still knit but I'll make it happen during the week. I wish we could warm up every little pair of hands and ears as well. You're a good egg.


    I woke up to snow this morning and started thinking about cinnamon buns. Then I read your post and now I really really want cinnamon buns! Oh, and I've made those ornaments with the cinnamon and applesauce and they are easy and terrific. We gave them as teacher gifts back in the day.


    Okay, Norma! You live a hell of a lot closer to THE BEST sticky buns in the whole world than I do. I have driven all the way over to get them (with a crazy friend) and my crazy fried has had them overnighted to Hawaii and California, making them the most expensive sticky buns in the world. Here's the skinny.... The Red Hen bakery outside Waterbury on the way to Waitsfield. Want to be cheered up big time? yummmmm!


    Let me comment again and say thank you for the link to Pioneer Woman. What a fabulous blog! And she doesn't even knit.


    No matter what Google says, you're my #1 Norma. And just in case you don't have enough cinnamon bun recipes yet, here is another one. Just the smell of these every morning as I walked through the University of Alberta building where they were baked made it worthwhile to do that masters degree. And I love that you can find it by searching the U of A website for The Recipe.

    Marcia Cooke

    Sephora, eh? I've been importing a "cleansing conditioner" from Wen in California (LOVE it) but Cinnamon Buns sounds even better! I remember those cinnamon pie crust treats, mother used to make them. (What does Google ARE Norma!)


    Now you're just making me hungry!

    Kiersten B

    Thanks for the link to the cinnamon ornament may have "saved my buns" for a Christmas gift idea! (Oh, I crack myself up!)


    I love cinnamon, too -- especially in combination with vanilla. And especially in the winter -- such a warm smell!

    My mom and grandma both used to take the extra pie crust dough, spread a little butter on it, and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Then she would cut it in strips and bake it . Yum! But I have to say, when I try making these myself, they just aren't as good! ;-)


    I love Pioneer Woman. Her photos are wonderful, her stories are hilarious, and the ongoing saga of how she met her husband is the best trashy romance I've read in ages. I have yet to try her recipes, but they all look wonderful.


    I remember cinnamon swirls from my mother baking pies and I still make them. I roll out the extra dough, sprinkle with LOTS of cinnamon and sugar blended, roll up the dough, then slice it into circles and bake them for about 15 minutes. They are a real passageway back to childhood. These days, my mother buys frozen crusts (or pies) and I'm the one who makes everything from scratch. Without the pinwheels, it wouldn't be a real pie!


    Hungry. No, that's it. Just hungry.


    I love cinnamon! Yes, great link to Pioneer Woman- what a hoot and great read! Will have to make her buns for Christmas breakfast and more to give away. The ornaments sound great- teacher gifts here we come! Nice prez from Sandy. I was just in Sephora yesterday- how did I miss the Cinnamon Buns? Will have to return and get some to try out!

    Donna in VA

    When I taught preschool, my 4-year-olds made those cinnamon ornaments and they are really that easy. We air-dried them on wax paper and flipped them every day until they were hard. The classroom smelled heavenly for days.


    I'll add my cinnamon adventure from today. After reading your post, I was lusting after something - anything - cinnamon. Then I had it, I'd make cinnamon bread! We're having the same blustery, snowy weather, so there was no way I was going to the store. So I called my neighbor and asked to borrow some yeast (my only missing ingredient). Off I tromped through the snow with the dog in tow, to get the yeast to make my cinnamon bread. When I walked in her house and got into the kitchen, and what did she offer me but a cinnamon bun!!! Of course, I ate it up. And then came home to make my bread, which is hot out of the oven right now. Thanks for the cravings.

    Mary K. IN Rockport

    My Grammie was a pie baker, too, and she used to bake the scraps with sugar and cinnamon for me. In our household, they were called "baby cakes."


    I love cinammon ornaments. Hmmmmmm .... Young'un hasn't made any yet. Perhaps we could do that this coming week.


    Fellow cinnamon lover here. Thanks for the links. I have an overnight cinnamon roll recipe that is now standard breakfast fare for birthdays and holidays. You can find it here:

    I do love that Pioneer Woman blog. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.

    Beth S.

    As far as I am concerned, there is no spice in the world that can rival the sheer wonderfulness of cinnamon. Now I MUST try that shower stuff. :-)


    Yay! You're number ONE!! When I was a kid my mom would make pb&j for school lunches. Except mine (I was always a difficult child), which had to be pb&cinnamon. I still love it.


    i loves me some cinnamon. my mom used to make the same thing with pie crust, only she never rolled them up. yummy! i may just go buy some pie crust and make some! (i'm a lazy bugger lately, real pie crust is awfully messy to make).

    as for the scent? i have to be very very careful. i had bronchitis in the fall 10 years ago, and all those "spice" scented things that are so popular just drove me crazy, so now, when i smell them, it make smy nose itch, and i can't stand it. however, i've run across a few things i CAN tolerate. a friend makes soap, and she has an apple-cinnamon scent i adore.

    another cinnamon thing i used to do: when i worked at the last restaurant, my breakfast would often be a small pancake soaked in butter (if you get them hot off the griddle, they suck up melted butter like a sponge), and then drown it in cinnamon & sugar, and roll it up and eat it like a burrito. yummy!

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