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    Saturday, August 04, 2007


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    Can't help with the widget/counter, but great idea; the scarf can just keep growing -- and growing -- and growing....
    Just donated, I'll email you. And I can offer a prize as well, I'll email that too.
    Happy Saturday!


    IN setting the goal you might want to ask if this will ENDOW a scholarship or just be given out as a scholarship (and thus need to be raised every year). If it is the former, then the impact of the donations is greater but you have to raise a lot more money to give a decent size scholarship. If you assume 5% return, for example (which isn't that conservative in the current climate) then a $10000 endowment only provides a $500 annual scholarship.

    Of course, they could build up an endowment over several years and maybe give a $5000 scholarship and put $5000 into a fund until they had a fund that would provide sufficient returns for an annual scholarship. The need isn't going to go away.

    In any case, you should check, because then you might have a realistic goal. And folks will rise to a generous goal if they think the cause is worth it.


    What happens if I don't want you off my back? I mean, that wasn't even a choice. But it's true. Back clinging encouraged!
    NICE nice prizes. I will be donating like I told you, next week. Donate lots. Donate often.
    Just donate.
    (I cannot make a button to save my soul)


    Ms Norma, is there a cut off date? I ask only so I can maybe plan a number of smaller donations as the time goes by. Around payday for a few months if we go that long, etc. Know what I mean?


    Nope, haven't gotten you off my back, but I will. I'll also be donating a little later on too.


    Heh heh, I love this time of year!


    Ooooh, that beautiful cashmere is making me drool. I love handmaiden stuff, but I'm finding it very difficult getting it here. I love the Lady Godiva too.


    i ordered the superwash roving for my scarf! i'm thinking reversible cables (i watched lily chin on knitty gritty a few days ago, lol)

    that ought to be pretty unisex!

    and i'll post this over @ my work blog, too. can i swipe an image or 2?


    I don't have the chops to make a custom counter, but I have used with great success in the past.

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