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    Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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    Ooooo, what a lovely scarf! And how nice that you are enjoying the relationship. Try not to think about the end of the semester, but how great she looks in your warming red goodness!


    Ooooh, she is beautiful! And looks wonderful in the scarf! I'M warm just thinking about it!
    She's a lucky girl. Or maybe YOU really are the lucky one, you know?
    go red sox
    (are you happy?)


    she does look lovely in her scarf. NORMA!!!!!!!!!!!


    She looks beautiful in her scarf. Both of you seem to have come out on top, I'd say. :)


    Sounds like it's been a lovely journey for you both!


    I'm glad you're enjoying your neuroscience seminars!

    The scarf is beautiful.


    Cute as a freakin' button.


    She's beautiful and the scarf ain't bad, either. ;^)


    She's very beautiful, and the scarf goes nicely with her.


    Very pretty! Both graduate and scarf. Best of luck to her.

    By the way, you should see the crates of Spam that go to the reserves up north!


    Red is a great color for Shelly. I'm sure she will treasure the time you've spent together as well as the scarf, whihc will carry a wonderful memory too.


    What a cute (and way smart) girl. Lovely scarf, she looks so good in red!


    I like Shelly already. I'm so glad you get to work with and meet such wonderful people. She looks smashing in her scarf.

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