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    Wednesday, August 08, 2007


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    These are some awesome prizes. This is a nifty project.


    I already have a book signed by Ann & Kay. With lots of x's and o's. They love me, you know.


    Wow! Za! Isn't this great?


    Margene is giving away pink alpaca laceweight AND sock yarn?! I need to go lie down.


    Ok, ok, ok, ok, all right already, I donated to OFA and voted 5 times for Ryan. (Sorry; only one PC [working], and I'm an agoraphobe. Outside voting, not gonna happen.) I'm not even a regular reader! ;) Honestly, you're simply happily floating around randomly following links in the blogosphere, you click a link when someone shows a picture of a gorgeous aspiring young actor (evil trick, that), then you see prizes, and donations you can make instead of knitting, which knowing your completion rate - or lack thereof - is always the better option, and before you know it, you're madly clicking everything in sight with a slightly crazed look in your eye.

    And I thought Stephanie was bad with the sockBorging... [vbg]


    All great!

    Beth Ingersoll

    I voted for Ryan, too!! Aren't you proud that I remembered? I am.

    And I'm going today to get my Red Scarf project yarn. I'm doing a ribbed pattern that looks just GORGEOUS on paper! So I can still be included in the drawings, right? Because those are some YUMMY prizes!!


    As you know I'm a huge fan of exclamation points!! They belong in this post most of all!!! Go work, grrl!


    Pointitis, lol!


    I put a little plug up for you on my blog, hope it helps OFA and Ryan! :-)


    Hokay... I donated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yowza! I love seeing the numbers climb! The prize pool is getting to be THE most drool worthy! We've been getting our votes in for Ryan too!


    I love the paying idea. My red scard never got finished last year!



    Oh and I voted for the hunk and made the donation.

    Thanks again!




    Hello again with a question--
    Is there a physical address we can donate to? I am planning on a scarf, and I have even bought my red yarn over a month ago in anticipation. But! I was not left with a warm fuzzy after using Paypal once before and they still spam me.


    martha in mobile

    Oi! Norma! I made a donation and voted for the stud-muffin! Get off my back! (I'm kidding on that last.) Thanks!


    Voting for Ryan? Check
    Making Red Scarf Donation? Check.

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