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    Tuesday, August 07, 2007


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    As the World Turns is my guilty little secret, you know. Of course I'll vote for Ryan. Too bad I'm on vacation this week or I'd have access to an additional 20 computers.


    "a pitcher of knittin'." Heheh. :-)


    Where on the site do I vote? I can't find it!!


    Vote as many times as I can on 5 computers. Got it.

    (Don't throw things! It's not nice.)

    Sarah Ross

    Heh heh heh. I'm at Texas Tech University. I'm close to three computer labs and a library with hundreds of computers at my fingers, not even counting my own. What are the odds that he'll be very popular with college students in Texas?


    I'll be happy to vote and vote often. I'll ask my daughter- who watches ATWT- to vote as well.


    Haha!! I officially love Paula's humor! Omg!

    And I'm officially in love with Sarah Ross and her cornucopia of computers....


    Of course I'll vote...there are 3 pcs here and you can count on 15 votes for Ryan, I'd do this anyway..for you..but for your undying gratitude? heh...that's amazing! ;^) (hey, whatever it takes to keep food on Abigail's table!)


    I've already voted 5 times on this one and when my home computer is safe (GDITH!) I will vote there, too.


    Hey, when does voting close? I need to know if I need to run home and vote on my computers there too, or if I can wait until the normal end of my workday.
    I wonder if this would be a violation of the use of the All Company email address? ...


    Okay, and another question - is it 6pm EST or EDT? (It's kinda important because I'm in AZ and we don't save daylight - we want it to go away as soon as possible so we can go outside.)


    I'm there!
    Can I come over for salad please? My lettuce looked terrible this year.


    You got it! I don't know what that pitcher of green knittin' is, but it does look very pretty! We'll be voting from the south!


    Done! We've got a couple of computer at home and I'll definitely vote at work and as friends to do so. I love ATWT. I'm just sorry I might not be at home today to catch his episode, darn the luck.


    ok! do you realize how many library branches there are in this city? and i have a puter here and at my house as well! i hear an onslaught!


    i have access to two computers here at work and four at home. (four? wtf am i doing with 4 computers at home?)


    OK. Got my work cut out for me in the next few days... I have an entire campus of computers to work with...


    See? I knew there had to be an advantage to working for a high tech company! Lotsa computers!

    Ryan is about to become a HUGE hit in Silicon Valley. :)


    Will do, The Norma.

    Btw, is this the same Ryan who doesn't want you drunk dialing him? ;^)


    it didn't stop me from voting the sixth time on this computer... I wonder if it just throws them out if you vote too many times and doesn't tell you?? hmmm... computerp imponderables! :)

    Good Luck, Ryan!


    I just gave him [my first] ten votes. Heck, Norma, if you can get people to knit so many red scarves that OFA has to revamp their entire plan to accommodate them, you can get enough votes to put Ryan on ATWT, no problem.




    I'll keep voting, but.. gah, soap operas give me the creeps! Here's hoping he comes to a CSI Near You soon.


    Can you pour me a glass of that wonderful scarf? On the rocks, please!
    Voting for The Mr.


    I voted! Good luck!


    My son was on As The World Turns - so I'll get lots of people to vote for Ryan!!!


    Though I don't have much interest in the show itself, I'm all for helping people get started on good careers. I threw in my five votes, and I'm wishing him the best of luck!


    Of course your blog is KEY! Most of us wouldn't even know about this without you. Oh - and we've got 75 or so computers at my library, although I'm not sure how many I'll actually get to vote from! ;-)


    Done. Got my five in. Now I'll throw in some crossed fingers for good measure.


    Voting... (sent here through Kay) Does he have any cute friends that also love fiber? :) :) :)


    Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!


    Voted on three computers

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