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    Monday, January 29, 2007


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    Thank you for sharing this with us----what wonderful girls! It does make you feel good, doesn't it? :)


    Fun Fur?! FFS!

    Thank you so much, The Norma, for sharing your day with us. I'm so glad that you went to that shoot and got to meet those inspiring young ladies. It's a wonderful reminder of how we can touch people by simply doing what we do. And how cool that you got to meet my first cabling project. :D

    Seriously... fun fur? o.0


    Oh dear, I seem to have something in my eye too...


    Wow. I think I have to go lie down now...


    Something's in my eye... and a frog's in my throat. Such a great thing you've done. I was a little late learning about this one, but I'll be checking back to see if it's going to be continued. Kudos for making this happen.


    Thank you for sharing this Norma. It warms my heart to know the youth of America isn't all "scary" and that despite adversity the OFA students are so grounded. This charity so resonates for me Norma, thank you for bringing to my attention last year...and here's to many more scarves to come!

    Ann in Vermont

    Wow. I just whipped another one up this weekend-is it too late to send it off this morning? I hope not. They sound so deserving and grateful!


    How neat! My contribution is going into the mail . . .


    You did a wonderful job describing the day. I feel like I was right there with you guys. What a blessing this program is.


    Yeah, I got something in my eye here as well. Sheesh. Thanks for the great post, Norma. You've really brought our work home.

    Teresa C

    My kids just don't get how good they have it. Thanks for sharing.


    It does blur the vision a bit, doesn't it? I too will be sending mine (mine no longer, mwahaha!) this morning.

    What is it with Fun Fur? Sigh... off to knit chemo caps now.

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    yeah-what Norma said!

    Teresa C

    Hey-Any chance you know what yarn was used for the pink scarf with the hearts?


    A million and a half mitzvah points for you!


    I happen to like all of the scaves, but then again, i'm just a crazy knitter. The soft acrylic just has to be made of Caron Simply Soft, yes??

    I need to get in on knitting for this project!

    Oh, and...just so you know, Cookie made me come check out your post. ;)


    kelli Ferrigan

    thank you, norma, for sharing this with us-- it's like getting a big hug on the internet.


    Norma, you are just a conduit for blessings!!


    Stupid eye specks are contagious. I should know better than to read these things at work, and Gale's pictures are fantastic. I want to hug those girls.


    Thank you for giving your time, Norma, and for sharing this with us. I am at a loss for words – well, other than “awesome.” Wait – I mean, “AWESOME!”


    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I'm happy to say that I finally finished my scarf for this year and I posted it today. I'll start planning the one for next year right away to avoid the last minute push.

    mary lou

    Norma THANK YOU for sharing this, and for doing such much on this project. A few tears on the keyboard this morning. Now I wish I had made a few fun fur scarves, too!


    Very nice! Fun fur?

    Lee Ann

    You're awesome, Norma!


    Thank you for posting about the trip and meeting some of the girls. I, too, have a speck of something in my eye! I am just thankful that I could help with making three scarves this year...Sometimes we think we don't have it as great as we should...then we look around and see that there are many less fortunate or having to struggle a lot more than we do...I truly am grateful for what I have and for what I am able to do for others.


    I'm crying. CRYING! In a good way. I love this whole thing. I do. How else can we give warmth to wonderful young people? warm necks: Warm hearts.


    I'm the scholarship director at OFA and we cannot thank you enough for the enthusiasm with which you are embracing our mission of care, comfort and support to America's foster youth in colleges and vocational programs across the country. We are overwhelmed and have that drippy stuff in our own eyes as scarves come in by the hundreds from all across the country and the world. Each one is a work of art and each one will be treasured by its recipient. Thank you all very much!


    O.M.G! That's my scarf! "Besotted," which the sweet young lady in blue is wearing. I am stunned. And thrilled and pleased and very confused about the number of dust storms here in my house. I knit for 'charity' because a) knitting is a passion and b)I am so fortunate that I can. But 'charity' is nameless, faceless. And then I see the pictures and hear the stories of beautiful, strong, determined ladies and am overwhelmed by the appreciation and gratitude for something as simple as a scarf. Charity now has a face. And I pledge, be the good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, to wrap a dozen of these wonderful necks and faces in warm scarves next February. One a month: starting right now.
    Norma, thank you for spearheading this wonderful project.


    My husband is reading over my shoulder and says,"wow". I agree.


    You girls are doing a wonderful job there.


    Very heartwarming to learn so much more about these students... I just wish everyone in foster care had gotten the same help. I work with young adults on the other end of the spectrum, so can really admire these lovely girls you spent the day with.


    What a lovely special wonderful day you had. Nice that your D could share in it. And even nicer you got to meet those 2 obviously nifty young women!

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