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    Wednesday, March 01, 2006


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    It's March in your part of the world;-) I'm still waiting's only 10:30.


    Yeah. March for you. Still Feb. for me. For another 2 hours and 15 minutes. Hoping March is much less sucky.


    It's March there. Hoping this month is much kinder to the lovely Norma.


    One hour and 5 min to go!

    Dave Daniels

    Yay, it is oficially March. The sun us shining, the birds are chirping, and I won $14 in the lottery lastnight. (Yes, I can officially order a pizza for dinner tonight, tip included!)
    So, things are looking up, kid. Spring starts this month. You will soon be out in the garden planting flowers and herbs and veggies. You might want to start cleaning and prepping your garden tools. Place those seed catalog orders. GET READY! (I'd like some tomotos and herbs, please.)


    Just in the nick of time, eh?


    It's indeed March. I hope you have a lovely month that makes up for a rough February.




    March marches in! Hang in there, Norma!


    For being the shortest month, it sure as shit dragged! I am glad it is over too.


    It is March! Lets all hope it goes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb.... and that the lamb part (fleece and all :) happens QUICK!


    I'm with ya'. Believe it or not, it is finally March. Here's hoping it gets better!!


    But poop, it came in like a lamb, dang it.


    Feliz March!


    i'm mostly wanting it to be prettier outside...either snow or get warmer and start turning green already! luckily, we got 10 inches of the white stuff this past weekend in norwich, so my girls are glad to be able to sled again.

    let's hope march brings some better weather and happier times!


    It's March! I'm thinking good thoughts for you. Take a moment, walk outside and look for little signs. They are there under the snow.....


    In like a lion, out like a's about damn time, isn't it?


    Tear the page off the calendar, that wretched month is done!


    It is now officially March and will be 73 degrees here today. The bradford pear trees are blooming already! But we all know that this is just a big tease. Winter will get a couple more jabs at us yet.


    Sending happy, positive, wonderful March thoughts to you!!


    Amen, sister!
    Same goes for winter. Enough already.


    But don’t forget that in February you got that shiny new Silver car! :-)


    Hooray for March! It's gotta be better than February, right? :) Here's to 20 days til Spring!!

    julia fc

    Yes, dear. But beware the ides!


    Lord, I hope March brings some good news . . . !


    it's here! it's here! may march bring you all good things.


    Yes, it is! I'll keep my fingers crossed that this month cuts you some slack.


    Did Feb. suck EVERYWHERE? I know it did here, and I'm so glad it's March!

    Dena Shunra

    Yup, it's March already.

    Cowering under my desk I wonder - IS IT SAFE TO COME OUT, YET?


    Did Something Terrible happen in the wee late hours of February that you had to ask such a plaintive question?
    I hope your March is full of narcissus and daffodils (they're already sprung and spent, here) and lots of green buds. (Mine will be full of sweet peas, jasmine blooms and honeysuckle.)


    Big hugs to you.
    My guess is that your March will involve maple syrup and mud season (as opposed to spring flowers) BUT with all this weird weather, who knows?
    I think you need to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to someplace warm and relaxing. ;)


    March has arrived in a beautiful shiny day here in UT. Hope this month is much better for you :)


    February ALWAYS sucked, except back when we used to ski a bit. But watch out for can be quite sucky, too! Although any month with a holiday that celebrates the Irish can't be that bad.

    Beth S.

    It's still cold, though. *sigh*


    Why...yes. Yes it is.


    Yes, it is! Sending you some (actual) Oregon sunshine...


    It's March and the cherry blossoms are out!

    Stalker Angie

    Norma Dear, I am shocked at you! How dare you say such things? You take it back. February did not pretty much suck. It completely sucked. Major suckage happening for only 28 days. Pretty much sucked. Pffft. The Nerve! Hee

    Here's wishing ALL of us a much better March.



    Yay for March! The crocus have been blooming for 2 weeks but more snow on the way tomorrow. One step forward, two steps back it seems.
    Have reserved THE BOOK at my library.


    All Done!

    Feliz Marzo, Feliz Dia de Santo Patrick!

    Tequila por todos!


    Hey! You got a cute car though!

    IT's March baybee!


    I hope you have a much better March than you did February!

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