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    Sunday, February 11, 2007


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    So cute!


    I love it! So adorable. I assume that just "fudge" was an unintended pun. Or is it a chocolate cupcake?


    Mmmm...fudge! :D
    Great hat, Nor! Aren't you all clever?
    Speaking of cupcakes, I am making a turkey barley soup!
    (I know. It has nothing to do with cupcakes. I was just wondering if you'd notice! :)


    I love it -- clever hat, lady! I'm also imagining a *plateful* of them done in's signature pinks and yellows. With sprinkles.


    Hmm, I am now totally craving a cupcake! Cute, cute hat!


    Very nice! Mmm cupcakes and fudge. That would make great party favors for a kid's birthday party.


    I'm on clear liquids today in preparation for a test tomorrow. I'm really glad this is not a real cupcake or I'd be licking the monitor.


    I love it!!!
    And funny, I'm making eatble cup cakes today. (Well, carrot cake put in cup cake tins; luckily the kids still think they are cupcakes!!!!)


    That hat is adorable! And I love the colors you've chosen. I may need to make up a batch of those myself. Thanks for the "recipe". =)


    Now that's a cute hat!! I'm going to try it, too.


    I know I sent some pale blue Berger du Nord but I'm not slighted. Looks like a great hat and I knew you'd do something great with stuff I wasn't using. You got a use for a bunch of Elann Highland Wool?


    Great hat! It is much like what I have been calling my "yurt" hats (these have an i cord at the top, otherwise are pretty similar, unless I do it w/o the ribbing). I also have what I sometimes call a pin head, maybe that's why I gravitate to this hat shape.


    It was inevitable, wasn't it?! (ha ... ok, so I couldn't resist). What a great hat! Thanks for the "recipe", Norma.


    Mmm, yum! I have to get started on my Dulaan knits soon. It'll make a nice change from fun fur.


    I really like that! I have plenty of bulky to use up for it too! Really cute!


    Oh I LOVE it!!! That yarn brings back memories. The first and last time I dyed with Kool Aid! But it did smell good. :)

    Teresa  Thorne Hunter

    Well, whatever the Dulaan kids relate them to, you can be pretty sure it won't be cupcakes. Really cute, though, and it looks really warm.


    Absolutely adorable! I may just have to make something like that.


    Cute AND it looks obscenely warm. Two very good things. :)

    hPNY Knits


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