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    Saturday, July 21, 2007


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    Wait, wait, let me think . . . whatever could you mean???


    Fantastic. Look forward to hearing more. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm about this project -- you motivate so many of us.


    How freakin' cool is that gonna be???


    $o. $eem$ like I $ee what you are getting at.



    Plus, I'm having a contest to benefit my other pet charity.


    All this and a BIRTHDAY too!! Happy birthday Hunny!!


    Thank you , thank you, thank you for linking to the video at the OFA site. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I am already collecting items for my care packages!! I can't wait to hear about your project. I wonder what it'$ about.


    Rock on, Norma! Got my yarn, got my needle$, ready to go.


    Wow, girlfriend, you are amazing! I think I can handle doing $ome helping. I'm a little better with $ome type$ of help than other$. ;)

    I also note you are trying to be clever and fool us by posting before Monday. HA! Your readers are sooooo clever that we caught you.


    Yah Norma! I'm so excited to get started.


    Hmmm, bet I have red yarn in my stash. (Maybe not machine washable, though.) Let's consult the Table of SABLE: Well, there's some soy silk - eh, maybe not. And 738 yards of slubby cotton - how do you feel about a cotton scarf? Oh, here's 1183 yards of dark red wool/alpaca! Now we're talking! Hey, there's 600 yards of red Lamb's Pride Superwash - that's a definite yes! And 420 yards of a soft wool blend from WEBS' Valley Yarns! And 1278 yards of red Kona Bay - a good, basic wool! And, um, the table notes there are about 236 (!) quarts of left-overs, onesies, random balls - I bet a good chunk of that is red.

    OK, I've got yarn. all right. When's that deadline? [eyes get big] That soon?! I'll try, I'll try, but I must warn you: I'm knitting for three babies with an August deadline - you may only get one scarf from me this year.

    Two, if I'd shut up and start knitting...


    great posting and good for you -----i am ready i have one really
    good looking nubby soft deep grey with soft color nubs thrugh out
    really good looking and wraps and drapes so well i want one
    here we go knitters success is a real high for every one


    I think it's fabulous that you are doing something new with this project. I'm ready for anything! Go, Norma.


    It's crazy amazing and wonderful where blogging has taken us. Look at you go!

    Dave Daniels

    Wow, that's all so cool.
    And that sweater flattering to and perky physique. Bwahahahahaha.


    Yay! I already have one ready and a second on the needles!! WooHoo!! xoxox


    i'm going to either hunt up, or have a dyeing friend dye some superwash roving for me, and i'm going to handspin AND knit the scarf. how's that for quality, lol?


    Hmmm... $ponser a $cholarship.... One wonders what a goal might be (and how quickly we all might blow right thru it...) Have 2 scarves done and a third on the needles. Thanks, Norma, for helping us contribute to these wonderful kids!


    Good cause....check
    Looks like I'm ready to rock!


    I know what I'm taking to knit while I'm in the hospital ...


    Blessings on you, Norma. Time to dig out the superwash! Maybe you could get Dave to dye some shaded reds especially for the red-scarf project. Bet you could even talk him into donating a few cents from every skein sold . . .


    I am $o proud of you! Thi$ is all $o great! How exciting! And fantabulous~ buy some red...


    I was just thinking about Red Scarf this morning. "I'm so far behind it's not even funny," I was thinking. And, see, I was right!


    I'll be $o ready! Bring it Norma!


    I can't WAIT to hear what you have in store.


    Thank you, thank you, thank you Norma. It's a great privilege to be able to share with you in this venture.


    I'm $o ready and $o happy. The two $carve$ I forgot to mail last year are ready to go. And proceed$ from the next round of $ta$h $ale$ are earmarked for the next project.

    And I plan to set aside an afternoon or two to head out to Sterling to help pack care packages this fall.

    Beth S.

    Fabulous news! :-) Though it's odd to see you taking notes with a pen... ;-)


    Woo Hoo!

    robin smith

    What a way for me and our spinning group to start the New Year!!!!!!!! Thank you for your dedication to these children. It is a true blessing for everyone. Hope to see you at NH sheep and Wool Festival.

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