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    Wednesday, July 05, 2006


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    Oh, Norma. I am so, so sorry that Vincent is not doing better. I had so hoped that he was over the hump. I will continue to think the best thoughts for him, poor little pooch.


    Best wishes for you and Vincent.

    And remember, if you are going to be a hermit, you'll need a manifesto. All hermits have manifestos. It's what they do while they're herming. (Or hermitting, or whatever)


    I've got plenty of time for making some good Vincent-vibes, because I'm being a hermit today myself, so I'll work them up and send them via the vibe-net (/blog comments).


    Goods thoughts for both of you.


    Um, Norma, you don't have to be a hermit. Think of May Sarton's Journal of a Solitude, that kind of self-removal from the outside world.

    And ((HUGS)) to you and Vincent. Don't talk about it if you don't want to, but I'm here if you do, and if not, I hope that a wordless hug, with no expectations, is a small comfort.


    Norma, I am so sorry to hear about Vincent - gosh, I know how much he means to you. I'll keep him in my thoughts, as I have been over the last few days, and keep praying for the best for all concerned. Big hug. And I totally understand the hermit thing. You describe it with such good humor. I love the kind of post you did today. It's so human, so vulnerable, and it's what makes me like you so much - even though we've never met.


    I'm so sorry to hear about Vincent. I hope things turn around for him Real Soon Now.

    I have seen the hermit sketch. I love the hermit sketch. I've actually watched all the Monty Python episodes and oh, the later ones are so very, very strange that I wondered exactly how many (and what kinds) of drugs they were all doing because no way, no how were those sketches not chemically inspired.

    I don't want to be a hermit, I just want prosecutorial immunity.


    I'm at a loss for a witty retort here. Hugs, Norma.


    Aw, crap. I'm sorry, Norma. Your hermitage sounds nice. If I bring you yarn can I visit? (Yarn doesn't count as "stuff," does it? And it's probably great for insulating caves.)


    Sending good thoughts to you and Vincent.


    Hugs and good wishes to Vincent and to you. I'd love to come and crash in your hermit abode for a fortnight and take advantage of that extra bathroom (promise I'll spoil Vincent silly and stay out of your way).


    Wishing you and Vincent well.


    oh norma.
    i send big hugs.


    The DSL is the most important thing... See you in Hermitville! ; )


    I'm so sorry Norma- life really sucks sometimes. You are a wonderful mom to both Vincent and Abigail! Hoping for the best.


    Oh sweetie...I noticed you were a bit quiet. I am hoping the vet and your gut are wrong and Vincent is just fine.

    We just moved our washer and dryer up to the new laundry wanna live in my old laundry/boiler room? You could be a hermit there. :)


    Prayers for you and Vincent.


    Oh Norma. Take it easy on yourself okay? There are only so many things you can accomplish in a day. I will keep your baby in my thoughts and I hope he's okay.


    Lizzie send hugs and sniffs to Vincent for a speedy recovery.

    The care package to Abigail is very sweet - I love the 4 leaf clover and penny traditions.


    I normally live a 9-5 hermit life (well, more like 9:30-8) and after having my sister and the kids here for five days I'm ready to go back to hermit mode. Although I'll be really sad when they all leave.

    I hope the pennies were on heads when you found them.


    So sorry to hear that Vincent is not on the bend. And I know what you mean about eating -- I just pigged out all weekend -- not good. But, today's a new day. Hugs to you both.


    Sorry V is still not well. Look after yourself, too.


    Sorry to hear about Vincent...sending some more knitterly get-better vibes in both your directions!

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Le post was beautiful, morons be damned. I hope Vincent is rallying. Am thinkiong positive thoughts for you both!


    Fingers and toes and hairs-on-my-head are all crossed for Vincent's recovery. It's the worst when our pet companions are ill.


    I'm keeping little Vincent Bichon in my thoughts, Cousin. I hope he feels better soon.

    And I hope you do too.


    I'd come be a hermit with you, but I think that would ruin it, aye?

    Sending get-well-karma to Vincent, the cutest dog ever.


    I didn't read any blogs for a few days, so I've missed out on sending you a coupla days worth of positive vibes. I'll redouble my efforts -- I hope Vincent feels better soon!


