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    Tuesday, August 02, 2005


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    I'm laughing so hard I have to go pee. Love it!


    Ahhh, brings back memories of my brief stint as a corporate law department secretary... The depos there were rarely so amusing though!


    Norma needs a NORming vacation!
    Reminds me of that scene from "Blade Runner"; "I'll tell you about my mother..."


    Norma you are a total kook.

    Lee Ann

    Oh dear. Ohhhhhh dear. If my sock made me depose I'd be in big freaking trouble and I'd have to admit to things like fondling roving and twirling hanging thingies and making bunnies.

    But my sock is not that smart.

    Teresa C

    Gosh, for all that the sock could have been finshed by now! Hee hee thanks for the laugh.


    NowNorma, have you picked up the sock and continued to knit at this point in time?

    If the answers is never then well grrl, you just might need to be in the Blogger PP.

    Wait until Mr Greenstripe hears the 'real' reason. You'll have him climbing the walls and we'll be holding our sides.

    Kim are TOO Funny!! I almost spit my coffee on the monitor from laughing!! hahaha!! Thank you for my morning giggle!

    Rachel H

    Boy, you must've reeeaaaallly pissed off that sock to have him get a lawyer that aggressive... I've kept his distant cousin, Thesecondsockthatsbeencastonthreetimesandrippedbackthreetimesthennotstartedagainforalmostamonth, far, far away from this post so she doesn't get any ideas.

    Jean E.

    You are hysterical!!! Thanks for getting my day off to a great start.


    NORma! Please knock it off. I can't take this so early in the morning.


    Oh man, there's a good reason I didn't get into the legal head is spinning....


    So does "term of art" come into this thing or not? And, all the more reason to avoid sock knitting.


    Oh, and are you using an alias? Coz you are Now Norma Knits 2. 2. Like TWO. Unless you want to be TOO. Like Also. (This comment is probably enough to make you return to sock knitting or ban this commenter. I say, sock knitting. You need all these comments in the general scheme of blogging things.)


    Cheap festivals. I'm going to call them cheap festivals from now on. Hysterical!


    a. complete. trip.

    Thanks babe, I needed the giggle this morn.


    You really HAVE been working too hard. Work is now overtaking your FUN life!
    You are a hoot, my dear. I almost spewed my diet coke.


    I'd just like to state for the record, in case this thing goes to trial, that as a freelancer I'm not available for jury duty.


    I think all my unfinished pairs of socks could get together for a civil action against me. Help!


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I just fell off my chair!!!!!!!


    Honestly, all over a little meme!
    And at what time do we show up for the deposition tomorrow?


    oh goodness - the last thing knitters (and esp. knitting bloggers need) is a special type of lawyer who is well versed in the lingo and the low down.

    Thinking of all the cases that could come against me (from both unfinished items that feel shafted I've moved onto other projects (how much can they sue for and how does one guage the emotional damages of SSS?) and my possible future spouse who might someday find out what my secret obsession is.)

    (or maybe this is the sign I needed so that any future dates I go on are forewarned of my love of all things wool and sheep and before we're married we'll sign something saying that it's okay for me to spend any amount of money I want at the cheap festivals....?)


    No kidding. If nothing else, Nownorma, I gave you some great blog fodder. Very entertaining. Will the sock be taking the stand?


    Oh, the sock should definitely take the stand.
    Too funny!


    You have a gift for humor! Thanks for making me laugh this morning.


    Oh my gosh, Norma, that is a CLASSIC! My brain was starting to run out of my ears here at work, and you've just totally cheered me up.

    I can't wait for the next part of the deposition.

    Mmm hmm....



    Oh. My. God. Too funny!


    Oh, the Ecstacy at those spinning raves - you crack me up. And from the sound of all the 'pee-my-pants' comments, your readers had all better be doing their Kegels before reading your blog!


    As a person who used to say all the stupid things Mr. Di Pienns says in this deposition, I just want to say that I always knew that the court reporters KNEW WE WERE A BUNCHA JERKS with all that crap about 'if you answer a question I will assume you understood it blah blah BLAH!!!!!'

    Just hilarious. Just nails how easily depositions go COMPLETELY OFF THE RAILS and waste everybody's time.......oh and the knitting stuff is LOL also. xoxox Kay, Reformed, Retired Lawyer

    julia fc

    Norma Norma Norma . . .
    it's okay. You can come out now. No one's going to hurt you or be upset. Really. You can trust me on this. really. I'm not even holding any yarn, koigu or bunny or anything. Just meet me at the nearest yarn shop and everything will ... be... just... fine.


    Even my husband, who has been deposed (he's in housing, always getting sued) many times thought that was hysterical, even the knitting references he really didn't get. You made my day!


    "They flock to them."

    OMG, Cousin Norma, how could you? I'm going to have to tell my boy (the pun-meister) that one. Oh, how I groaned when I read that!

    I still love you, baby, but damn!


    you are one GOOFy woman, Ms. Norma!


    You are evil funny. I mean that in the good way.


    Norma, i'm rotflmao
    and i'm at work in a litigation department of a NYC law firm.. hahahahah.. and we get depositions every day.. hahahahhaha. this is too funny please make it stop my sides hurt. i'm going to get in trouble.. hahahahahaha... help tears are streaming down my face.. i've got to go to the bathroom.. help.. oops accident.. knew i should have worn those depends this morning.. haha.. thanks so much for making my job fun! hugs karola


    Too good.

    Vy are you vasting your talents here in this venue?

    I havf contacts.

    I can help you.

    Call me?


    I'm cracking up here, and from what I know about a woman I totally believe you. Watch out, from about 8 comments above it looks as if she's still around. I think she's on the sock's side.


    I almost fell out of my chair from laughing. Thank you for a wonderful start to my day!

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