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    Sunday, October 22, 2006


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    It was so great meeting you on Saturday, Norma. And yes . . . my throat is still cranky, too (grin). The driving weather on Friday was awful, but Saturday was perfect!


    Is your dog there? What about the hubby? If they are, then I think you're home. If not, I've got no clue.

    Can't wait to hear about the weekend!


    Glad that you are home safe and sounds. Wonderful, as always, to see you :-)


    Ahh, my lovely and adorable Norma :) was sooo awesome meeting you. You are the sweetest!! I love ya!!!


    Sounds about par for the course of VT roads - when you come out here, we'll see if we can get you lost in a blizzard in Parley's Canyon, just to return the favor. :)

    denny  Mcmillan

    Us gals from T.O. just got home too.
    Long drive,left at 2 home at 11. Worth it, hell yes that some bit of wool at the Rhinebeck.


    Soooo jealous! I can't wait to see pictures and commentary and get to drool over all the cool stuff and people and togetherness :-)


    That's a great picture of Margene! A hoarse voice generally indicates a damn good time which is great! Can't wait to get the unadulterated version....


    I used to race there!


    funny funny!
    we took some totally diffrent route on the way home managed to get lost!
    well, as lost as you can get. which isn't very.


    I had a GPS in a rental car once. It got confused whenever I actually needed it, so I decided to stick to my tried-and-true obsessive map-reading I-hope-this-is-right technique.

    Snow?? I am so not ready.

    It was great to meet you and your beautiful green sweater!


    My FIL sent me on a trek to HELL trying to get to the Fold one year. He had set his (just like yours) on "avoid toll roads". And it did. It was HORRIBLE. I call mine "Ronnie". For an ex president with no memory. Yeah.

    Wish we had had more time....


    I hate the GPS in my husbands car, it never works when its cloudy or in the mountains, which is when I usually need it, then it switches on as I turn into my street and says " You have arrived" needless to say I have been known to shout obscenities right back at him!


    Far too brief seeing you dear...but good nonetheless!!


    I found Margene a few times, but never even caught sight of you. Damn! Glad you survived the travel and had fun.


    I have a bit of a sore throat too. but it's totally worth it!


    My throat is scratchy too! LAUGHING is what did it! So glad to hang with you - but as usual - not enough and too short.


    Good to see you Saturday (loved the green sweater!)however briefly. I never even caught a glimpse of the elusive Cassie, but saw just about everyone else I wanted to see. BTW..we have a Magellan and complain because it's too specific and accurate. We usually use "fastest time" option.


    I have a scratchy throat too, and I was only there one day! But what a great day it was - Blogger Bingo was a riot and I finally got to meet you in person after all these months and months of emails and blog stalking.

    I am off to work on a blog entry. I can't believe you had the energy to post already!


    Sounds like a great adventure! What a pretty picture of Margene :)


    You never heard of Lake Hortonia? Geez Norma, you need to get off that Island more often.


    Did I meet you there????
    I miss you already. I rolled over in bed and thought it was YOU snoring. It was Andy. oops.


    Maps. Printed on paper. Current, up to date maps.Good enough for the Army, good enough for me. I don't trustt anything that needs to be plugged in. We tried using GPS in Los Angeles once, and wound up at the gates of a bombing range. "Are you sure this is the happiest place on earth?"


    Wonderful pictures.................I knew that you and Margene would have a wonderful time. Gorgeous picture of her, BTW!


    It was wonderful meeting you on Saturday! Hope your throat feels better!

    Lee Ann

    I didn't get to see you NEARLY enough, sweetie...and had to remove myself and family from the blogger meetup halfway through because we were having a blood sugar the time we got back from the freaking food line, no one was left. Boo.

    Cate's angling for me to come to Cummington and bring family. And Husband wants to go back to Rhinebeck next year. I can hardly believe it. He had a blast. And if he's not careful, Dave of the kilt hose is going to have to teach him to knit.


    It was great to meet you on Saturday - glad you made it home! :o)


    Glad you made home safe and (mostly) sound. Rest up, force fluids, and regale the unlucky bunch who didn't get to go with stories of your adventures.


    How come you managed to Margene to sit so that the paint on the rock looks like you were placing rabbit ears above her head again? Did you do that on purpose?


    Time for a bit of rest and honey, lemon and whisky, I'd say! Glad you had such a great time and the road shots were entertaining, but the one of Margene is terrific.


    Hi Norma! So nice to see you again! I can't get the green from your sweater out of my head, I love it!


    Very happy to have met you--sorry it was so brief! It might have been longer had I not been a dork... (The cats are fine. I gave them some treats and they forgave me for leaving them very quickly.)

    Steph VW

    NORMA!!!!! During our HONEYMOON my hubby and I spent a rainy night at a state-run campground in Lake George, NY. We arrived in the drizzle, set up our tent, blew up the air-mattress and settled in for the night. The air mattress developed a hole and my husband, who didn't want to sleep on the ground, kept sitting up to use the air pump, which made a dreadful screeching noise. I'm sure other people at the campground thought we were strangling a cat in our tent. And then, then the fireworks started, making us believe we were in the midst of a thunder storm. Ahhhh... good times.


    Aww what a beautiful picture of Margene. I'm so glad to hear of the fun time you all had together and look forward to reading the stories on everyone else's blogs too! So I guess it wasn't tank top weather this year huh? :)


    You make me look so good;-)
    It was fun and fabulous to be with you and I'm very thankful we had two days before to hang together. We both enjoyed VT and the backroads are the best way to go and see the 'real' VT.
    I love you and miss you and wish we were not so many miles a part! You are better and more fun than MFS any day;-)


    You lucky chicks!!!!!

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