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    Thursday, December 08, 2005


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    Lee Ann

    The latter. Definitely the latter. :-)


    That's a great looking chair! Very comfy, I'm sure. And, frankly, yeah, this is a meme. You're going to get tagged by everybody now. Hee.


    Thank you for conquering the Wild, Wild West. I was starting to wonder if, you know, they had lives or something. I feel better now.
    I love your chair, but don't you slide?


    I can now put down my icicle that was holding to your neck. See people! I threatened her!

    She also felt it in her heart to make another fellow Vermonter happy.

    I love the chair! You just need a wireless laptop on the ottoman and you'd be all set! ;)


    But we already new you were incorrigible. My chair is leather, too. It's the best chair in the house for my back as long as the pillow is in it.


    I have one of those ugly purple containers too...And your space I'm sure is MUCH cleaner than mine!

    Rachel H

    Norma, we love you BECAUSE you're incorrigible. Don't ever change. How would we entertain ourselves then?

    That chair looks mighty comfy. And a fibre room. ROOM. sigh. I've just got the space between the couch and the wall to jam my meagre stash into. I'm pretty sure I'd be happy to live there too. But since a trial run might be a good idea, I've got my sleeping bag waiting by the door. What time's dinner?

    Stalker Angie

    Leather chair. Texas Summer. Shorts. O.o I think I will stick to my cloth furniture, thank you. Leather makes me shudder because of how hot it gets here. It is a very lovely chair, though. I love masculine looking furniture and colors.

    Oh, and you're definitely incorrigible. Hehe


    Wow. You have readers from Russia and Japan? I'm jealous. I don't think I've hit Asia at all.

    Nice chair, you non-memer you.


    Great knitting space.

    I added my pin so I'm waving to you from Philly.


    Hey, I have that exact same plastic bin :-) Though mine is tucked in the closet, with current knitting in an antique sewing box by the couch. No points for beauty here - happened to buy it on a whim years ago, and it's around the right size.

    NICE chair, by the way! Looks incredibly comfortable and worn in (in a good way).


    I've decided that I'm going to pick and choose the memes I do, too. I like it when someone says, "Tag, you're ALL it," like that Crazy Auntie. Anyway, that was fun.

    What??? No "Far Side" books alongside Calvin & Hobbes?


    DH bought the heinous, ugly version of that chair for $25 at the swap meet once. I hated it on sight. (Had it looked like yours, I would have swooned with pleasure.) He bought it for FIL who was staying with us for 4 months. FIL never once sat it in. It became mine, because its ugliness was only exceeded by its comfiness. I called it my command center and had a craft bag on both sides and a 6-drawer unit behind. We sold it last year for $50 (still chuckling about that) and bought a nice big cushy chair that just isn't the same. >sob<
    BTW, my husband's family is from Montana, and I will read your blog when I go there to visit (assuming I can find some %$@&)@#$( internet access). Does that count?

    Stephanie VW

    If it is possible, Norma, I think I may just love you even more: A full collection of Calvin and Hobbes? I'm pretty sure I've got the entire collection too. I love Bill Watterson. He's my hero. I always said if I had my life to live over, I would come back as Calvin.

    Teri P

    That is a most excellent knitting spot! I didn't notice the plastic bin until you mentioned it. Perhaps a knitted bin-cozy is in order?

    Is it cheating to add myself on your Frappr in South Korea? Well, no, I don't live there... but when I was stationed there in 1982 I did buy yarn and needles and knit. In fact, I bought boxes and boxes of yarn to ship home!


    Are you forcing me to Frappr? Hmm? Don't make me come up there. But posting a picture of my mess? Could I?
    I don't think I'm brave enough.
    Perhaps a glass or two of menage a'trois wine! :)
    (see? I'll gladly post that name on YOUR blog but am chicken to on mine. True)


    Love it! I'm still a voyeur at heart. I don't do memes (lack of time and organization, mostly) but I'm going to try to get this one up.


    I should have re-read the blog to figure out what was the most important thing.
    A complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes? My daughter and I will come and live in your closet. Bigfoot can't. He's too big.


    Oh, what a cozy looking chair and knitting nest you've got there, Norma.


    I love the map too! I just put one on my blog today :)

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