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    Sunday, January 22, 2006


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    Heh. Camnesia. I seem to live in a permanent state of it lately.


    Hope the drive home was okay. So fun to meet you :) I took one picture. So, I'll be doing the linky thing too!


    Camnesia! *snort*
    I guess you really did not exaggerate about that steak, eh? CRUNCHY! IT's a new style!

    Lee Ann

    Leave it to Cate to come up with that one...

    Hey, did she bring HEN to you? She e-mailed me at, like, 1am the night before she left to ask me about it. So of course I didn't respond before she'd already left...sigh.

    Dave Daniels

    Hmmm. I am so NOT saying anything. NOT a word.
    Well, ok...maybe you should take a cooking class instead of yoga? I'm just sayin'....


    How did you burn the steak so horribly? Norma, Norma, Norma! It was fabulous to see you yesterday! You light up the room every time you smile and your laugh is infectious. XOXO


    Love the word! It will sweep Web pop culture. Loved seeing you. Moremoremore.


    That's steak? I thought it was charcoal. ;) Thanks for introducing me to a handy new term.


    Wow. That looks simply delish! NOT!

    If you ever some to visit I think we'll go out for dinner m'kay?


    Seems like many of us either forgot the camera or never took it out. Probably an indication of all the fun we were having! Hope someone else picks up our slack :-)

    Glad you made it home okay and so great to finally meet you.


    Poor steak! But it sounds like a fun weekend!

    Your Burnt Steak socks can rock out with my Burnt Peeps socks.


    I stand up to defend Norma's cooking. The steak, although ugly, was still tasty under the charred bits. And the rest of the meal was DELICIOUS.

    BTW, thanks for warning me about the beet effect. Just sayin'. ;-)

    Teresa C

    I love my meats charred a bit. My toast burned. My marshmallows on fire. Looks yummy to me!


    "Camnesia," I love it!

    Sorry about the steak . . .


    Happy to see you made it home safely. Good to see you. I'm thinking about beet greens and garlic. Miserable weather for a drive today. 6-8 in the south


    My grandfather-in-law likes his meat cooked like that. :) Now 'fess up - how many drinks before you put the meat on the grill...?


    Well, if you cut off the outside and drown it in A-1 it might be okay :) Camnesia--that's a good one.


    Did I miss something? Did you say where you actually went and I just missed it?

    I've been kind of phoning it in for the last week or'll have to excuse me. :)


    Does forgetting to *bring* your camera count as camnesia too? Love the new term. It was great to meet you in person finally (I've been lurking here for a while).

    Rachel H

    ok, I still want you to adopt me, but, um, maybe I should do the grilling, 'kay? I looked at the photo for a while and still have absolutely no idea how on earth you managed to end up with what's on that plate.


    That's funny: I don't think I knew what rare steak was until i was a teenager, as my parents ALWAYS cooked it until it looked like what's pictured on that plate. Small wonder why i don't like steak. Camnesia? that's a brilliant coinage.


    Hmm. I've heard of getting burned out on blogging, but don't you think you're carrying it to extremes? :)


    'twas lovely to meet you as well!

    (crazy thing this "see people in person" aspect of blogging...) Had I been more willing to jump over people's heads I'd have introduced myself properly (the fear of landing on someones needles is what kept me from getting a running start and leaping towards the couch). By the time I was close enough to talk to you without yelling it was almost time for me to hit the road. There's always next time?

    re: the steak - that's how I enjoy it, actually. No chance of anything that looks remotely like blood oozing out and charred a bit.




    That looks like a lovely scarlet Fiesta plate. I love the way it compliments your cajun steak. These colors might look great in striped socks!

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