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    Sunday, November 04, 2007


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    There's always more sexy veggie pR0n if you're at a loss :)


    I signed up for this also. At least you post semi-frequently, I'm attempting almost a whole year of posts in a month. It's going to get really boring :) We shall see how I do.


    I managed to ~not~ sign up for this. Do you think I might be getting better?


    'Grain' has it's own charm, and it IS a lovely image...


    Post every day... no way. I can't even post once a month, LOL. I love the pic, sarcasm and all. And what the hell was I thinking on challenging you to finish a sweater before me...Doh! Enjoy what looks like to be a sunny day!

    Teresa C

    Oh sure, like I'm going to let you beat me at this! heh. I only wish I had signed up a day earlier so I could really have the whole month. Laugh at me if you must, but I can do this. You don't know how I am when I get determined, but if you need proof, meet me at the gym.****

    ****All sarcasm. Well, except the gym, I really do get determined at the gym. Single minded even. :)


    I can attest to Terry's single mindedness! I joined the band wagon, too...darn that Vicki. What are friends for...we'll root for each other!


    I love the picture - grain and all. I thought it was done artistic-ly - sort of to make us feel the mood, or your thoughts, or ??? It's very interesting. Happy NaBlogPoMo.


    Glutton for punishment, aren't you? But I figure if you can post I can at least comment. Nice photo.

    Marcia Cooke

    Cute would make a good Ravelry avatar.


    Gawd. If all of your blog friends jumped off a bridge to save some yarn,would YOU have to also?
    Your hair in that little picture looks like it's made of yarn. It does.


    Oh and where the HELL is your flickr account? Why can't I even FIND it??
    scheez/ You and your yarn head!


    i'd join but it's already november 4th! *



    I miss read the name of the along thingy. In case there was any question, yeah, still going to hell. /hangs head

    Fab photo, The Norma!


    Hm. I don't think I have to worry about the commenting part...unless we're bound to, say, commenting on every blog we read. I'd never manage it! But if it's simply posting at least one comment a day somewhere, nope; no worries a'tall. [g]

    Onwards to victory!

    Teresa C

    No. BloCoHos. Heh.


    Well, for some of us commenting is so NOT a problem. The difficulty lies in keep our opinions to ourselves - therefore, we start blogs of our own!


    BloHos sound like a naughty-themed snack cake.

    PS - Say you did the grainy thing on purpose for artistic purposes.


    Not a bad idea! I read your blog all the time but hardly ever comment. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this month!


    I'm so not doing the daily posting. Not even possible for me. Ho, ho, commenting away! ;

    Seanna Lea

    I decided to do NaBloPoMo when I realized that I didn't have time to crank out 50K of consecutive, organized, and plot driven words. Last year's novel was a success technically, but is still a travesty of the written word.

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