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    Wednesday, October 05, 2005


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    The color here peaked on Monday, and it was absolutely fabulous. And then yesterday we got drenching thunderstorms, with 4 inches of rain.


    Hi Pinhead Oakie! You're a cutie, yes you are!
    No color here yet.


    I like the weekly time lapse photography. We have no color here, except for weaker trees.


    I was thinking that the other day - I don't think it's going to be a good color year, honestly. Everything seems so brown and dry. And it's still so warm. Don't the leaves need some cold to change color? I'm thinking it will get cold and wet and that will be the end of it. That's my prediction. Lovely tree. Beautiful shape to it.

    Teresa C

    The best color years come after summers that have been at least moderately wet. In my neck of New England we have had a very dry summer and fall. Makes for beautiful weather, but the dryness ruins apple crops (we went apple picking and the apples were small!) and fall foliage hikes. We still have very little color here. I'm loving the weather though!


    Still no color here in the Boston 'burbs, except for that tree right outside my window, o.k., maybe I should look before I type. It still seems pretty summer-like around here, though.


    Not much color in Maine either, we drove to the Fryeburg Fair on sunday and I was surprised with the lack of color. Must be the warmth. I'll keep an eye on our foliage as well.


    I vote for spectacular. What!? I don't get a vote?? It'll be fun to watch the tree turn. Heh. As the tree turns... I probably need another cup of coffee like a hole in the head. I'm leaving now before I get kicked out.


    It's still pretty green here in northern NJ, too . . . but the color is coming!!


    We've been having an Extremely dry fall (no measurable rain since the first week in September) so the colors here are nonexistent. The leaves are all turning brown and falling off dead.



    We have little to no foliage color yet. There are trees with leaves just turning brown and dropping off. I'm hoping to get some photos of cranberry harvesting, though. Those can be especially pretty when the trees around the bogs are turning.
    Can't wait to see your tree progress each week!


    The trees here havent' started to turn yet, doubt they will. We're going to freak the trees out tonight with a 30+ degree temp drop, and most likely kill off most of the leaves. *sigh*


    We had a couple pin oaks in the yard at the MO farm. I remember vividly how bright colored they were against the clear autumn sky - then flashes of blue in the tree itself. The sky personified in bluejays. Having always lived in CO I was astounded that a tree would keep its dead leaves most of the winter. Pin oaks astonished me. I guess they still do.


    True story: My mother loved a particular red maple which grew at the edge of a forest near our home. Every fall she would make a point of driving over to admire its wonderful colors - this was a huge tree and the only one of that color among the evergreens, so it really stood out. Mom died in 1999, and the autumn after she died I drove by to see her tree. No color. (To be honest there was very little color that year, and this was northern Illinois.) The year after that I happened to be near the forest (I was no longer living anywhere near our old home) and drove over to see the tree. It was gone, with only a stump to show for the 40 years of joy it brought.

    Keep the Monday shots coming - it will be nice to see the changes in your pin oak.


    Teresa is right...that's why our fall has been so beautiful. BUT, snow has covered the beautiful leaves already:-(

    You need to post a picture of that tree every few days so we can watch the color evolve.


    I have a small stand of scrub oaks in my backyard. Hopefully they'll have some colorful leaves. Most of the foliage around here is evergreen, aspen (just yellow) and scrub oak but I have a small shrubbery (NEE!)(sorry, Monty Python flashback) in my front yard that is turning a brilliant crimson. Quite different from last fall in the Hudson Valley, but pretty in its own way. Tho I really do miss the huge maple I had in my old yard. I may have to have my daughter's friend go over to my old house and take weekly pics til the leaves fall. We'll call them Normas. (Not to be confused with NOR-mas). :)

    Joan in Reno

    Our fall colors here are mostly bright yellows except for introduced trees from the east. About a quarter of our trees are starting to turn. The aspen groves in the Sierras are splashes of yellow accross the slopes. Reno is between 4500 and 5000 feet altitude, but our mountains haven't been snowed on yet like Margene's. The silver maple in my backyard has lost about half of its leaves.


    Thanks Norma! Looking forward to watching the pin oak change right before my very eyes!


    Okay, so I'm running a day late (at least.)In revenge for your giving money to Barnes and Ignoble (Darth Noble, Barnes & McNoble) when my independent would be on life support if life support there were, I'll mention that I'm hanging out with Rita Buchanan Friday night. Eat your heart out. (My lower lip will retract before the solstice. I think.)

    Dena Shunra

    The mapes by PTHS have gone totally gold. On Monday, as I hurried by, they grasped my heart and twisted HARD - the bright blue sky, the autumn sun, and all that incredible rich color...


    OMG -- how hysterical -- I am a freelance court reporter, would rather be knitting...instead I am between witnesses at a deposition and working away on the WIRELESS network...! Holy howdy! LOL Email me, wouldja?? Do you belong to NCRA? Are you going to Nashville? How long have you been reporting?? OMG shut me'll think I'm a loon! (I made it over here because of Jill Z. (purl up with a good yarn), by the way...

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