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    Tuesday, January 24, 2006


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    The cashmere blend scarf is looking fantastic. Your hands are probably happy about the no suede.


    "If I don't get it in time to finish that long scarf, I'm going to be even madder."

    Lovely pun, Norma!


    Thank you for saying (pretend). Otherwise I might have spent another year or two completely deluded about your family ties.


    Ok, I'll be the first to admit that I do remember the oven-cleaning ad you're referring to! How young does that make us...?


    I finished my odd ball red scarf last night and I really like it. So does Dale. I think I may be knitting another one or two of these for keepers. I'm trying to finish the mistake rib one, too, but we'll see.

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    I remember that ad. You might need to dig up some 60's magazines for illustrating your blog. I guess you also sing the koolaid jingle while dyeing? (Koolaid Koolaid, tastes great, lets go get some, can't wait?) Nasty little ear worm!
    Love Lyssa's scarf. Yours look spiffy too.

    Rachel H

    Lyssa's scarf is beautiful, and its creation just shows once again that you are the Queen of charity knitting. Making it possible for others to help by sending your stash counts just as much.

    Your red scarves are looking lovely. I'm with you on the Suede though. So disappointing to knit.


    Here's a possible link for vintage ads (as seen on Meggiecat, a crafty blog):

    It's an Ohio State site. Do they have pictures of woman in car "cleaning her oven"? Dunno. But maybe!

    Cashmere blend from Joann?? So tempted.I need to get on this red scarf bandwagon regardless. Something to knit in knitting group that doesn't take much concentration.


    Hmm, perhaps Kim has an in at and you were being punished by Stashalong??

    Lee Ann

    Damn, and I was so close to wanting to knit, for unknown reasons, a pillow covered with suede roses...

    Guess not :-}


    Hey! Saw your "pin-up" pose over at Sandy's.........Woot!


    I dropped my scarf off at Einstein Bagels on Sunday. It was a little shorter than I'd like but my husband tried it on (he's a big guy) and pronounced it perfect for keeping his neck warm. I like the pattern that I used so much that I think I'll make one for myself. Thanks for the great idea!


    Here ya go for the ad:


    Just wanted to let you know that I made one too. I'm sending it off today or tomorrow. Add another one to your total.


    Hope you get to finish at least one scarf. You have been so diligent in spreading the word and trying to get at least one knit. You are a great looking model for big balls o' roving;-)


    If you think dealing with MIA and recalcitrant yarns is bad, wait 'til it's time to write the note! There was so much I wanted to say, but in the end I kept it simple and short.

    I'll be mailing my scarf today at lunch. 5" x 60", farrow rib for reversibility, picot hems just for the love of pointiness. The Araucania bled for the first two soaks, but the slight fading just heightens the overall tone-on-tone variegation.


    Wow, Lyssa's scarf is fabulous! Please don't worry about your contribution Norma, you did plenty even if you don't knit another stitch!

    Finished mine last night, pix after noon (eastern) today on the blog.

    Elizabeth D

    Norma, me too. My scarves (yes, plural -- I always start too many projects) are sitting here looking iffy. So instead of knitting one nice scarf start to finish, I cast on for three nice scarves and all are in progress. Yes, I could have finished one in the time I've spent not finishing three. The good thing? This red scarf thing happens every year. I'm way ahead for 2007! (Actually, one of these stands a reasonable chance of getting done in time -- I can drop it off next Tuesday about 8 miles from here.)

    sarah b.

    I started mine last night but don't like it so far, so I may be changing my strategy. We had the same problem with and my Christmas present. I almost didn't get my swift in time!


    I've got two red scarves-and one more planned for today. My husband was so excited that I "didn't buy any yarn". Men-can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em.

    Sue T.

    The scarf that Lyssa made is really attractive! Thank you for sharing not only your stash, but also your helpful, generous advice.


    I will have to trackback about the whole red scarf thing. I can whip one up tell me where it need to go. I went to northeast fiberarts studio in williston today. I say it every time and today I mean it I WILL NEVER GO BACK _SHE IS RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!k yarns is super d duper. ANN in Essex


    I think you can take at least partial credit for every one of these scarves being knit all over blogland...I know that I would have never heard of this project if you hadn't brought it to our attention. Thank you!

    Lyssa's scarf is just beautiful! I'm thisclose to finishing my second scarf, and I'll be dropping them off at Einstein Brothers' this weekend.


    I agree with everyone else--how many of us would be knitting red scarves if you hadn't mentioned it on your blog (not me!)? Your contribution has been enormous! Love Lyssa's scarf. I'm close to being done on my scarf, too. Now I'm wondering if I can whip out another one in time.....


    Yes, thank you, Norma, for giving me something specific to focus on, at a time when I was at loose ends, both knitwise and otherwise. I have mailed off a red scarf already--before the deadline--not like me at all! I had one skein of red in my stash, some Lion Brand acrylic mohair--a thrift shop purchase, no doubt. It was too garish to use alone so I used it double strand with some black in 1x1 rib and it looked good in a buffalo plaidish way. Benefits=less stash, good TV knitting and easy care,warm soft scarf.
    Wanted to add that I was also impressed by the quality of the items sent to Dulaan. I keep going back to look at the pictures. We need something heartwarming at this time of year. Thanks for making us feel like we're all connected.


    Hopefully you'll finish something, but if not, you can at least lay claim to a portion of many others. I would never have known about this project without your blog, so like so many other people, you can claim a part of mine!


    I lurk all. the. time. but this necessitates de-lurking. Imagine my surprise to come to your blog to see a photo of Lyssa, who graduated HS with me (in Arizona), and whom I've not seen since. The Land of Knitblogs never ceases to amaze me.


    I echo the above sentiments and give thanks for letting us in on the fun! My two scarves (WHEEEE! I'm PROUD!) went to Einstein's today and the girl-chick at the counter goggled at them and said, in sotto high school voice, "Did you MAKE these?"

    Photos for other potential gogglers are on my blog. Thanks again Norma. You're bookmarked here in AZ now!

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