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    Wednesday, July 27, 2005


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    MMMmmm MMMmmmm but your chocolate microwave cake is still my first love!

    --down in 'My Gawd, why the HELL did people settle down here in Sauna from Hell's too fucking hot to live


    OH MY! Goat cheese and Swiss chard in the same post! I'm salivating!

    Love the new specs.


    Nice glasses, nice growing things.. and I like that in the background of the pic of you, we can just see your ball winder :)


    LOVE the garden pix. Of course.

    I've only heard of one person who gave up on the progressives. Haven't heard of much nausea, just stairs that looked like they were waving around. Brief. Then norma(l) life.


    Wow. That's all. :)


    30'x40' garden? Wow. No wonder you have so much great produce!


    OK, I feel your pain about the glasses. I HAVE the euphemistic 'progressive' lenses, but obviously need to re-up my RX, 'cause Stephanie was gaping at me knitting while looking over the tops of my glasses with my neck all squinched. And you know, she's a nice person and doesn't mock people unless she just can't help it. I'll make that appointment real soon, promise.

    Well aren't you just Miss Alice Waters of the East! I'm envious of the dinner guests. xoxo Kay


    Damn. No flying bookcases?

    The Eat Local challenge is ...... challenging me. I'm not even sure that my local farmer's market is all local enough to qualify.


    Well...I'll be GDGTH, Norma! You one lucky da bomb! I'm moving to VT!


    Try adding some toasted pine nuts and a swqueeze of fresh lemon juice at the end when you make chard. I bought red chard last night and it's brilliant that way.


    You are my role model for the Eat Local challenge. I thought I was doing great buying a local farmer's tomatoes!


    Knitting lace will be easier now that you can see. I speak from personal experience. You make me feel guilty that I'm growing tomatoes but relying on the local farm for the other stuff. Oh, well, the deer would just eat everything anyway.


    If Margene is moving to VT, I want Margene's house! :)

    Norma dear, I've heard that too much homeopathy results in goofy careful!


    Great post. Now, do tell...what do you do in your spare time?

    Lee Ann

    Didn't your mother tell you your face is going to stay like that if you keep it up?

    Nice frames...and I'm a frameless-glasses girl myself because the frames drive me nuts. But those are quite pretty, actually.

    And can you come up here and inform my husband that putting tomatoes in the fridge is an act against the science of proper vegetable storage? (atheists don't really give a crap about the act against god argument...). He's been known to sneak bananas and potatoes in the fridge, too. I blame my mother-in-law, and I blame the French, who have a thing for letting fruit get rotten, and besides, it's just fun to say "I blame the French" and see what kind of reaction I get ;-)


    Good on you for promoting the Eat Local challenge! I can't wait to learn more about this--thanks so much for the link.


    So multi-talented Norma!!


    I love your new glasses!
    I'm not going to eat local though. Scurvy. I'd totally get scurvy.


    That picture of you is a SCREAM! I laughed out loud. Fig gave me a dirty look!
    The story of glasses over glasses makes me feel better. I am only in first level denial. Yours was multilevel!


    We decide what's for dinner the same way in the summer. You get to eat a lot of zucchini though. But is is SOOOO nice fresh from the garden. Yesterday Mat found fresh local corn at the market so we had that.

    I'm not so good with the canning and preserving thing. And our tomatoes are nearly ripe yet.


    There's a great article in last month's (I think) Gourmet about a guy (also in VT) who eats local only for a winter. Really cool article.


    That picture of you is... er... um... I really like the glasses. ;)

    I so need a garden.


    If you suddenly whiz thru lace knitting I want your prescription, if you don't mind. Love the rose frames. Love the commenter with sharp eyes (what's HER script?) who spotted the reel behind you. Don't you usually wear that expression? What does Vincent think about your new glasses? Agree about eating locally. Etc. Etc.


    If I ate only local, I'd be up to my ears in corncobs.
    Now that you can see, will we be treated to more posts of this length?


    Man, I thought I was a frickin' hero for making my own soap.


    Totally jealous of the garden and all those local farms. I have the greenmarket here but I would love to grow all my own stuff.


    The glasses look terrific. And the garden - oh man, am I jealous! You have time to work? And knit?


    Thanks for the yard porn!


