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    Monday, January 22, 2007


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    That sounds like a lovely dinner. Purists might also point out that brown is not white. That being said, I do prefer brown over white rice.

    Melissa H.

    Sounds like a great dinner. Congrats on your career "change". It sounds very fun, of course I am a chemist who took advanced biology classes as electives, so I may have a skewed sense of fun :)


    Imagine a white party in June - all the guests dressed in white in a yard planted with white annuals. Then add white wine (chilled in no less than an old white cast iron clawfoot bathtub filled with ice, white cheeses and beautiful white bagettes with the crackers, white dips with pale green to white vegetables, devilled eggs all that kind of stuff and finished off with a fabulous dessert table covered in white frosted cakes, lemon cupcakes, cool green grapes...oh and throw in dozens of white candles scattered around the place and white mini christmas lights in the hedge!

    My sister in law had the party years ago in the back of her grey and white victorian house and it was gorgeous! Thanks for taking me back to those memories!


    Hahaha, I had scalloped potatoes last night -- with cauliflower and milk. Great minds and all that...


    Food description, however, is mouthwatering. And I don't like turnips or parsnips.


    I think that sounds wonderful. And I agree that food pictures are really tough.


    That sounds delicious.

    Back when I was working, watching the food stylists ply their craft was CRAZY. Remind me to tell you someday about the time we had to ship ribs from Chicago to Texas because the clients (who were in Chicago) had to see and approve them before they could be used in the commercial.


    I'll bring the black plates!!


    sounds very tasty!

    my son had a question, and you seemed to be the most qualified to answer it:

    what do you call someone who lives in vermont?

    he voted for vermontonian, and i thought vermontite. what do you think?


    It's the pinot.


    Oohh, I do love chintzware. Swoon...


    Not being a cook, an all white meal never occurred to me. Options I have considered has been a dinner party entirely by candlelight, and a completely silent dinner for two.

    Wanna borrow my black wine glasses?


    What if you save the chevre for the cheese course, and have shredded white carrots (tossed with olive oil and lemon juice) for the salad? Unless your farmers' market has the Siberian white tomato...

    My red scarf is sitting in the corner, thinking about what it's done. Which may or may not have involved superwash wool, a plan to weave in the ends so they would never ever dangle free, and a selvedge that got accidentally snipped. Ugg.




    Ya know, the Target has black plates. The boy got some and I had to be supportive. o.0

    Dinner sounds lovely.


    Sounds yummy. Will have to give it a go come winter. I can think of lot's of yummy "white" desserts. An Aussie favourite is pavlova.

    The Mysterious K

    Let's just say that when the food stylist gets done with the food in the shot, you wouldn't want to eat it. ;-) TMK


    YOUR white meal sounds good...the white meals of my childhood, not so much...bland overcooked pork chop, potatoes, cauliflower. I have been roasting root type veggies, but I must say I love beets...their taste and color, with parsnips, carrots, onions, garlic, a few potatoes. I put some parsnips in recently, I can take them or leave them. I do mine in cast iron skillet with olive oil and thyme leaf (rosemary if I had it). The thing that makes this REALLY good is putting some gorgonzola on it, or chevre. And, of course, some wine!


    I meant I tried turnips recently...


    Small bridal shower? Are you holding out on us? ;-) Sounds like a yummy meal- until you mentioned whitefish.

    Anne K.

    Oooo, wow -- tres chic on the all-white meal! It's quite cool that you planned it that way and it sounds so elegant!!

    I seldom cook, but had some girlfriends over for a knitting lunch over the holidays. Much to my dismay, I realized that everything I'd made was beige or brown. My plates were also beige. Now, how the hell did THAT happen?! Fortunately, I also had plenty of red wine on hand...


    I can't stop giggling about PARNIPS! I know. Small minds and such. Whatev.
    Isn't CHINTZware a funny name for a designer to choose? I just wonder how the word Chintz became the insulting word CHINTZY. Just wonderin'.
    Ruminating and such.
    Pass the white!


    I think any solid colored plate would do. I used to have royal blue ones that made food look terrific! (I didn't think I was cool enough for black ones-that was a little too stringent for me.)


    Norma, that sounds like so much fun...the white meal. Now you've got me thinking about all kinds of "colored" meals. My kids are going to love this.

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