    Sending good energy your way.
    And really, I don't think you'd make a very good hermit.


    Damn. It's unbearable when someone as happy and dancy as a bichon is ill. I'm holding you both in my thoughts.


    I send my best wishes to you and Vincent.




    Oh, I am so sorry to hear this about Vincent! Chappy and I are sending good, positive thoughts and healing vibes his way . . . yours, too! Le Hug.


    You need an iPod... or, at least, the earbud part of an iPod. I have my neighbors trained. They all assume that if I'm outside, I've got my iPod with me and they no longer try to talk to me. All I get is the occasional wave, and I can live with that.

    Say after me... We hate people. That's the motto. We don't really hate all people. Just the ones that make noise, have barky dogs and mow at seven in the morning on a Sunday.

    Still thinking about you and Vincent. Remember that it's okay to let go. He won't think less of you and might even kiss away the tears if you let him.


    Le sigh...Mz Norma. My heart breaks for you in your melancholy state. We spent the weekend running and I wanted to call and talk to you but never got the chance. Sending good thoughts and big hugs to you and wish I could be with you in person.


    I will continue to keep Vincent in my prayers. I send comfort and hugs your way...Hugggs and a smile


    Hi Norma,

    It's so frightening when your puppy is sick. We had only had Smartie 2 weeks when she became ill with "coon hound paralysis". For 2 months she could only blink and breathe. It was terrifying and there was absolutely nothing to do but wait. Luckily my husband works from home and was able to keep her company throughout. We would tuck her in a carrying bag and take her shopping with us just to keep her spirits up. She did recover though and is now 100% back to her "normal" self - spoiled little diva that she is. Give Vincent a hug for us and one for you too. I know this is hard but you and he will get through this together :) We're all thinking of you.


    I'm hoping and hoping and hoping.


    I usually lurk and read but...I'm so sorry, Norma. Having a pet get sick is one of the worst things.


    Norma - I'm sad to hear that Vincent isn't improving. I am thinking of you and hoping he feels better and his spirits return.

    I understand about the hermit with conditions thing. I so hate it when neighbors say hi to me. Not that it happens much, with the spininess I've been carefully cultivating since college.

    Eat more cookies.


    Prayers and best wishes for Vincent and all who love him.


    Recluse. That's what you want. Like Emily Dickinson, lowering baskets of goodies to the urchins when she felt like it, and telling them to leave her the fuck alone when she didn't. (Yeah, I bet she said it, too.)
    Hugs to you and Vincent. I hope that you are both pain-free soon, in whatever way the universe decides for that to happen.
    That goody basket looks wonderful. My mother would send them too, when I was away at college, and no matter how grown up and mature I thought I was, cookies that Mom sent were always better than any other cookie on the planet. Even if she'd just bought them at the store.
    (BTW, you can't trust an encyclopedia entry that posts a picture of a cat with a tampon on a toilet. Le sigh all you want.)


    I'm so, so sorry to hear that Vincent isn't doing any better.

    And I understand conditional hermit-tude ... people are sometimes really, really intrusive.

    Hugs to you and ear rubs for Vincent.

    Rachel H

    Oh sweetheart. Big Hugs.


    Heartfelt hugs. I have the hermit fantasies too. Not possible with small children, but one can fantasize. So many of us are going through difficult times right now... I hope things clear up for all of us soon.

    Dave Daniels

    Hey, I hope both you and Vincent are doing ok.
    Tears will come when you don't have to be strong any more.
    Love you, Norma, even if you want to be a hermit.
    Oh, I sent around the link to the Whizzanator at work. I've been contacted by the HR Dept that sending that type of information in inappropriate. Well! I told her assistant to go piss in a Dixie Cup!


    Sending positive thoughts to Vincent... hugs to you. So sorry :(


    Quite philosophical today... Hang on to all those little things that make you happy, in the end they mean more than all the big things that irritate us. Sending good vibes through the electrons...


    WTF?!?! I go out of town for a few days and I come back to hear that Vincent is sick! Poor fella - and poor Norma - I sure hope he is back on his feets soon.


    Hey Hermy.
    I hate you too.
    I'll pick up pennies for Vincent too.

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