    Norma, your gardening impresses the heck out of me. It's exactly what I would love to do if I had the land and the time. I don't even like tomatoes that much (well, not the supermarket kind), and the thought of munching them off the vine has me drooling... not to mention all your other growing edibles.


    Total garden envy. It looks like my (sad, lone) tomato plant is at the same stage. And I... think... the glasses look good, except there is a crazy person wearing them! Tell Stephanie, you didn't mean THAT local, like downtown; she can go to Kensington market. Sheesh.


    That picture is hysterical! Thinking there needs to be a brand new banner ;-)

    I'm taking part in the eat local challenge, too. A bit harder for me, though a lot of what we eat *is* local, just not all of it. I'm going to have to do some research on grains in particular since I don't know what is produced near me. But produce and dairy are pretty much covered, and I can get local meat without too much trouble as well. Here's where I wish I had a garden so I could pick beautiful chard and cook it up on the fly.

    BTW, that's my favorite way of preparing greens of all sorts, with perhaps a sprinkle of soy sauce at the end to gild the lily. And grilled vegetables are soooo good! Zucchini is my favorite, but thick onion slices and red bell peppers come in a pretty close second. Yum.


    I am so jealous that you didn't get sick from your snazzy new glasses. I get sick from new glasses that AREN'T bifocals/progressives. But then, I get car sick, boat sick, ride sick, etc, and I think it's all related. Good thing I didn't want to be an astronaut.

    PS - The garden is impressive too!


    Oh, Norma. Now I have to be jealous of your GD garden. We have a plethora of "local" goat cheese here, but haven't had time for a garden ince I started graduate school 10 years ago. Now the yard is a wasteland, literally, frequented almost exclusively by the dogs. But we have plans, and a willing gardener in training (the boyo's back) so maybe next year...


    Glasses look good on you! Garden envy, but bigger, Ben & Jerry's is your hometown? GAHHHHH! ENVY. Your cave would need to be a local cave.

    Thanks for the reminder to eat local grown. Being California, an agri. state believe it or not, we suburb yuppies seem to have a lot of imported goods. Or being within 2 hours of Napa, overpay. I'll be on the lookout for local foods, though I don't know if I can let go of Wild Salmon.


    Can I move in with you? I'm small, I don't eat much.....


    Your glasses look tres cute. The Green Mountain State just rocks. We have become chard addicts (not Koigu, but chard) this summer -- we joined a CSA and have been picked TONS each week. My husband has been affectionately re-named the Forrest Gump of Chard.


    Norma's ready for her close-up now, Mr. DeMille.....I love all the photos of your terrific garden. Hmmmmm, I think there is the potential for a gardening calendar there. Or maybe a book......Garden with Norma for Huge Vegetables That You Can See Without Your Glasses!!


    I bow to your garden. And I envy your ability to eat so many wonderful organic foods locally. We do have a lot here in the summer, but Utah is not Vermont, in case you hadn't figured that out yet... ;)

    Rachel H

    Sigh... If I followed you home, would you keep me? I'm quiet, and basically harmless, and I promise not to interfere with your garden (if I showed you mine, you'd realize that isn't actually a problem for me. I haven't 'interfered' with it for a very long time), or swipe from the stash.


    sigh. Please let me know if any of the houses in YOUR neck of the woods are up for sale. I'm SO jealous that you can TRULY eat locally.
    Besides, it is 117 with the heat index here today.
    That would be degrees F.


    You should write an article for Mother Earth News! My DD just came home from a summer stint in Germany and has demanded that the family start practicing eating locally and organic to boot! I remember trying to get her to eat this way several yrs ago and she won' took a trip to Germany to convince her. Geesh!! BTW, the glasses look fab - even if they do make your stomach queasy.


    Norma.....I would love to see a full picture of your garden. I am really interested in the types of companion gardening you are doing to keep the bugs behaving. Next year I am hoping to get back to some serious gardening.

    Now on to your next looks VERY intersting :-), but I will have to save it for later today. Busy, busy, busy


    Norma, thanks for making me feel totally inadequate. Now I feel the need to babystep my way to self-sustainability.


    love the new specs. Love the garden! ever read Eliot Colemans year round gardening? brilliant, although perhaps time consuming! again v v sad that I don't live across the street from you! :-)

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