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    Thursday, October 19, 2006


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    If it didn't seem completely inappropriate to suggest that you were planning to go fishing, I'd say you were out looking for worms for bait. But this is totally the wrong time of year and the wrong gals. Beats me.


    Picking broccoli... in the dark... for your Fresh Broccoli Saute ala Martha F*ucking S*tewart.. sort of.


    Looking for the scoop of ice cream?


    Since FRESH broccoli saute would be difficult to conjure without FRESH broccoli, I'd say you were picking the freshest bunch - after sunset, hence needing that giant Maglite to find the freshest broccoli.

    Lee Ann

    If you knit with that broccoli, I'm sending the men in white coats after you, honeypie...

    If you spin it into yarn I'm SO not coming over for dinner, ever.


    first you took a photo of Margene's sock in progress on the broccoli during the day. after dinner, when she sat down to work on it, she realised a DPN is missing. oh, no. time to dig through the garden to find it. hope you did.


    Umm, picking broccoli of course. Margene and I do that all the time.


    looking for margene's ring? digging sweet potatoes? i dunno.

    i see you got the pear butter. have you tried it yet, or are you being greedy, and waiting for margene to leave?


    Ahh - slug hunting! My mum does that!


    Well I know when La comes to visit me we spend a lot of time in the bushes picking up broken glass while nursing hangovers. Somehow, I doubt that's it in this case. Late night photo shoot of Koigu posed as fish in kelp bed?


    Picking cabbage looper worms. The little buggers can really mess up broccoli. Happy hunting!


    Picking the broccoli for dinner. Yum.

    I wish I had space for a garden.


    Picking broccoli in the dark, of course. Everyone beat me to it, of course.

    I'll bet I could out-anti-Martha you any day -- I have done all those things and more.


    Looking for another little one in the Cabbage Patch? Something you want to tell us?? LOL

    Emily G

    You weren't kidding about the fresh broccoli saute. Does it have greater nutritional value if picked by moonlight, err, umm, maglight?

    Dave Daniels

    Ha ha ha ha, that's a great photo of the two of you.
    Tell Margene if she needs a REAL meal to stop on by before heading home to the airport. We actually serve meat 'n' 'taters down this way.
    I've very surprised you actually picked the ice cream up. I would have thought you'd have given her a spoon and told her to sit on the floor. Now that's the Martha F*cking Stewart we all know and adore.


    I wish I was there, too! It sounds (and looks!) like you're both having a great time.

    You wouldn't be hunting for the Great, Broccoli...would you?


    Did Margene give you the jam I sent with her or is she keeping it for herself? and don't tell Margene, but Stephanie knows that Margene has jam for her and she's planning to pounce. :D


    Picking broccoli in the middle of the night? Looking for the broccoli fairy? Trying to figure out if you can spin broccoli?


    You were probably giving her a tour of the veggie garden and picked the last of the broccoli after dark for dinner. Hi Margene!


    You DO sound like a charming hostess ;) But at least you were willing to publish the photo proving how late dinner really was! Martha S. would NEVER do that.


    Looks like a midnight broccoli raid. You two done Rowan proud.


    Picking broccoli by flashlight, of course. How else do you get really fresh ones?

    I would have let young Vincent have the ice cream, but I'm lazy that way.


    Picking broccoli, of course. You guys look great in your matching but not matching chamomiles! See you both TOMORROW.


    "...last we heard from our intrepid hunters they were looking for the extremely rare night blooming Brassica Oleracea. Feared by children and found in only in the northeastern United States and grocery stores everywhere, this delicious plant must only be picked at the height of freshness. Our expert hunters determined (by flashlight no less) that this specimen alone was the worthy choice."

    Either that or you were looking for a good spot to hide the bodies of people who got in your way at Rhinebeck.


    Either picking broccoli or trying to warm it up so the frost doesn't kill it.
    Or trying to figure out if you can spin the fibers to make broccoli yarn.
    Tell me, did you swirl your fingers around in the floored ice cream to make an attractive design? M-F-S indeed.
    (so jealous)

    Diane E.

    Umm, collecting brocolli worms for tomorrows breakfast?
    Hope to meet you both Sat.!


    you are getting to the psilocybin mushrooms you have growing underneath the broccoli.
    i know you martha f*ucking s*tewart types. you always got the goods.

    see you this weekend, prehaps.
    i've dyded my hair (tame shades) so, i won't be that easy to avoid spot.


    Well picking broccoli would be way too obvious. I say you have a secret hidden maryjane plant there..... lol


    You're trying to make up for the ice cream on the floor incident by providing the freshest possible broccoli for the breakfast omelet. Had you not dropped the ice cream, breakfast was going to be a bowl of cereal.


    That broccoli you guys are picking sure looks good. The menu is making me hungry. I need to eat something or go back to bed. Since it's 1:49 pm, I suppose I ought to stay awake. Kashi granola bar, here I come.


    Well, first I thought it was something to do with wine (that flashlight did look sort of bottle-ish in the small image)but then I saw the broccoli. But, here's one: look at the photo of you and Margene and then look over at your Weather Pixie. And then look at the picture of Margene...holy cow! Did she pose for that, or what? See you Saturday. I do have wine. And w....., um, something else.


    I vote for Wen's version! Doin' the Rhinebeck countdown. (The 10 hour drive better be worth it!)

    Teri P

    Are you looking for the wee little people that live under broccoli plants?


    That is a great picture of the both of you with the matching sweaters!


    Looking for slugs to make exotic jam?


    Picking up dog poop? (in a plastic bag)


    Given the menu, I wish I were there too! Yum! As for what you are doing: 1) picking broccoli; or 2) looking for slugs; or 3) looking for a dropped stitch marker.


    Are y'all picking broccoli in the dark to save it from frost? Or looking for something Vincent picked up, ran away with and ditched in the broccoli plants in an effort to hide his crime?


    Aww, you both look great! Wish I could be there with my blue Chamomile to join in on the primary colored fun--have a great weekend! :) :) :)


    You're picking broccoli although it looks like your setting broccoli aflame which would be far more interesting...;)


    Molesting a vegetable.

    Kim P

    Broccoli picking or covering it with plastic to protect from frost. Very f-ing martha. You are on my bingo card. I don't have a blog so I am just a playa!


    Picking broccoli? I love the idea of growing broccoli since it's my family's favorite veggie.

    You look so cue in your coordinated sweaters. Have fun!


    gathering herbs for a tincture?


    I was hoping that you were smooching Harold's twin. For the life of me, I can't remember either of our gnome's gnames.
    Broccoli for your dinner.
    I see you are managing to smile without me. That's good.


    By the look of your fingers, I'd say you were SMOKING broccoli in the dark of night!

    Rachel H

    It's either something I would never do, or something I'd rather not know about. Either way, see you tomorrow!


    Norma did you take Margene snipe hunting?


    Learning to spin broccoli leaves?

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