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    Tuesday, November 27, 2007


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    Oh, Norma, I love seeing that you have a new post loading late at night.


    Yep, nothing like being a night owl. ;) (This is my morning. Today, anyway.) And LOL on the photo. What with the condensation on the window, it looks like Oregon slammed into Vermont and they had a brief, passionate, winter weather affair. Hee.


    LOVE that picture! Great camera!!! :D
    I have now added, unplanned by me of course, "I know, right?" to my conversations. Better than a middle aged woman saying DUDE, right??


    That's so random.


    I know! Like, my kids use like all the time, and they're like, "And she was like,". Ya know?


    I was just just thinking about that very thing yesterday...your prolific knitting! Was wondering if you were feeding the blog...or could it have something to do with the lack of Dulaan. :(


    Hannah's current phrase is, "are you serious?!!" and it drives me nuts. And she overuses "amazing," too. It'll pass, though, right?


    Wintry mix is, according to me, beautiful. My favorite kind of weather. I've always thought that I'm hard wired that way -- all those northern European genes just doing their job. I know, right?

    Teresa C

    Ha, Meg says often as well and it does sound so cute. I think I may have picked it up as well. There is another one, I'll have to think of what it is, that one bugs me so I am blocking it out. Maybe it is "and such." Drives me nuts.


    Norma, Norma, Norma!
    I am now halfway through one of those ***** Silk Garden scarves and I should be packing, right?


    Sadly, I use like a little too often. I try not to but it just slips out!


    (although I don't say 'but, dude'... I DO say 'dude' goes back to my wild and carefree youth of the 60s :^) of which I DO have very fond memories of ....)

    Marcia Cooke

    Hmm, wintery mix. Not looking forward to that. Send that stuff west where they need it! Great shot, though.


    OMG, my stepdaughter says that (I know, right) and it drives. me. nuts. I still use "like" and "dude" all the time, though.


    My daughter says that too and usually with a little grin.

    Rachel H

    Hey, Sandy, there's nothing wrong with a middle aged woman saying Dude. Not.A.Thing.


    Like, what's the problem Dude? Ane like, the wintry mix is honestly very seriously good.


    Like, what's the problem Dude? And like, the wintry mix is honestly very seriously good...I know right?

    Dave Daniels

    I, like, totally love the snow. Wintry mix is, like, totally awesome, right? Festive.


    Nice picture. Its not the new camera, but maybe the person behind the camera is having some more fun and taking more interest.


    I had white stuff on the ground this morning and the wind was HOWLING!
    Winter. Mixed feelings.
    I know, right?


    I admit, I use "I know, right?" WAY too often in normal conversation. Can't stop myself.


    I think "I know, right?" is adorable. I've never heard anyone do that before, but it is too cute. I am 38 years old, and I use "like" WAY too much. I don't even hear me doing it =)


    There was one I heard Miss B say recently, and now I can't call it to mind. You're thinking "so sad, every day she loses a few more brain cells, like she had so many to start with." I know, right?

    Yay for knitting! I've been doing a bit of that myself.


    "And she's all like, ya know? and he's like whatever." The English language is a live and constantly evolving thing. I do hope this little off-shoot dies a quiet and painless death. Still, one generation's slang becomes the next generation's standard English.


    "I'm not gonna lie" has become a frequent comment from #2 son lately. I am, like, totally guilty on the "like" thing. Also, "dude." It keeps me young, right? My husband is, like, totally with me on the "like" thing. I'm not gonna lie, it's awesome :)

    Tressa in NC

    Like, we had Thanksgiving dinner with a 22-yr. old who will graduate in May and look for a teaching job in elementary school (she likes 3rd graders). Seriously. Dude, I had so much trouble understanding where her conversation was, like, headed because of all the, well, "like" words. Like, ya know what I mean? Norma, today's post is so timely!

    The picture of the wintry mix gave me pause to be grateful we don't have that in my part of the country, at least for today. It would shut down the entire state! Natives can't drive when it's wet - any kind of wet. I know, right?

    Enjoy whatever gets your mojo going! I'm going to miss you if you stop entertaining your blog readers with daily entries. It's been fun reading.


    Send the wet stuff west! I don't want to live through another effin' drought!

    As a native Californian of a certain age, *cough* I am not at liberty to comment on the use, over or otherwise, of the word "like". I would, however, like to mention that the word "like" is not a conjunction.


    I know, right?


    Amen Sister to not being fond of the use of the word 'like' unless describing a feeling, or for comparision. My middle child (age 12) is in danger of a truncated life span unless she truncates her use of the word 'like.'

    Three more days of posting, I am rooting for you! but, honestly, don't want you to stop when the month is done.


    Your picture matches my mood too!

    But, like, you know!

    Seanna Lea

    Wintry Mix might be a grey mood, but it still manages to look beautiful. As it is currently 50 in Boston, I'd love for you to send some seasonal weather my way.


    I have never been a fan of the inserting "like" into sentences where it doesn't belong.
    However, it was recently pointed out to me that I have a habit of saying, "" I have absolutely no idea where that came from, but it can be interpreted as, "Yes I understand why you believe that to be correct, unfortunately it is not and you are wrong."


    Oh my, such a lovely weather, I am so envious, all this sun here, yikhes!


    The one that drives me nuts is "he goes" and "she goes" instead of "he said" and "she said."


    That reminds me of watching MTV Cribs and how some rappers say "ya know" three times in a single sentence. No, Mr. Rapper living the high life with golden faucets and "whips" with "bling rims", I do not know. Perhaps I'm too literal or they just speak a different language.

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