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    Monday, August 06, 2007


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    Well, if he's all that cute, I'd like a poster sized pic, OK? ;)


    Hi Norma and of this morning, 40 people have donated to the Red Scarf Fund for Foster Youth, totaling over $1,300. We are off to a great start. Thanks for putting this together!


    Is the Orphan Foundation a 501c3 organization? If so, it might be more cost effective to run the donations through Network for Good. You might get Doug to look into that. I think their admin charges are lower. And they send out the tax receipts and everything on behalf of the organization. Folks can even set up a recurring donation through them.


    Is it Vincent???


    I love being queen of my own blog, too. Last week, I married a couple of memes (Oops, did I use that word here? No worries, I've given up tagging!) just because I wanted to.

    I'd love to put your Paypal button on my blog -- send me the code whenever it's convenient.


    Yes, send me the paypal tag, too. Nobody reads my blog as far as I know, but who knows?


    Hi all...To JoVE's question, yes, OFA is a 501c3 organization and contributions are tax-deductible. We do have ongoing linkage to The Network for Good, which features low admin fees as JoVE said. We decided to set up a PayPal account for this campaign, owing to its broader recognition and portability; and the fees are pretty low. But certainly anyone can visit us at if they'd rather contribute through Network for Good rather than PayPal. And thanks for all of your awesome help!


    Love that Doug!

    The button is cute and somewhat annoying. It's male alright. *L*


    Definitely intrigued and I'll be back tomorrow, no worries there, no begging even necessary. Do send me the link to the OFA Paypal Fund and I'll attempt to put it up on my site.


    If the prizes don't get some going, then I don't know what!

    Mary Alice

    I have started my scarf and made a donation today. Hope that is good karma for all concerned. thanks for doing this Norma.

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