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    Monday, November 26, 2007


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    Elizabeth D

    No blog, so I can't play, but I love the "pay it forward" philosophy and have been practicing it for years. I love seeing it get all this publicity!


    Wow! Sign me up! (Am I truly commenter #1?)

    I've been a reader (not a lurker) for some time now, and I'd be happy to PIF. Let's make some good karma, 'cause here in my neck o' the woods, November's been the cruelest, crappyist month.

    Time to turn it around! Yay!


    I will! Totally going to post this on my blog now!!!



    Gosh, Miz Norma... Better you than me. (I used to make so many handmade gifts, often for babies I barely knew, and now it's a struggle to make 4 or 5 gifts a year...)

    If I get back my gifting mojo, though, maybe I'll steal your idea. :)


    Wow talk about full circle. Bev chose me as a blog that makes her smile. I then chose you as a blog that makes me smile, and one of the reasons was your creative ability to make new words, and here you are making new words :)

    I can't really tell if I'm in or out by the comments already left. Let me know if I made the count because I'm willing if able.

    Thank goodness this madness ends Friday!


    I've loved seeing you girlies posting all month long and will miss ya'll when the month is over.

    I'll be in the naughty corner if you need me. Stupid dirty mind...


    I tried to find a blog so I could play too but I make handmade gifts for my blog friends all year long so I'm good :)

    It makes me sad when I hear prolific knitters say they have never had anything knit for them! I believe you were there once hunny :)


    Now you are scaring me. I signed up for a Pay it Forward last night! Are you humming the Twilight Zone music? Because I am!
    Oh, and shouldn't that be *BLiagra*?
    LX and an extra LX


    Bliagra,~snort~ Having fun with the new camera? It does take really nice pics; or is that just great knitting?


    I think I'm too late to pay it forward. Damn!


    Norma,'re in fine form. No way will you have trouble in the way!


    Norma, you have nearly inspired me to knit one of those darn scarves. I have several single skeins of Silk Garden in the stash...


    So many of my favorite bloggers seem to be running out of steam lately and posting only very occasionally. Having you around every day in November has been a MAJOR treat. I, for one, wish you would continue the daily routine.

    Jean E.

    You have definitely inspired me to buy some (more) Silk Garden. The question is, when the yarn arrives, will I throw down the sweater(s) and sock(s) I am working on so I can begin that scarf? I think probably I will.


    Dang, too late to the party, again...
    Like I wrote before, at the beginning of the month, having a post by Norma every morning is like Pie and Coffee for breakfast.... MMMMMmmmmm!


    Is it just me, or does it seem like you are actually knitting again now that you have forced daily blogging??? there perhaps a conspiracy going on here?? Cue ominous music...


    Someday... someday I'll catch a blog early enough to be allowed to play.
    Meanwhile, I love the scarf. I've seen one in person -- loved it. I sure wish I were a scarf person so I could justify knitting it. The only scarf wearing folk I know either knit, or are my kids who either lose scarves, or use them to tie their teddy bears to things. No way do they get Silk Garden!


    I get those pen!s enlargement emails too and I think, "That's going to have to be some sort of miracle drug to help me--I'd have to grow a whole pen!s."

    So, did Abigail leave with that scarf?

    Lee Ann

    Wow, Felicia's have really been going to town on the knitting now that you're blogging every day.

    Maybe I should try that when I quit my job and stop pulling all-nighters.

    If Abigail doesn't want the scarf, dude, I know someone with blue eyes who rather likes that colour combo... :-)


    OMG! I set the curve on something for YOU? I have to go have a celebratory drink or nap (or drink and a nap) for that one, even if I DID miss out on being the first of your 3, and thereby missed out on possible wrestling that lovely scarf from Abigail.

    Counting down the days to Utah......


    Oh my, just thinking about the disappointed Googlers makes me chuckle. Purples and blues certainly can flatter brown eyes, and the scarf is lovely.


    You crack me up so much. You know....I didn't want to say anything about your pen!s brought it up. It seems plenty big to me :) And you've got the balls to match! HA HA HA!!!! I love the idea of the PIF. I think I'm going to totally steal that for my blog as well...even though I didn't make it into the top 3.


    You'd get a lot more Google h!ts w!thout all the exclamat!on po!nts. Heh-heh-heh...

    Lovely scarf!

    Andrea (noricum)

    Strange... spammers seem to think that my pen!s size is lacking too, and that I need some help with the ladies.


    Dang, that Abigail is fast, and those are so my colors.

    I'm trying to remember where/if I signed up for PIF...


    Congrats on NOT getting a Kodak! I found out too late (because it never occured to me to check) that you can only use Kodak software to put the photos in your computer. Then you can manipulate them with other software packages. A Royal pain!

    Love the scarf btw but have a list as long as Bush's lie list to knit already...


    Someday I will learn to get up early enough to be the first commenter. Nah, not gonna happen, no matter how tempting the reward. If I tell you I love the scarf will you knit me one, too? Never mind that I am full-on into the throes of Noro stripe-making myself.

    I love the idea of the PIF. Methinks I shall do it, too...


    It IS a great scarf. You could wear it once ya know, before gifting Abigail with it.


    OMG, is it a seasonal thing with the pen!s size, because all my email accounts are all of a sudden overloaded with offers of enhancement, too.

    Love the scarf. I'm getting a little bit bored with mine, but I'm going to keep going 'til I run out of yarn -- it'll be nice and long and I won't have any regrets.


    What a nice idea! I am blogless, and too late anyway, but I think that the idea is a terrific one. Have fun with your new electronics.


    That's what she said.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm killing myself over here! Okay, I'll go back and actually read your post now. Not just the title.

    Seanna Lea

    I gets tons of that spam. Sometimes I find the language entertaining in its desperate pleas for the web uninitiated.

    Like H I'll click on your pen!! enlargement products.


    I know I'm not in the first three, but I am in the first thirty three. Go me. Here's what happened to me last week. I was in the drive through line at Starbucks, getting my usual grande mild roast with cream and 2 Splendas. I handed the young woman my card and she said, "Oh, the lady in front of you paid for your coffee today." I thought it was a friend in front of me, but I hadn't recognized the car even as I was in line. I said something like, "No shit! Really?" and she said "Yeah, that person does that once in a while." Now I'm thinking that I should do the same thing, except I know that with my luck the car behind me will be buying triple double mocha lattes for the whole friggin office staff.


    It has been something like the Knitting Olympics watching the group of you keep. on. posting. I admire your tenacity. Glad you are furthering the PIF, who knows what kind of a snowball this will start.


    Go Norma! The end is in sight!


    I've enjoyed reading all your posts this month, though I've not been one to comment lately. You don't have to fear the "mark all as read" from me!

    You go!

    Beth S.

    You are SO good to cede that gorgeous Noro scarf. The colors are marvelous!

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