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    Wednesday, August 31, 2005


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    Ooohhh, liking the Linet. If they don't want it, I'll take it. :)


    Oh, Norma! If the bidder doesn't contact you, I'll give you $30 plus p & h. That'll go perfect with the Linet I already have for Annie's silk corset. Please please pretty please????


    Norma you are awesome-
    I also just wanted to put out there that I have put up a list of reputable aid organizations on my blog (
    that are down in the Gulf coast helping the people affected by Katrina. Please folks, go donate what you can! These people need help!


    See? See? Even if it IS for a good cause, Norma darlin' you are keeping me hopping! My alien buddies are just itching to get at you! IS a good cause, so I'll go look.

    Jean E.

    Your idea to donate to red Cross is great. I think I will do a stash search myself!! I will let you know how much I make ( hey. this sounds a little like somthing that went on on another blog!)


    Oh, man, some people don't even deserve a wet noodle lashing. It's too good for them! honestly.


    ok, Norma, I stole your idea and have 2 knitting books up for auction. More to follow, I was just pressed for time. Besides, if I stretch the auction out over a week it could be more fun.

    Now I really wish I hadn't of left my camera at my brother's house. I've got some yarn I could do too. That'll have to wait until after Monday.

    Let me know about the Linet when YOU know.


    That "non-paying bidder" you're talking about is my fiancee and is buying the yarn for me. In order to polish his seemingly tarnished name, he sent an email on Monday and an email on Tuesday letting you know that he had to transfer the money from his bank account to his paypal account. He wonders if something delayed the emails getting to your account. He has the money now, and should be sending payment shortly. Hope this helps. Thanks for helping out a worthy cause.

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