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    Monday, March 20, 2006


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    I'm so with you on Lost! I also hadn't seen it (I'm not home on wednesday evenings) so a few weeks ago, I got the first 2 disks of season 1 from netflix. I really wasn't all that sure I'd care for it. Wow, was I wrong! And this weekend, all I had to watch was the last episode on Disk 5, since Disk 4 apparently got lost in the mail when I sent it back. Disk 6 had better show up this week. I'm in minor withdrawal, and worry what I'll do after I've seen all of season 1. I might have to see if my old VCR will still tape, so I don't have to wait for season 2 to come out on DVD.


    LOST, I am an avid fan, never miss it. We had to pick up the videos at Sam's club just so that we could watch them all over a weekend. Afterwards, we had withdrawal symptoms. Me, I like badboy Sawyer :), always a sucker for the rugged bad boy :).
    If you finish the first season, you can always read the transcripts for the 2nd season ;).


    Lost: we loved it so much we bought season 1 after getting the first 2 disks on Netflix. Now we can't watch season 2, no cable and the station it's on is really fuzzy, so now we have to wait for season 2 to come out on DVD.


    Believe it or not I've never seen Lost. You like it, huh? Well, thank goodness 'The Sopranos' is on Sunday nights, cuz I sure don't need another addiction.....!



    Whoa! What brought this on?


    I'm a fellow Lost addict. The problem is I have to really work to avoid seeing any hints about season two because I refuse to watch it on tv. I'm waiting to watch it on dvd because I don't want to be driven insane by having to wait a week between episodes to find out what happens!


    Mmmm....Jack is quite tasty, isn't he?

    Dave Daniels

    See, some addictions are harmless. Harmless. Really. Everyone needs a little Jack in their lives. It does your heart rate good. And you can always get yourself the Kate tank top at the gear shop online. I'm thinking the Lost Cargo Bag would make a nice knitting bag.


    I've never watched Lost, or Sopranos, or West Wing, and if anyone knows how to get my DH away from the TV when Stargate is on (new sci-fi show, every week the good guys get in trouble when their technology malfunctions somehow and you think they'll never get out of it but just as the bad guys are about to get them with only 8 minutes to go in the hour ZAP their technology mysteriously kicks back in... did I say a *new* show?) I'd be glad to hear it.

    The sock is spectacular, however.

    (Pardon me, I am stuck in shawl purgatory, 18 repeats down and 9 to go, drop-dead deadline this weekend, I think I am a bit snarly.)

    Rachel H

    That Trekking looks like great mansock colours to me. And while it wouldn't exactly match hubby's birthday sock, it'd at least keep his other foot warm. Just sayin'. *ducks and runs*


    Whatever you do, don't watch 24. Lost ain't got nothing on it - and there are now five seasons. Seriously. Don't go near it. You think you won't like it, that all the violence and terrorism and blatant Fox News agenda will turn you off and then you spend six, seven hours in front of the TV begging for more. If you don't believe me, ask MamaCate. ;-)


    Want to know what's weird? I was typing the word "tangerine" and the guy on TV said the word "tangerine" (as in Tangerine Road). Creepy! So then I totally forgot what I was going to say, other than it involved tangerine Koigu. Must be Monday.


    Yep. Lost. Watched the entire 1st season on Netflix after avoiding it on TV. That's how my little "24" obsession began too. And "Alias". And "Angel." Damn you Netflix!!!


    I haven't been watching "Lost" ... but if you're an addict, check out the recaps on Television Without Pity ( I haven't read these particular recaps, but love the ones I have read, so you might want to skim over one or two.

    If you're going to try reality tv (someday, possibly, waaaaay in the future), start with "The Amazing Race". It's incredible.


    Welcome to the club Norma! I hate all TV except Lost, so it shouldn't have to suck you in just because of one show. I don't have TV, but if it's a new episode sometimes I go to my parents house to watch it, and sometimes we just wait and illegally download it on Wednesday night or Thursday morning :)


    must have ben a TV kind of weekend, lol


    Hmm, your house is going to be covered in piles of half-ripped knitted objects within a week if you continue at this pace!


    I just ordered Lost season 1 for the, errr, library. Yup for the library. And also seasons 1-4 of 24. I am doomed, I tell ya, doomed.


    I’m sorry to report that I’ve never seen Lost. I know ~ sad, but true! However, after seeing the picture of Jack, I may just have to start. ;-)


    The Feather and Fan pattern you used for the Koigu sock is one of my favorites - two finished pair and another in the "planning" stage. And as for Lost, I'm hooked.

