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    Wednesday, August 23, 2006


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    Wicked cool!

    Are you making time to drink water? ;^)


    Ah, yes, Cookie points out a very important thing. Drinking water. Have I nagged you about that lately? no....WTF?????
    So, this year I think I'll actually DO a red scarf not just a color that *I* want to knit with. Red. This is the year of the red.
    And I wont' hotlink.
    Or will I?????

    Dave Daniels

    Hey, WTF? We gotta wait until NEXT WEEK? WTF is up with that???


    Hey Norma, if you need help with the Red Scarf blog and organizing and stuff, just yell. I'm yer girl.


    Sandy makes me laugh with a red scarf as opposed to the color she wants to knit with--cause I did a red shawl. This year I will try to get it right too. I never knew how to hotlink till today...Thanks. :)


    In case any mac users don't know WTF to do, you hold down the control button while clicking (that's the same as a right click) and hit 'Save Image to Desktop'. It has the advantage of being higher up in the menu than "copy image" but listen to Norma about the difference and do what she says.


    There are SO many reds. WTF...doesn't that mean Where's The Fiber??? Who's The Friend? When's The Festival??

    Old pal? OLD pal? Hey---Sandy's older than me. At least she will be---in a few days. Hehheehee....


    Hmm, do I spot some handspun yarn over yonder? Pretty!


    I love WTF Wednesday! Finally, an official day for my perpetual state of mind.

    Beth in STL

    WTF Wednesday is great; I wanna play along. The first WTFW is up on my Vox blog. Although I like Kim's version "Where's the Fiber?". I only wish "When's the Festival?" was even a possibility for me.

    I want to do the red scarf project again this year, but red yarn is in surprisingly short supply in my stash. Like I need an excuse to buy more yarn...


    Is that a real picture, or photoshopped? Because if it's not real, I have a real WTF picture of incredibly confusing street signs. ;-)

    *saves picture to hard drive*


    You mean don't do properties and then copy the URL, that is bad! :)


    I had no idea there would be a button for WTF Wednesdays. Good going on the RSP!


    Um...Norma's been spinning and ran out of orangey-gold fleece (Where's The Fleece)? Norma's going to make an ipod cozy and a matching shuffle cosy (What's That For)? I just know that if it were a guy, he'd be seriously unbalanced (WTF*@#%^!!).


    Thank you so much for the laugh. I needed that is living up to its new name so far!


    TISH! Blllwwaaaaaahahahah!

    Okay, have fun with WTFW. I'm WTF every day so it's just entirely too specific for me to deal with. :)

    And I repeat - I'm IN on the RSP!! Just gotta decide what yarn and what pattern!


    I'm thinking it is "what the F...K" wednesday. Am I wrong?

    Lee Ann

    I'm with Laura on the It's Way More Than Just Wednesdays, Dude...


    Or, as my seven year old says, "*what* the....?"


    I think this is my favorite theme day!! WTF is that about? Guess I'm just a potty mouth. And I'm a Mac user and I do know WTF to do :)

    Mary Lynn

    I am so excited that I did NOT place my order with KnitPicks . . . I am also excited that I order the scarf book . . .

    Thanks for sharing.


    Are Kim and I actually the same person? Have you ever seen us in the same room at the same time? I think not. ;D

    And every day is "WTF" here at work. Case in point? Today's malapropism from my boss? "Rome wasn't built in an egg". Seriously. He said this. In a meeting. In front of other people. WTF?


    Button stolen and added to my blog..what a great cause!


    Hmmm. Maybe Dusa and I *are* the same person. 'Cept I don't know what malapropism maybe it's more like Multiplicity, and I'm one of the Dusacopies that didn't come out real sharp. Heh!


    Scout's button is fabulous!

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