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    Tuesday, August 22, 2006


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    Wow am I really first? Anyways I was wondering about fiber content, do they care or do they want just machine washable? Thanks for doing this Norma the world needs more people to step up and help like you do.


    Thanks for the heads up. With an early start hopefully I will make it in time this year.


    I'll definitely be making as many red scarves as I can. I used to work at a group home with abused and neglected adolescents, and it was so hard to watch the ones who really didn't have a home to go back to when they reached 18. Sure, we taught them what we could, but nothing makes up for the safety net of a family that's there for you. They could certainly use warmth, both literaly and emotional.


    Thank you for getting things going! Our knitting circle participated last year -- I'll pass the new info along so we can get going on our 2007 scarves.


    So glad that they are starting this up earlier this year! I too have squirreled away some red yarn for the Red Scarf Project. As I remember from last time, they don't care what fiber is used, or has that changed? The flyer doesn't specify.


    I got that email yesterday. Well organized, that red scarf project. I am sure I can find something in the stash...sorry to read about the gardening.


    Can you put me in the drawing for the yarn? I've got a scarf started (okay, I started it for last year, but I couldn't finish it) so I can do that one, but I'd love to do more.


    Count me in!


    Thanks for posting so early! I have just ordered some red superwash wool yarn that I think will make great scarves!


    YES!!!! I so wanted to do this last year but didn't have time before the deadline. I have some lovely, bright red plymouth Encore marinating in the stash just for this project.


    You're beautiful, Norma. Count me in. I've got some beautiful red Cascade 220. Need a button? You got it, baby. I'll email you.


    I figure you already have a button? If not I can work on one.


    I found out late last year and had to race to get my scarf done in time. This year, since I have more lead time, I hope to make more scarves. It is such a great thing to do. My kids got a huge thrill out of dropping the scarf off with me.

    Rachel H

    The Red Scarf Project is so lucky to have you. I hope you know that. I know they do, based on the email they sent after the last drive.


    Further proof, if proof were needed, that Darth Noble is evil.
    The Walmart of bookstores -- and books matter more than plastic storage containers. Ptui. (and that's my restrained version.)

    As to the scarves, however, count me in.


    Count me in!

    And did you see Knitters Laine in Shelburne is looking for 25 people to knit pink scarves for the Breast Cancer Retreat in Burlington in October? Unfortunately, they don't have a website, but I signed up in the store on Saturday. Scarves are due to them by the end of September.


    An early start is the key to getting them done in time. Thanks for the heads up. Do you know if loom knitted items are ok to donate? I could get my Yahoo group involved--but we are all loom knitters.


    I missed this last year but am definitely in! Count on me for at least one scarf.


    Yay for a 2nd round of this! Hopefully I can get myself together with a red scarf offering (or two?) with all the notice we're getting! :)


    Excellent. I’ve been wondering about the red scarf project for 2007. I will gladly make a scarf (hopefully two or three or four) for the project, Norma. Thanks for the early heads up!


    Our SnB did this last year, and I know people have been looking forward to doing this again. Thanks for the heads up!


    Yup, yup, yup. I'll play along.


    Thanks for the heads up. I got one finished for last the advance notice to hopefully be able to do more. I agree with you about B & N. As a small business owner who gets asked for donations all the time, I understand the limits you have to set, but I would think this would be the type of thing that they would embrace...especially seeing as how they are taking over college bookstores everywhere. Someone has probably suggested it, but I'll contact Annalisa and suggust Starbucks, who also seem to be on or near every college campus. know they've collected books for literacy organizations...this might be right up their alley. Thanks for all your work Norma.


    I would like to participate this year! I think I can do it with this much advanced notice, although Christmas knitting, while already started, will be the big deal. Oooh, ooh, and I will donate some yarn, too! In October. You work out the details of who gets it and give me an address, and I'll send someone some red yarn for my birthday!


    Yup. I have some red yarn I've been guarding for this very purpose. And it's on my shopping list for the (brand new! exciting!) fiber festival in my area next month. Last year's project was the first (and only, so far) charity knitting I've ever done. Usually, I shy away from this. I guess I think that, while I COULD knit a hat for the women's shelter or some such group, it would actually be more helpful if I donated money or answered phones or baby-sat. Or, better yet, bought a package of underwear and dropped it off.

