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    Tuesday, May 17, 2005


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    Siow Chin

    Give Beatrice another chance, I'm sure she'll bounce back. The fit is great!


    Oh, Norma, I'm so sorry! I'm sure it was the fact that you had a signed-copy-in-hand that lulled your brain into thinking that all was well.
    We can share the one you did get - alternate months containing an 'r' or something... We can meet in Montpelier for the exchange of custody - probably in that nice yarn shop you found 8)


    Sweater looks ohsogreat to me! Beautiful color. Beautiful fit. So it snags. Who wouldn't? Really.
    Beautiful wrists too while I'm at it.


    The sweater looks great - I'm loving the pattern - perfect for some of the yarn I bought at in MD. Thanks for sharing.

    Jo in Ottawa

    I liked it when I saw the MDS$W photos and I still like it now. The fact that it is in a bulky wool ismaking me think even more about that red Manos I got recently...


    Your sweater is beautiful and I LOVE the wristlets!


    Although I heard you grousing about the sweater, I totally forgot about it when I saw it. It looked great when the photo shoot was going on. When I saw that collar there was NOTHING wrong with it at all, no matter how bad your headache or how much you whine.

    How's the wool room holding up?


    Norma, it looks TERRIFIC on you! Great job on the collar!


    Maybe *you* were the droopy one by the end of that long day. Don't all get up in the sweater's face, now.


    I love the sweater! The collar looks great. I'm wishing I had used that collar for my BPT~ it really is perfect.

    How's Vincent?


    Maybe Steph will drop a copy of her book in the mail for you. That sounds like something I would do, forget to do.
    The sweater looks absolutely fab...don't bad mouth it, enjoy it. It looks like the type of sweater you can wear often and it always looks good.
    I was going to ask about Vinnie and Annie beat me to it.

    Teresa C

    Ah, but you know what Steph will tell you about the autograph, don't you. Love the sweater, btw! Great job with the collar.


    Loverly, as usual. Shall I just write "ditto" for all my comments and we'll leave it at that? You and the Harlot, et al., appeared to have a simply wonderful time trolling together. Ask me how sad I am that I live here now. Go on..... ask.

    Sniff, snuffle....WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    julia fc

    You are the most photogenic person I know. That is a lovely picture, and the sweater's nice too. Please, could you tell my bloglines to beep me when Katy fills you in about the yarn? Inquiring minds want to know . . .


    Beatrice looks great! I think it's a keeper.


    You put in a zipper with a headache? Okay. I can give it a try. I wondered about the sagging too... will stay tuned for further updates. The sweater looks lovely and ignore Anne. She'll get her fiber fest fix next month. M asked me does any of these bloggers live anywhere other than the coasts? Other than the ones in SLC? And, I hate to admit this - I am another one who does not have Steph's book. I haven't been to a yarn shop since ... ummm... last fall. If I wait another season, her next book will be out and I can get both then.


    Cute picture, and cute jacket. I love the shape, it looks sturdy yet light. I hope that you enjoy wearing it.


    oh! nice gallery today. both you and I did our first rachels. I feel so bonded! The color in the sweater is really wonderful on you.

    Stalker Angie

    Note to self: Don't read Norma while you're at work. Word's like "fuckwit" will make you snort and then laugh like a raging moron. Whee!!!

    Love the sweater, Norma dear. You're just a cute little thing, ain't ya. :)

    Hope everyone has a great day!


    Lovin' the sweater on you, Norma. I think the droop was in all the travelling - planes make anyone sag - perhaps the sweater has altitude issues.


    The sweater looks great. Did you seriously wear that in NY with nothing underneath?! And on the plane?


    Love the sweater. Love the pose. Love the girl. You look SO good. I truly can't BELIEVE you don't have a signed copy of bookbookbook. I'd ask you what you were thinking, but clearly, you were not.
    Why did you move back up on needle size on the last part of the collar? Inquiring minds...


    Beatrice is gorgeous...she'll settle down soon. You look beautiful! I have been avoiding putting in a zipper for a few months now, maybe I'll give it a try. Next month. I'm so sorry I missed you in NYC!!!


    Norma, we really didn't need to know about your knickers. But the sweater is beautiful!

    Kelly O

    Norma you and your sweater are beautiful!


    That sweater is sooo cute! And it's a great color for you. I haven't done a zippered sweater yet, yours is a real tease.


    your sweater is gorgeous. the color looks particularly good on you - woo hoo!

    I was with Kathleen the other evening and slipped on a pair of her pulsewarmers - not only are they beautiful, they felt .... theraputic. When I put them on I said, "these make my wrists feel better!" mind you, my wrists weren't hurting in the first place! I think they're magic.


    WHAAAT? You didn't get it signed at the St. Alban's Sheep & Wool Festival!?!?!?!?! SHAME!!!

    I know the crowds were crazy, but STILL ;)

    Beatrice looks great!! Pretty yarn!!!


    Kirstin looks fabulous on you. What a great photo!


    Omigosh. That's a gorgeous sweater -- and a smashing fit!

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