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    Wednesday, November 29, 2006


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    That's some serious charity knitting. Seriously. =)


    What color was that nasty yarn because I have most of a skein over here and it needs to go away.

    That yarn is 15% alpaca and it's all those nasty white hairs. KnittyOtter looked at the camera sock I made out of that stuff in my car and pulled some of those hairs off it. That was over a month ago and I'm still finding those hairs!

    Nasty bad yarn.

    Wicked cool knitting, Norma!


    OK, OK! Over winter break there will be red yarn on my needles--I promise! {slinks back under rock guiltily} (Gorgeous scarf, as ever, dear!)


    Thanks for the warning on Rumors...I kept fondling it in the store, but I hadn't actually bought any yet. It seems so innocent in the skein.


    If it was shedding out the alpaca hairs that badly, I'm thinking they may be guard hairs, so it may actually be a good thing for the feel of the yarn, as the guard hairs cause the prickle effect on tender skin. Still, you're not making it sound terribly appealing.


    Love the multi-directional scarf. Not that I would ever put myself through that. But I love it.


    My head is spinning with so much wonderful stuff in your entry. I can't narrow it down. I can't. It's too early.
    So, I'll say this. McSteamy is now you. Not in a, you know, sexual way, but in a WOW YOU ROCK kind of way.
    So, perhaps that makes you more of a McRock. Yes. That's it.
    Now? I must get ready for work, while still high on your wonderful McRocky knitting.


    Great charity knits! Love the multidirectional scarf!


    The multi-directional scarf is gorgeous, but the pompom hat wins, hands down. It's not just adorable, it's yummy.

    You're filling up your Dulaan box super-fast... terrific! My box is looking pretty empty in comparison. Orphans need warmin' - time's a-wastin'! I think I'll go cast on something else... the heck with the Christmas knitting. ;-)


    Busy, busy, busy! And fast, too. LOVE the charity knitting post, babe.

    Ann in Vermont

    In your face for sure! LOL
    Multi scarf is beautiful. And yes I agree with giving Abigal the scarf-what a good MOM! Thanks for the words of kindness- and no she( my daughter) "does not have a problem!" :(


    Holy crap. So, feeling a little less pensive?

    Your latest multi-directional scarf is wonderful -- I just love it! And love that blogger research!

    Dave Daniels

    Norma, that is one long-assed post. It rivals Margene for L-O-N-G! I did the first part, I'll be back later to finish up. The first part made me want to vote for you, SO inspirational.


    You sound a lot more chipper with this post. You did a lot of knitting over the holiday. I was also charity knitting. Wristers go fast, and like potato chips you can just do one.
    I need to post pics. I hope to get to it today, I am trying to finish some gloves.


    Aargh! I just bought two skeins of that Paton's Rumor (same color, too, I think). Oh, well, I've been meaning to try a lengthwise garter stitch scarf, so maybe it will work out. I have been reading you forever, commenting rarely, but your earlier multi-directional scarf inspired me and I made one (that came out great--thanks!) and I am really really enjoying the scarves. And the writing. Thanks.


    oohhh weee you've been knitting up a storm!!!! Love the multidirectional!


    Gray's must have lifted your spirits;-) Go Norma!


    WOW. That's amazing productivity. I've got about two inches to go on my poor lonely red scarf... off I go...


    You can manage to get knitting done during Grey's? I start out with the best intentions but usually end up slack-handed (and slack-jawed, given the enormous amount of man-candy floating around) and get nothing done.

    Fabulous knitting. Where can one obtain the pattern for that lovely multi-directional scarf?

    Rachel H

    That whole blowing up the research with knitblogs thing almost makes me want to blog so I can do it too. Almost.

    Way to rock the charity knitting, darlin'. It's really wonderful that you do it, and talk about it, and inspire others to similar action. You know that, right? *hug*


    I might just have to blog today. Daym you Norma, for focing me out of my exile.

    Beautiful FO's!


    Nice Knits Norma! Even if they are "boring charity knits" ;-)


    Oh thank God! Some charity knits at last. I was starting to have withdrawal pains. Good work, Norma! You ROCK!


    The multidirectional scarf is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Friends of mine have been trying to get me to watch Grey's and I am terrified to start - I get sucked in much too easily!


    Oooh Norma, that multidirectional scarf is wonderful! I thought I didn't like it in the first picture, but I was wrong. Love it.
    Keep with the charity knitting and the pictures. I'm inspired! I wish I knit that fast. I guess I'll have to start watching Grey's.


    Hey thanks for messing with the researchers with me.

    That MDS is stunning. Some RSP recipient will be very lucky.

    Teri P

    Wow. I'm scintillated. Seriously Norma, you're a wonder!


    I was wondering how that Rumor turned out for you. That stuff is awful. It's still all over my purse and I only held it for a minute in Cookie's Car. *L*

    Don't feel bad about Greys. Everyone has a vice. I'm all in for Boston Legal right now. ;^)


    You got a ton done :). I love the scarf you gave Abigail...very pretty.


    Great scarf! Not boring at all!
    I love that you rate knitting patterns by how many Grey's episodes they take to knit. Maybe the knitting mags should start doing that instead of a difficulty rating system.
    And that justfuckinggoogleit thing once again made me nearly spew coffee over my keyboard.


    Thanks for the heads-up on the yarn and a peek at all your knitting! Looks like us knitters are gonna give the researchers something to stop scatching their heads about!


    But, Norma --
    I thought you didn't do memes?


    I just received some striped yarn as a gift and that multidirectional scarf looks like the perfect pattern for it.

    I noticed that many of your scarves are Red. Red is my absolute favorite color.


    That has got to be the best looking MDS ever. And to think you weren't going to show us!
    That mistake you say you made 17 times knitting off from the wrong end of the row? Well, I did that only once but it happened to be exactly half way through the scarf. This made the scarf v-shaped so it sits around the neck very nicely. I actually do this on purpose now.
    Also, your garter stitch edging is the perfect touch. You are such an inspiration.


    Ok your first mistake was trying to knit during Grey's. I've tried, but most of the time it sits in my lap while I am watching intently at the screen. I even joined a Grey's KAL and STILL get nothing done!!! Great scarves and great gallery!!! I plan on starting my red scarf soon.

    Lee Ann

    I love that multidirectional scarf. I covet it, even. Brilliant move to put the borders on the ends.


    i came, i saw, i ogled charity knits, and i PINGED! it's on my blog. i read somewhere that there were 900 knit blogs. boy, they don't know anything, do they? i bet i could find 3 times that on blogger alone!

    Ann in Vermont

    Okay so I did not read the NON Knitters note when I read this the other day. Almost pissed myself thinking it meant fuck offs!! Oops did I use the f-bomb! :)
    XMas lights are finally up let the xmas knitting craze begin!!!! Love the one episode hat-what pattern is it? Share?
    Take it easy or just take it, Norma!
    Enjoy this wacky weather!


    That's not an unfinished hat - it's a completed headband, or neckwarmer!

    kelli ann

    that multi-directional scarf is sooooo dreamy. lovely!!!

    Beth S.

    That multidirectional scarf (I almost wrote "multidimensional", hee!) is one of the prettiest exemplars of the design that I have ever seen. I really like the plain bands at the edges--it gives it a very neat, finished look.


    Everything looks great, Norma. I just finished my first cable project ever. It looks great. You would be so proud. :-)

    I'm glad to hear that you have caught the Grey's itch, too. I really enjoy that show, as well.

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