    But this project seems different, because part of the "charity" aspect, to me, is the care going into the knitting. I don't know what your connection is to this idea, and I don't really have a personal experience to link to being a kid just out of foster care. But I can imagine that if I were in that situation, a little personal touch could maybe go a long way. BTW, you convinced me on Dulaan, too, and I'm squirreling away Cascade 220 bits for a piece of two for next summer.


    My brand new neighborhood library (open not quite 1 yr) has a brand new every-other-week knitting group full of experienced and brand new knitters (and crossover crocheters, quilters- we're an all crafters welcome group!) of all ages. I've printed out copies of the Red Scarf flyers, Lily's pattern and a Dulaan flyer to take to this Friday's meeting. I'm sure I can talk the knitting librarian into posting them on the community board, and I'll pass them on to the HS lunchtime knitting club too. Thanks for the heads up. Now...where did I put that red yarn??...


    I was at their site yesterday, trying to figure out if they were doing this again. Thank you so much for letting us know, sweetie. Let me know when there's a button. I'll pimp you and the scarves in my blog. *hugs*

    Judith in NYC

    Can you put my name up for the yarn drawing, please? I will also try talk my friends into knitting some scarves.
    What did you use for dying your yarn? Does superwash yarn dye well? I am sure I have some superwash at my mother's that I could use if I can convince her to go through my things and make a trip to the post office.


    Yay! I was hoping they were going to do this again. Must start hoarding red yarn....


    I don't have a bit of red yarn but this is a great excuse to sample some KnitPicks. Right? Am I the only one who hasn't ordered anything from them?


    Count me in! Very worthy cause, and a good reason to knit!


    I loved knitting up my red yarn last year into these scarves! I am really looking forward to this again.


    Yippee!! I've got some red yarn!

    Target would be PERFECT for this, they're all into red, as well as the young and hip and being community-minded and all that, too.


    At least there's plenty of lead time this year . . . (grin)


    I'm so glad the Orphan Foundation is doing this again! I really enjoyed it last year (thanks again for the yarn, Norma!). Maybe this year I'll start a little earlier.


    Count me in. This is something I would very much like to be a part of.

    Do you still need a button? Let me know I'm decent at whipping those up. I just need to know what text you'd like on it.



    Yay!! Red Scarf time again!

    I'm going to ask my charity knitting group to help out this year since we have more time. I'm hoping we can get an even dozen done before Christmas.

    Thanks for the heads up on this, Norma.


    Count me in. I'll bring a copy of the flier to my LYS knitting group next Tuesday and I'm sure they'll also be interested.

    Elizabeth D

    Thanks, Norma -- I've been waiting for this. I have one almost done, and then the one I didn't finish in time last year. No excuses this time!


    I missed this last year and thought it was such I wonderful cause! I will definitely knit a scarf or two. Thanks for letting us know!

    Michelle B

    Looking forward to participating! Please put me in for the drawing. It's not for me. It's for my friend's "Nan"-she's 80y.o. Oh, Nan wants to know if she can crochet? That's what she favors. Thanks!


    Funny... I'm not sure why, but this week I was thinking about this project. Last year I just didn't have enough time, but with this much warning I suspect even I can find a way to participate. I'll also talk to Bonne Marie and see if we can get more of our KIP group involved as well.


    dude, barnes and noble declined? Sucky! It'd be so neat to have a national drop-off. Starbucks sounds like a great idea. I'll pass the word around in my knitting group... count me... and hopefully lots of members of my group... in for this project!


    I'm in for this - just bought some great red yarn the other day that I can use!

    Has anyone approached Starbucks about being the drop-off pont? They're on or near most college campuses and owe a lot of their business to young people.


    Has anyone asked Starbucks? I can get a number for you.


    Yay! I have red yarn that needs a project. This sounds perfect!


    Count me in, I have some red yarn


    I love knitting for charity and will definitely be doing this. However, my red yarn is variegated with other colors including a hot pink. Could I use this yarn?
    Also please put me in the drawing for red yarn. This is the only yarn I have that has red in it and I am on a MAJOR yarn diet.


    Thanks to you and Scout for bringing this to my attention. This sounds like a great program and red is my favorite color. I'd love to knit some red scarves for someone who really needs it. Since I used to work with teens in a residential setting, I feel a bit of a personal connection with this. It will be great to be a part of!


    Great! I would love to take part this year. Thanks for all of the info, Norma ;)

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