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    Saturday, July 30, 2005


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    Lee Ann

    holy crap, I've never been the first commenter...

    Love the card at the end of the post. So true...

    I ain't got no idiotwhateverthosethingsare neither.


    Rachel H

    Dunno if the hearing voices that are able to insert themselves in your blog is an idiosyncrasy. Bit worrying perhaps... maybe you should cut back on the tincture a wee bit...


    Haha.......I think I am going to side with Sandy...


    I do the same spoon thing as your husband, and always have . . . I thought I was the only one! Weird . . .


    I know one! I know one! I just didn't know the name for it. "Theory" in the conversational sense of a supposition that may or may not be true (e.g., "I have a theory about why Norma doesn't just answer the NORma meme") vs "theory" in the scientific sense (i.e., a supposition that cannot be proven because it cannot be replicated, but ranks right up there under a Law (ohhhh---there's another one!) because of the compelling supporting evidence.

    Gardening, knitting and etymology -- that's why I reads me some Norma everyday.


    Hmmmm. I think lawyers just want to sound smarter than the rest of us who would just use 'doctorese' and 'legalese', etc.
    Do you think maybe you've got one of those idiothingies concerning new glasses? That face you pulled for it sure was funny. I thought to myself, 'Who's that clown on Norma's blog?' cause I definitely didn't recognize you. (C:¬


    Perfect post, without ever showing us an idio(t). Love the feint and dodge technique. I LEARN things from you, grrl.


    You are one wordmiller;-)


    Okay, what you are really saying is if I quit trying to figure out what's digging holes in the garden and what that bird is, I could have looked this term up (all by myself) and saved you a post on the subject?

    Tho this "And the word "art" (ultimately from Latin ars) meant 'skill' long before it entered English." explains why Steph uses arse so much - tho I see she misspells it when she pronounces it. Thank you for the edifying post.


    Therefore frogging is a "term of art" when it refers to the attempt to unravel rows of mohair in 90F heat and 95% humidity as opposed to going down to the crick in the holler and catching amphibians?


    Term of Art threw me. My best friend does it but I call it her "bio language" and I do it but she calls it "'puter lingo". We both say "and that means...?"

    But now we'll call it Term of Art, possibly in reference to her little brother Art (Arthur).

    Love the card. Though it might also say, "friendship is when people know all about you and love you even more".


    Oh, hell, Norma, you shoulda just asked the art historian here about "term of art." One of my recorded speeches to intro students is all about art and artisans and how until about the Renaissance artists (in the West) were considered laborers. Blah, blah, blah. Though, being a fellow word geek, I understand the lure of the OED. I can get lost in it for hours. ;)


    I stand by my observation.


    Silly, silly girl. You close the closet door to keep the monsters in. Doesn't everybody do that?


    Couldn't understand the confusion about "term of art" at first. Then, Aha!, the spouse and I are both lawyers. Like one of my law schools profs said, "After lawschool, you won't be able to talk to your butcher."
    He was right, I didn't even know "term of art" was a term of art.


    How weird. I'd never heard of ''term of art'' before your post. Yesterday on Al Franken's show they used the phrase at least twice. Thanks to you Norma I knew what they were talking about.

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