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    Friday, September 29, 2006


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    Well, as long as you knit two in penance, history will probably be charitable. If I happen to see you wearing it, though, I'll probably say something like, "So is that the scarf you stole from some poor orphan?" :-D


    Some things are meant to become a part of someone else's life. Some things are meant to stay with us. And no doubt there is much red yarn in your stash yearning to be knit.

    And, I just have to say, I've been chuckling the last 5 minutes over the idea of you apologizing for looking too happy in a picture. Ain't no crime, there, girl. Even if you are denying some orphan the pleasure of that scarf ;-)


    Oh yeah... going to hell. You have the nerve to be happy while wearing something you dyed and knit?


    PS... I hate you for having such great skin.


    Oh, you're going to the special hell.

    But heck what's an eternity in hell vs. that beautiful scarf. ;)


    You look cute as hell in that.


    Who is going to judge you ? It's a scarf ! That happens to look lovely on you. You've made so many things for other people,and will make a red scarf for your chosen charity. Only a churlish person would begrudge such happiness and warmth.
    Wear it well !

    You really do look lovely in the second photo.



    You look like a movie star! You know what they say: "It is better to look good than to do good." (Or maybe just Paris Hilton said that.) You're forgiven.


    You'll make up for it in no time, with an equally beautiful scarf (or two) that doesn't have your name on it. We must listen to the whispering yarn...


    Norma, you look gorgeous!


    Wonderful pics! You look fantastic, and the scarf looks like it wants to stay with you.

    Dave Daniels

    Well, if you do go to hell, you'll have the nicest complexion of anyone there!


    Fuck history. You done plenty good already and will do plenty more I'm sure. It made my morning to see you looking so happy.

    denny  Mcmillan

    Yes you are going to hell, but thats where I'm throwing my big after party(after- life).
    So you'll not want to miss that, and were the red scarf, you'll fit right hell.

    I'll put you on the list.


    I wore Chamomile yesterday, too! The red scarf is perfect with your color of Cham! You've done so much for others that you deserve a little me, me, me knitting;-)


    I firmly believe that sometimes, yarn has a mind and a destiny of its own. (Sort of like Harry Potter--the yarn chooses the wearer.) It looks good,you look fabulous, there will be other scarves for the orphans.


    Wow, I can't blame you, it looks wonderful on you! Love the photo shoot too! You look beautiful ;)


    You look damn good in red and now I am insanely jealous that you can wear fall colors so perfectly!


    Terrific pics, Norma! Must be nice to be so photogenic. GREAT SMILE!!!

    Have a wonderful Friday.


    I read your post title and just giggled. Why? Cause history woulndn't dare! One of the things we love about you.


    I see Sandy hasn't beaten me to it so allow me to say, Norma, you are so fucking hot. I can't believe how fabulous you look in those photos. Hot, girlfriend. So hot!


    What jury would convict you? Love it.


    Norma, if you, of all people, get judged badly for keeping that scarf, heaven help the rest of us! You are a good person with a good heart and you deserve to have something lovely stay with you. The Red Scarf Project doesn't mean that you can't keep something red for yourself.....After all, you are the inspiration for a lot of red scarves that are complete or on the needles (including mine!)


    I think you're safe. You will knit more as you said you would, because you said you would and since it's you and not some fakey person it should be okay. *L* (it's too early to think clearly...)

    That scarf looks GREAT with your sweater. :D

    I'm about a bit more than halfway done with my first red scarf. This will be my first Charity knit item. It's pretty special more so for reasons I won't mention at this time. ;^)

    Bookish Wendy

    I love the colors in the pictures. We're barely starting to change down there. Hopefully I can head up to catch the action before it all disappears!


    LOL LOL LOL! You can redeem yourself by knitting another one to give away! It does look great on you! :-)


    given the fact that you've (a) done more charity knitting than anyone i know, and (b) inspired countless friends/acquaintances/readers to knit for charities, I think you're gonna do just fine.

    You look smashing, btw!


    Two beautiful photos, Norma. The color of the scarf is perfect for you. The orphans won't mind, I'm sure.


    Just beautiful -- you, ohmygod, YOU are stunning -- the scarf, the scenery. I think this scarf is your cosmic reward for being who you are and doing what you do. The scarf project is phenomenal this year and you're a big reason why. Just rewards, I say.


    You are so dern cute! Love the scarf. Love the Camomile. Love the leaves. Ours just turn brown and drop.


    you look so pretty, norma! lovely scarf and chamomile.


    I'm sure the little, shivering, scarfless orphan will forgive you, right before he or she freezes ...

    You're welcome. *g*


    It's beautiful and it suites you well. OOO a double dose of finished objects.


    I'll see you in hell with all of the garments I've knit for myself. :D We'll probably be warm down there, what with you in a scarf and me in 6 sweaters.


    If it's any consolation, I'm sure A LOT of red scarves have been knit on your behalf, because of all the cheerleading you have done for the project. Does that count?


    You are the picture of autumnal beauty!


    Such Norma colors. Spiiiiiicy!


    Gorgeous... and evil. Or is that good and evil? But gorgeous.


    You sure DO look happy! Very un-crabby.
    Great scarf!


    Who cares what history will say about you when you look so fabulous?? :)


    Who cares what history will say about you when you look so fabulous?? :)


    You just go ahead and keep that scarf, missy! I couldn't stand to see your smile disappear if you gave it away.


    Between their sobs, the orphans said, "You didn't have to gloat."

    You do look beautiful in those photos, by the way. Even the orphans thought so. When they stopped crying ;)


    I think the orphans won't mind. You've recruited so many folks to make scarves the poor college students will have to wear two scarves at a time...cut yourself some slack woman!

    Stalker Angie

    Ya know, this is the happiest and healthiest I've seen you looking in quite some time. If you can get all that from a damn scarf, I'm all for you keeping it. You deserve it.


    Oh Norma. heh I love seeing these pictures of you! You're so beautiful. Shame on you for that beautiful smile and gleeful happiness wearing the red scarf intended for some orphan. I don't know if you'll ever live this one down. heh


    That color is wonderful on you! At the rate you finish charity projects, I'm sure the orphans will not be left out.

    It's nice to see a good picture of you. I don't think you have posted one in a long time.


    Funny you should mention this "keeping for yourself" thing. I also was thinking along those lines about the Classic Elite Lush yarn I "won" to knit for the Red Scarf Project. I Looooove this yarn. I've been knitting ever so slowly in order to prolong the period of time in which I may fondle it. I fantasize about having enough yarn left over to knit a pair of fingerless mitts because I want this yarn to touch as many places as possible on my body. But don't worry; I won't, I promise, keep it for myself. It was never really mine to begin with and I know I would burn in Hell if I did keep it (sound of wicked laughter here). I won't keep it. I won't keep it. I won't keep it. (sigh, I think I've convinced myself...


    Beautiful - both the scarf and it's wearer. And history will judge you well. You've knit a tremendous amount for charity *and* managed to get hundreds of other people involved and excited through many updates and nudges sent out into cyberspace. Keeping one along the way is no biggie...and that would probably have been difficult to care for, anyway, and a poor candidate for a college student (what with the dye running and all).

    Beth S.

    I'm happy to see Chamomile in action again. Love that sweater! :-)


    It is very cute...

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