    Elizabeth D

    Hey, Norma -- the Koigu color number you once sent in response to my plaintive plea is kind of an "orange juice" orange. That orange on your blog pictures is almost red orange. That's the color I wanted, and managed to procure, but I'm curious now. . . does your sock, in real life, veer more toward yellow or red?
    Also, I haven't watched Lost and probably won't for some time (the kid stays up way too late) but I did the same thing with the Harry Potter books. I wasn't remotely interested. I thought. One day when I was at the library they had all 3 on the new book shelf. I figured it wasn't fair to take all, so I took the first two. Two days later I was done with them and back for the third, and I've swallowed all the others whole, too. And how, tell me how, is JKR going to tie up all those plot lines in just one more book??


    I've never seen Lost but have become totally sucked into other TV shows and had a lot of knitting and TV binge weekends in the past few months. I'm glad to know I'm not alone. At least the TV can't rot our brains because we're knitting, right?


    Oh, and no problem with the comment.

    Jean E.

    The orange sock is gorgeous. Pretty enough for two socks really, just don't know how you would get the feet to share. Lost on DVD -- Must look into that.


    More. Orange.


    I'm too addicted to Veronica Mars to watch the "competition" on Wednesday 9:00 . . . though rumor has it that it might be moving to Tuesdays next year, after Gilmore Girls--which would be fabulous!


    I have to admit that I've never seen Lost. I'd never heard of it until fairly recently, and then I thought it was some sort of survivor take off. So now I ask, what's it about? I googled and am i right in thinking it's an action adventure type show with people marooned on an island?


    Can we see the trekking knitted up? Please please? I've never seen lost either. Maybe I should?


    I got sucked in to Lost as well. It's because of the, um, the story line. Yeah, that's it.
    That is a very orange sock. Tangerine my ass.


    Lost and 24. We call it Crack TV. Can't get enough and if, for some reason, TiVo messes up recording, we get all like cranky and stuff. And then, the kids have to run for cover because we wanna beat something up.

    Nah, just kidding. But it is crack!


    I've never seen Lost, although I've heard rave reviews about it. I'm addicting to watching the Sopranos, and for a while both DH and I were watching "Rome" and "Oz" when they were on. I can't let myself get sucked in......

    Teresa C

    We are pretty big Lost fans, but we had to catch up as we didn't watch last season until it came out on DVD. Thing is, there are all of these little things that happen that it isn't really great knitting tv viewing, because you miss a lot. I, of course, don't care. I just knit on in ignorance. Bliss, you know?

    Great sock. Ahh, Koigu.


    WAAAAHHHH! My blog is gone. I renewed my domain but now it's gone. Boohoooo!


    Bah, TV. Blech. Resist, Norma, resist! It's not worth it!

    Personally, I like the Trekking.


    Isn't it funny how your blog checks to see if the URL is correct and valid before it will post here? Kind of like a background check? :)
    I'm back. I was hardly missed!


    This may seem bizarre, but i refuse to start watching Lost precisely because I hear it's so good, and I just can't get addicted to another tv show. Now that the Sopranos and Big Love are on and Huff is about to come back to cable, I get my weekly fix, and I just can't watch anything else. Sigh. Love the orange sock.


    I need to get on the Lost bandwagon, but that's what Netflix is for. I tend to cycle through shows long after they've ended their network run. For instance, I am finishing up ST:DS9 Season Seven *just now*. Good times, good times. I love me my Trek.

    And? Happy first day of Spring! :D


    Oh,oh, I've never seen Lost but I feel my resistance slipping.
    Yeah, I can't believe you let the first day of Spring go by without a mention.


    First it's just watching the show. Then you get online and talk about the show. Then you go to conventions about the show. Then you have your picture in a national magazine about the show.

    I would like to point out that Stargate SG-1 has Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, and Christopher Judge for eye candy. Now if Richard Dean Anderson would come back I might rehook the DishTV.

    I am making do with Hugh Laurie on House though.


    I think Typepad was having a funny five minutes yesterday. I could see comments appearing on my blog but didn't get any emails from them so I could reply. They've all arrived this morning, 24 hours after the event for some reason. Bloglines went a little loopy on me too, telling me that two feeds had a virus (of their doing and not mine though) I had all sirens blaring here when I checked, not a good start to a Monday morning!


    That tangerine sock is glorious! Trekking is one of my favorite sock yarns but I like the marled colorways, I'm not much for the jaquard/faux fair isle myself!

    Never watched Lost, maybe I should :)

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