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    Thursday, February 23, 2006


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    I voted!

    Good luck digging out of work.


    I voted.

    Crossing my fingers for Martin ... and for you, that you escape the black hole very soon.


    I voted too! I have to say that it seemed a little odd to vote for the best read of the year when I didn't actually read it. It won't kill me of course, but it seemed a bit odd. =)

    I guess I'll have to read it to make an honest woman of myself. Now, that's sounds weird too. It's late--I think I'm too tired for logic.


    ok, sexilicious Norma, I have voted.


    Voted here!




    I voted. Now to find a copy and actually read it.

    Cindy James

    My vote is cast, good luck to Martin, and you will have to tell us where we can find the book.


    I almost didn't vote until I saw that the Historian, and I, Corriander were also nominated in their own categories.

    The title is good. So I voted and like others will now need to find the book to know what it is aboout :) ***CV

    For some reason I cannot post my url so here it is instead:


    ok...Martin got my vote, now I'll have to read it. :)


    You are so very silly. I'd already clicked over and voted before I came back to finish reading your post about the "incentives." Now to schedule some spare time to give the book a read :-)


    You can count my vote :). Sending good vibes :)


    Oh, the excitement! I voted. :)


    oh what the heck...i voted ;o)


    I voted, thanks for the link, I voted for some other favourites in the other categories too.


    I voted and had fun voting for other categories too. By the way, the book looks good and has great reviews on Amazon. I'll be checking it out on my next trip to the bookstore!


    I voted, and now I'll have to get mu hands on a copy and read it. I'm always on the lookout for new books, so thanks for the heads up. Hope you escape the black hole soon!


    hey - I voted.


    consider it done. After all I had to vote for a fellow Brit


    Oooh - I've just finished reading it - it was a really good read - I can vote in all honesty - and urge everyone to get hold of a copy.


    I voted for Martin's book, and I thank you for the link to the British Book Awards. I've printed the list and will be reading many of them over the next several months. The titles of some of them sound great!


    Count me in...Martin has my Norma Victorian enough or do we get to have a contest to "rename" you for your literary debut?


    Did it! Good luck--to both of us!


    ok, now that I voted I guess I have to be on the hunt to read the book. jane


    I went and voted- that character best knit too though :) Victorians knit!


    I voted. Now, I'm going to have to get hold of that book. It sounds great.

    Dave Daniels

    Voted here, too. Good luck to Marty.


    I voted,too.


    done! good luck!


    I voted! Looking forward to reading it.


    I voted and will be loooking for a copy at the library this weekend - so fun to read a book by someone someone else actually "knows."


    Done, and done! I should have voted anyway, being British - thanks for the push!


    OK, I voted, too! And will be looking for that new book!


    I Voted and I also made the soup last night, it really is delicious. Do I get extra brownie points?

    Heather G.

    I can be bought! Voted!

    Something tells me that libraries and bookstores won't be expecting the influx of requests. Once again knitting blogs stimulate the economy.


    I voted, too! Now I need to go about figuring out whether I can easily obtain this book in the US or whether it's time for another mammoth order.


    I voted. I'm going to put in a special order at work for it. Maybe I can talk the trade book buyer into ordering a couple for the store.


    I voted. Even though I haven't read it. Maybe I can read it and then get my book group to read it -- that would sell six or seven more copies (hey, every little bit helps).


    I voted!


    I voted, you sexy thang!

    Erin S.

    I voted too! Good Luck!


    I voted. I also voted in some of the other categories just because.
    Good luck to Martin!


    I voted! Would I lie?

    Rachel H

    I voted. Now I have to get the book.


    I voted too!!


    I voted, and know like so many others will have to get the book.


    I voted!


    Sure, I voted. Anything to get you in a Victorian novel! What a hoot.


    yo, i voted! and added the book to my amazon wish list...

    not much knitting going on at my house either...i tried to add the tip of my thumb to dinner the other night and failed. and let me tell you, it's extremely difficult to knit with only one functioning thumb. gotta put down the needles for a few days to let the injured thumb heal. i'm going nuts!


    This is my first comment on your blog... love it, by the way. I voted for Martin's book, now I have to go find it and read it! If I win the yarn, it will be used to knit the first thing I have knitted in... um... maybe 20 years??? Gack! All you knit bloggers have finally corrupted me... double gack!! LOL!! It was just a matter of time! :0)

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