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    Wednesday, September 27, 2006


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    I am so glad that the new baby is easier for your eyes. I had begun to wonder if your headaches had anything to do with the computer you work on.

    Oh, yes, we love that John Locke.


    Ahh, I knew the new puter will find her way into your heart. Your eyes are very important, however, so is your back, thus a solution for your carrying the puter has to be found. I will keep my eyes open and if I see anything, I'll let you know.

    Dave Daniels

    TONIGHT! LOST returns with a one hour catch up episode. The new series begins next week.
    Glad it wasn't a brain tumor. Really, those damned monitors can be so tricky. I LOVE my IBM screen, much better than the Sony Vaio.
    Printer cable adapter. Go to a computer store, not Staples. They'll hook ya up.


    A brain tumor? I am very glad that it wasn't a brain tumor. ; )

    I've been pretty good at switching out cards for scanners and printers and things in desktops, I'm not sure about laptops, though -- they seem to be made a little differently. I hope there's a solution for you other than a new printer -- though the replacement wouldn't cost you anywhere near what the original did.


    That's amazing! Agrevating and frustrating, too. It's wonderful that the new computer has saved you before any real damage was done (let's hope). Just remind yourself it could have been a brain tumor when you're lugging the thing through the snow!


    Yes, Norma, there is a has the thing to plug into your printer at one end and a USB connection at the other end...any big electronics supplier should sell them and they are relatively inexpensive -- mine is made by Dynex (I'm fairly certain they are available on Tiger Direct though I purchased mine locally).

    Hope this helps



    The wheely cart thing is a great idea. I just got a wheely back pack (because of the little back thing I had going on the end of summer)that my lap top fit in and it's great! I highly recomend it!

    And I'm guessing that Dave has a thing for JACK, no?? LOL!


    Interestingly, the original John Locke's writing dealt mostly with using reason to search after truth rather than simply accept the opinion of authorities or be subject to superstition. "Good and evil, reward and punishment, are the only motives to a rational creature: these are the spur and reins whereby all mankind are set on work, and guided."


    Yeah, when I saw the name John Locke I was thinking of World Civ class [the philosopher, not the character].

    And, I think yer buddy Dave has some serious JACK issues. ;)


    I'm almost positive there's a 25-pin to USB converter cord out there. And their not that expensive either. I had the same problem with my printer and laptop.

    Go to CompUSA and tell them what you need.


    Maybe you need to hire a Sherpa.

    (Isn't it interesting how blithely one can say "not everyplace I go has a ramp or elevator". It suddenly gives you some insight into the life of someone in a wheelchair.)


    Okay. So I totally have this image of you now with the wheel cart, slogging through the slush and snow in your power suit. heh.


    Saiid! Hot,hot, steaming sexy dangerous H O T! (I don't want to own the property, but I can still enjoy the view.)

    Amazing how it is so often the environment, not the body failing.

    Loved the Last Knit, but now I don't have time to blog.

    rock chick

    So, are you saying *I* need a new computer? Oh, and I'll refrain from laughing at you again re: the printer.


    Have you tried uping the refresh rate for the monitor? That might be stressing out your eyes.


    It's been said before, but there are, indeed, parallel-to-USB converter cords - like this one: Fear not! Love the technology!

    I'm glad your new laptop is treating you well!


    Great news on the display. I had eye/head issues for the first couple of weeks after I started my new job becuase there was a minor ghosting issue on my monitor. A new cable and the eyestrain went away. If you want to forgo the use of an adapter for the 25pin to USB, you can simply replace the existing cable with this: to plug into the USB.


    Very likely that there's an adapter out there.
    I have a laptop at home that gives me the same issues. Cloudy screen, not bright enough, etc. I hope it's your screen and not the video driver/card, which seems to be the problem in my case. Even with an external monitor I can't see well on it, and I have the brightness turned all the way up. If the external monitor doesn't help, ask Geek Squad about the video card.


    Well, you could get an alpaca. It could carry your computer and as an added bonus, you get it's fleece to spin. Mmmmm....aaaallpaaaacaaaa. If anyone gives you trouble tell them it's your "service animal" and then whip out a note from your doctor about your back and how you're not allowed to carry heavy things. Then, tell them it's discrimination to allow seeing eye dogs for the visually challenged but not allow beasts of burden for the lumbar challenged and threaten to sue.

    Ooorrr, you could get one of those rolling laptop bags, and then when you encounter stairs and the like you can carrying it using the handles. But you don't get the fleece then. Or the amusement of seeing people's expressions as you bring an alpaca into the courthouse.


    The LJ4 is BULLETPROOF, baby! I only wish they made current printers like that workhorse of the computer world. Definitely worth investing in an adapter cable - you would be dismayed at how cheap, rickety, and unreliable a new printer would be, compared to your old one.


    eBags and LLBean have a few computer backpacks. Backpacks distribute weight better than briefcases if you wear both of the straps. If you want wheels on it, you could get a little luggage rack and strap the backpack in, for those occasional uses.

    Glad the new computer is working out well! Yay to better health with a larger monitor.


    Oh, my LaserJet 4p hails your LJ4. I suggest getting a little usb hub and connecting the printer and other USB devices to it instead of the computer, just so you can save that 1 USB port. It seems like putting in and pulling out those usb plugs could loosen the usb casing.

    Steph B.

    You might want to check and see if there's a driver you can download to your computer to hook up with the printer. I know when I had to get a new computer I couldn't use the old printer, even though adapters were available. They didn't have an updated driver for me... Hope you have better luck than I did. Whatever you do, don't get a Brother if you have to change. It prints really well and fast and is a nice price for a laser jet, but when I print transcripts in condensed or a concordance they come out upsidedown and backwards. It looks like Elvish, which I kind of like, but I'm doubting the attys would! Fortunately most of the agencies I work for don't have us do that, they do it, but still, word to the wise. There's supposed to be a fix for that little problem too, per Eclipse (another happy customer here), but I've never been able to get it to work.

    Oh, and BRING ON THE LOST!!!!!


    My first thought was "John Locke? The 17th-century British philosopher/economist?"

    Am I a geek or what?


    I thought the same as Lucia. I was expecting some heavy philosophical statement.


    I have to admit it ... I don't watch Lost. I am addicted to too many shows already, I couldn't add another one to the list. I just don't have time!

    I'm putting together the next episode of Pointy Sticks, and I'm including the Red Scarf Project as the charity of the show. Hope it helps in getting the word out! Maybe, someday, if I ever figure out how to do phone interviews I could do one about it also? :-) If you were interested, that is!


    So glad that the eyes and headaches are better; sorry about the schlepping, but your eyesight is worth it. Cool video -- I want to know what happens next . . .

    Steph VW

    5 years ago when I started my current job, I thought my eyes were going to fall out of my head. The glare from my computer screen made my eyes incredibly sore. Then I discovered that I could change the colour "theme" that appeared on the screen. No more bright white and bright blue for me! It's all good now.

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